Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Smokers

Gas vs. World


  • Propane smokers fire up fast. You will not spend a lot of time waiting for these things to heat up.
  • While the taste is not exactly what you would get from wood or charcoal, it’s pretty close and requires a fraction of the work.
  • Propane is cheaper than electricity.
  • Propane is more flexible than an electric smoker because you can use it anywhere you can bring your propane tank. You are not forced to rely on an electrical outlet.


  • A gas smoker will not give you the same taste you will get from a charcoal or wood-burning smoker. It just can’t because the same type of combustion that takes place with wood and coal is not present.
  • A gas smoker does not give you the same feeling that comes from watching over the wood, watching over the coal, and tending the fire as the traditional smoker. Some kind of feel like it is cheating.
  • If you run out of propane mid-smoke, you may inadvertently ruin your meat.

Gas Smokers Compared to Other Types

With a gas smoker grill, the propane tank keeps the heat steady and constant. They are simple to use. All you need to do is set the temperature and walk away. If you want to grill and smoke at the same time, you may want to look for the best gas grill smoker combo available online.

Electric Smokers

Similar to gas smokers, an electric smoker is easy to maintain and requires almost no attention during the cooking process. They are great for beginners, but out of all types of smokers, they are the ones that are going to give your meat the least amount of smoky flavor.

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smokers are the traditional way of smoking your food. They have a very high learning curve, but they add flavor that just cannot be beaten.

Starting the fire takes a long time, and maintaining the fire takes a long time. If you do not choose the right type of charcoal, things will not turn out well.

If you want the flavor of charcoal and the convenience of gas, you may want to look at a gas charcoal smoker combo.

Pellet smokers

Pellet smokers are nice in that they are designed to feed only enough pellets into the firebox to keep your meat at a set temperature. Additionally, you can boast that your meat is being smoked by wood because technically the pellets are compressed wood.

The downside with pellet smokers is that because they have a mechanical auger, they are prone to breaking. And you still need electricity for a pellet smoker to work.

We have created some other guides if you want more information on charcoal smokers, gas smokers, and pellet smokers.

Gas Smoker Brands


Masterbuilt has built its business on these pillars:

  1. Faith and Family First, and then the Rest.
  2. Do the Work and Make It Fun.
  3. Leading Edge Quality and Innovation.
  4. World-Class Customer Service Every Time.
  5. Share the Goodness.

Each one of these founding ideas is reflected in the products they create. When you look at Masterbuilt propane smoker reviews, people comment on the high quality of the product and the commitment of the company to providing excellent customer service.

Product innovation is at the heart of what they do. They have developed an unmatched reputation with electric smokers, and they will continue to work to keep their products the best. As a team, they work together to create products that make life great.


Starting in 1948, Char-Broil brought its first grill to the market. Every year since then they have introduced innovation after innovation to become the standard-bearer for modern grills and smokers.

Char-Broil gas smoker reviews online attest to the fact that they are making their dream become a reality.

The creative minds behind Char-Broil believe that they have on their shoulders what they refer to as the “heritage of innovation.” Their goal is to make grilling, smoking, and barbecuing more affordable and more memorable.

Every time you purchase a Char-Broil vertical gas smoker, you know that you are purchasing a product from a performance-driven company.

Whether you use your grill occasionally or you use your grill every single day, they want it to work the way it should from the get-go. They pride themselves on producing a product that allows you as their customers to: “Live It Up.”

If you’re a beginner at smoking you also need to have a good thermometer for monitoring the temperature of your meat. With wireless meat thermometers, smoking a brisket can become way easier than ever.

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