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The Best Tortilla Makers in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Tortilla presses are a time-tested cooking appliance used throughout history to provide people with the all-glorious tortilla everyone has come to love. While there are stores where one can buy pre-made and packaged tortillas, nothing measures up to homemade cooking.

Therefore we have analyzed various products on the market to discover which presses are worthy of the title of best tortilla makers. We have taken specific features into account when analyzing products; everything from the pressing mechanism, material, shape, ease of use, etc. to finding the best models on the market. Continue on to find your next tortilla press!

Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera

ALPHA LIVING Tortilla Press and Pataconera

Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Material Cast iron Aluminum Cast iron
Size 8 inches 7.5 inches 8 inches
Weight 9.5 pounds 4.8 pounds 9.5 pounds
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Best Tortilla Makers:

1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

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The first product in the review may be considered the best cast iron tortilla press. Not only is the Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press highly rated but it is also considered the best tortilla press for flour tortillas.

This cast-iron press from Victoria is highly durable and almost guarantees completely flat tortillas every time thanks to its non-pinch-engineered design. The handle also has a reinforced design, helping to make it easier to press and more stable.

Consumers are mostly satisfied with the Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press, but there are a few complaints. For the most part, consumers call this a five-star tortilla press and claim that it works like a charm! However, there is a group of consumers who claim the press is poorly made and that the handle has snapped on them.

In conclusion, the Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press is among the best tortilla press options on the market. Victoria itself has been in the tortilla press business since 1939 so they have plenty of experience in creating reliable tortilla presses.

This item, in particular, is likely best for those looking for a family dinner night tortilla press (may we suggest Taco Tuesday), rather than catering to a large crowd.

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2. Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera

ALPHA LIVING Tortilla Press and Pataconera

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The next model in review is reminiscent of a traditional Mexican tortilla maker. The Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera is a highly durable, effective, traditional cast iron tortilla press. In terms of design, the Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera bring nothing new or revolutionary to the table, but it is highly durable so you will likely only ever need this tortilla press.

It also has a different aesthetic than many of its cast-iron counterparts. This model sports a greyish, black cast iron color, which may or may not fit in with your kitchen decor.

Consumers are mixed about the durability of this model, despite its high-grade cast iron construction. While there are plenty of anecdotal approvals from consumers, there are many non-dismissible reviews about the tortilla press breaking after only a few uses.

The most notable seems to be the handle breaking for some users with only one or a few uses. However, the description does state that added pressure is unnecessary when pressing the tortillas; so this could explain why some are having success with this unit and others are not.

In conclusion, if you want a very traditional press that is also a simple one-press tortilla maker, this may be the model for you. This press is multi-purposeful as well, as it can be used to make empanadas and dumplings. Overall, the Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera is a highly useful tortilla press that is also simple to use and clean.

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3. Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

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The next model in review is the Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press it is another quality example of a cast iron tortilla maker. It shares all of the traditional design features that most tortilla presses do.

With two cast iron plates and a cast iron handle, this model is heavyweight and therefore effective for making smoothly flat tortillas. This tortilla press from Uno Casa comes pre-seasoned, which means the plates have been treated and the unit is prepared to be used right out of the box.

As with many of the presses in review, this model is capable of pressing more than just tortillas.

Generally speaking, consumers consistently mention the sturdiness and longevity of this tortilla press from Uno Casa. Another frequently mentioned feature is the solidness of the plates and the positive effect that has on pressing flat tortillas.

While it is not a deal-breaker for most people, many consumers seem to have the same issue of the handle bolt not arriving with the unit.

In conclusion, the value of this Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press is high. The unit, for one, is highly durable and makes a quality tortilla. Second, the press comes pre-seasoned, totally ready for use upon arrival, and also includes 100 pieces of parchment paper for easier, cleaner presses. That is a whole lot of value for one press at a very reasonable price.

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4. Norpro 6″ Tortilla Maker

Norpro 6 inch tortilla maker

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Next up in the best tortilla press reviews is the Norpro 6″ Tortilla Maker. This press is designed as most tortilla presses with two round plates and a press handle. This model, however, is made from high-grade aluminum so it is lighter than many of the competition’s cast-iron models.

This makes the unit slightly easier to store and also easier to work with. Additionally, the unit can be stored upright with no issues (saving space is always a plus). The 6″ Tortilla Maker is great for small taco dishes and for making a large number of tortillas for entertainment/catering purposes.

