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The Blackstone 17 Inch vs 22 Inch Griddle in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Have you been wondering which grill is right for your family’s next big camping trip? Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to test out both griddles that we’re reviewing in this article.

While researching the most popular griddles on the market (excluding unworthy ones), we narrowed down our selections to the best in the industry.

The point of this article is to compare the biggest names. You’re about to uncover where to buy the best tabletop gas griddle.

Blackstone 17″ vs 22″ Griddles Comparison:

Blackstone Tabletop Grill-17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle Review:

Blackstone 1650 Tabletop Grill Without Hood Propane Fuelled Portable Stovetop Gas

In this Blackstone 17 tabletop griddle review, you’ll find out what makes the smaller griddle option worth buying. Don’t let its size fool you.

In fact, the manufacturers claim that this griddle is large enough to cook 12 eggs at a time. The sides of the griddle are black, and they’re covered with a beautiful powder coating of paint.

While the lower price for this version of Blackstone’s griddle is appealing, the significantly lower BTU rating might make some consumers skeptical of the value of purchasing the smaller camping griddle.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill-22 Inch Portable Gas Griddle Review:

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle, 1666, Heavy Duty Flat Top Griddle Grill Station for Camping

Get ready to find out what makes the larger product better in this Blackstone gas griddle review. It’s massive, so we can fit more food on the flat top grilling surface. In fact, the manufacturers have claimed that it can cook a whopping 16 eggs at once.

In this Blackstone outdoor griddle review, we’ve covered all of the important specs that you will need in order to make a decision about this product.

While it is significantly more expensive to purchase the larger griddle, you need to understand that you’re getting a product that is doing twice the work to produce more heat with its two exquisite H-style burners.

It has twice the number of burners, and it radiates twice the amount of heat, so there is great value to be had in purchasing the larger griddle from Blackstone.

Insights and Takeaways

Since both of these griddles are coming from the same manufacturer, you’ll have many of the same things to consider when buying either model. The warranty and quality of parts are nearly identical. However, the purpose, price, and performance are much different for each griddle.

In terms of the warranty, you’ll need to ask for it from the manufacturer for either one of these griddles. Each griddle has a luxurious appearance, including a stainless steel front face.

If you want to save money on the purchase, you should choose the smaller griddle. It’s perfect for the people that like grilling at a campsite every now and then. However, it’s still an awesome product to pick up before your next trip.

The larger griddle is great for anyone who is a serious camping enthusiast. If you have a huge family that’s going to want breakfast, you are going to be glad that you opted for a larger cooking surface with twice the amount of BTU production.

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