Consumers are rather split on the quality of this tortilla press from Norpro. Some consumers are satisfied and believe the press is worth it. Others claim that the press is weak and does not press flat, and some have even noted the press decomposing and leaving metal shards in some tortillas.

While there are positive reviews to be read, the negatives are pretty noteworthy and may cause pause when shopping for a press.

In conclusion, the Norpro is a great beginner’s tortilla press. While it is light, easy to store, and convenient to handle, there are some things to consider before pulling the trigger on this model. The lightweight nature of the model makes pressing completely flat tortillas harder than iron-cast models.

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5. Advanced Royal Champion Tortilla Press

ARC Tortilla Press 6.5 inch, Cast Iron Tortilla Maker

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The next model in review is the Advanced Royal Champion Tortilla Press. This is one of the few models in these reviews that has a few model sizes to choose from. Those sizes are six and a half, seven, eight, and 10 inches.

There is not much that can be said about this cast iron press that has not been mentioned in other cast iron model reviews. Simply put, this cast iron offering from Advanced Royal Champion is another great cast iron option to choose from.

However, the fact that there are multiple-size models to choose from adds a value that many other models cannot.

Consumers are split about this cast iron model from Advanced Royal Champion. Many consumers find it to be heavy-duty and reliable. However, others have noted flaking in the plate coating, leaving metal shards in their tortillas.

This is a pretty big negative to weigh against the positives offered by this tortilla press model. While the negative notes are alarming, there are numerous positive reviews also.

In conclusion, this model tortilla press is a great option for those looking for multiple-size presses. The Advanced Royal Champion Tortilla Press is also rustproof, which while many models likely are, this model is the only one to list in its features.

Not a deal-breaker? Well, this model is plenty capable of handling other cooking jobs than tortillas and is also a breeze to clean. It is a great option for kitchens of any size.

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6. StarBlue 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press by StarBlue

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The next model is one of the few big tortilla press models in review. The StarBlue 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press makes tortillas of that diameter, 10″. This tortilla press is by default great for burrito and quesadilla making.

Just like all of the best presses on the market, the StarBlue model is constructed from cast iron. While there are other very viable presses not made from cast iron, cast iron is a tried and true material guaranteed to work for you.

At 12.5 pounds this unit is highly durable and reliable for multiple presses and is certainly built to last a long time.

This model from StarBlue may be the best consumer-reviewed model in review. Consumers constantly note the durability of this tortilla press and also call it an outstanding kitchen device. While some users have replaced the bolts with stronger ones, they still love the product and its flat-pressing ability.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a large tortilla maker this model from StarBlue should be high up on the consideration list. With the full gamut of cast iron press features and resounding positive reviews, there are virtually zero factors to deter you from choosing the StarBlue 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press.

So wait no longer, make masterful burritos with the help of this tortilla press.

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7. Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast Tortilla Press

Heavy-Gauge Manual Reastaurant Cast Iron Flour Corn Tortilla Press Maker by Smart Cook

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One of the best tortilla press models in review is this next option, the Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast Tortilla Press. As its name states so boldly, this tortilla press model is the only cast iron model whose cast iron is heavy-gauge and restaurant grade.

This is an impressive feature because we can trust that materials intended for restaurant use are going to be safe and have long-term reliability. The design is still similar to most iron cast presses with two round plates and a pressing handle.

While the restaurant-grade material is intended to improve the model’s durability, consumers seem to have overwhelmingly negative things to report about the Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast Tortilla Press.

Many users note that the handle has broken and some even claim that the description of cast iron is misleading and untrue. Additionally, some claim that the tortillas it makes are not flat enough. Therefore, practice caution when shopping for this product.

In conclusion, the Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast Tortilla Press is intended to be of high quality and last for a while. However, consumers strongly suggest that this simply will not be the case with this model. While it may work for some, there seem to be better options (models in review here) for those looking for a heavily reliable model.

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8. Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press

Hardwood Tortilla Press - Red Oak & Walnut

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The next tortilla press in review is the best wooden tortilla press. The Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press is made from oak and walnut hardwood and is a beautiful, as well as highly useful, addition to any kitchen.

The hardwood construction makes this tortilla press highly durable and likely to last years. The hardwood press is also likely the best tortilla press for corn tortillas, this is due to the lack of gluten in corn tortillas, something that causes flour tortillas’ dough to retract and thicken up.

Consumers overwhelmingly agree that this press is the real deal. Interestingly, nearly every consumer mentions their satisfaction with the aesthetics of the press, claiming they leave it out at all times because it adds a beautiful, organic look to their kitchen space.

As for its pressing ability, “excellent.” You would be hard-pressed (pun intended) to find a review that speaks poorly of this tortilla press from Central Coast Woodworks.

In conclusion, the Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press is ideal for those gluten-free people out there looking for a reliable corn tortilla press. That is not to say flour tortillas cannot be made with this press, it is simply that this press is more suited for corn tortilla pressing. Either way, this model from Central Coast Woodworks is a phenomenal tortilla press.

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9. Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press

Hardwood Tortilla Press - Red Oak

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The final product in review is another offering from Central Coast Woodworks. The Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press nears the top of the list when it comes to wooden tortilla press reviews.

Like the previously reviewed Central Coast Woodworks model, this unit is durable and makes very pleasing tortillas. Unlike its oak and walnut counterpart, this model is made from only red oak hardwood. The wood design also a very cultured look and is aesthetically enjoyable.

As with the Central Coast Woodworks model previously reviewed, consumers love this Hardwood Tortilla Press. The descriptions constantly note beautiful craftsmanship and artistic mastery. In addition to the great aesthetic, this tortilla press is highly functional and creates awesome tortillas.

You are certainly not going to find shards of material in your tortillas with this press model! A final note is a perfect size noted by multiple consumers.

In conclusion, this Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press is among the best models available. This item is great for people concerned with the metal flaking described in other models in the reviews. If you want an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and beautiful press, this is the one. The high functionality and aesthetically pleasing nature of this press is unrivaled in these reviews.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Tortilla Presses

The following is a list of tips for finding the best tortilla press:

  • Choose the right tortilla size: Determining why you want a tortilla press is paramount to choosing the properly sized press for your operation. Are you looking to cook for the family? Cater while you entertain? Make tortillas for burritos? The answers to questions like this will help guide you to the properly sized tortilla press. As we have seen in these reviews there are various sizes of press from six and a half to around 11 inches in diameter. So again, know why you are making tortillas and choose a tortilla press accordingly.
  • Know which type of flour you will most likely be using: The type of tortillas you are making is something you want to know before buying a tortilla press as well. Certain presses, like the wooden models reviewed here, are more suited to non-gluten flours; the cast-iron models are typically more suited to flours containing flours. This does not mean that you cannot use the presses for both. There is, however, a difference between tortilla press to press in how well they handle various types of tortillas. Knowing your preferred type of flour will help you navigate product descriptions more easily.
  • Choose a weight that you can handle: Each press, while functionally pretty similar, has a different weight. Usually, weightier models are more able to completely flat press tortillas. However, do not get something that is too heavy for you to easily manage and work with. There are so many models of tortilla press and likewise, there are various weights depending on the brand and the product model. Remember safety always comes first.
  • Prioritize quality over budget: While it can be tempting to snag a tortilla press for a cheap price, you absolutely should prioritize quality over budget. As many consumer reviews have noted, there are quite a few issues that can arise with a tortilla press. Not that expensive means high quality, but typically, the lowest priced models may have trouble standing up to the quality and effectiveness of their competition. If you want to shop on a tight budget, carefully read descriptions and consumer reviews and ensure you are not buying a potentially troublesome tortilla press.
  • Consider your kitchen and storage space: A final thing to take into consideration and become aware of before choosing a tortilla press is your kitchen space and the space you have to store your press. Make sure you are getting a tortilla press so that you will have plenty of space to set up a workstation. Additionally, if you do not plan to keep your tortilla press out at all times, consider the space and places you have to store it. Perhaps you have tons of space and you would be fine with an extra-large tortilla press. Only you know. These are small things to remember but are definitely important to consider before settling on a specific tortilla press.


Taco Tuesdays are begging you to stop buying pre-made tacos and tortillas from the store. We are sure you, your friends, and your family will also appreciate some homemade tortillas. Having made it through the reviews, you are now more equipped to consciously begin shopping the market for the best tortilla makers.

We suggest giving the models in these reviews a solid look but do not be limited to those written about here if your shopping process takes you elsewhere. The same practice applies; carefully read descriptions, and reviews, and understand your own operation and you should be able to find the perfect tortilla press for your needs. So get yours today and get pressing!

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