The Best Cold Smoke Generators in 2024

Do you enjoy smoking food but find flames dangerous? Are you looking for a different way to smoke some of your favorite foods besides the traditional flaming smoker? If you have pondered either of these questions, then you might find a cold smoke generator the best option for your needs.

However, just like with regular smokers, there are a lot of features that you need to consider, which can make choosing the right cold smoke generator a difficult action.

Realizing this, we have compiled some reviews on the cold smoke generators, and we have also added a comprehensive buyer’s guide and FAQ section to try and make your choice easier. Let’s get started!

Best Cold Smoke Generators

1. Pellet Smoker Tube Stainless Steel BBQ Wood Pellet Tube Smoker for Cold/Hot Smoking


This pellet smoker tube is made from stainless steel, and it is designed to be a high-density smoker tube, which means that it is capable of holding more pellets. It was designed with a hexagonal smoker tube that helps to keep the tube from rolling like many other smoke generator tubes have issues with.

Another excellent aspect of this particular model is that it is designed to be compatible with most market grills and smokers, which makes it excellent for people who have different types of grills or smokers that they like to use for different occasions.

Most consumers who have used this cold smoke generator model find that the hexagonal shape of the smoker tube helps keep the generator in place throughout the smoking provinces.

However, some have expressed minor issues with being able to light it properly, but they found that using a grilling torch is an easy fix to this problem.


  • High-density pellet smoker tube
  • Compatible with most grills and smokers
  • Hexagonal smoker tube design


  • Some setups require a torch to light properly

2. Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke Daddy is a well-known manufacturer of devices used for BBQing and smoking, and this is one of their most popular cold smoke generator models, available.

It was designed to perform in both cold and hot temperatures, which makes it ideal for people who live in an area where the temperature might fluctuate throughout the year.

Plus, it was designed to be capable of producing a high volume of cold-smoked foods for larger cookouts.

Finally, they realized that many people have different preferences for the type of grill or smoker they use, and therefore, they have designed this cold smoke generator to be compatible with most smokers and grills, on the market.

Most consumers who need a smoke generator for a smoker have found that this model can perform well in all types of temperatures. Plus, they like that it can handle large cookout quantities of food. However, this smoke generator is not recommended for long-term smoking.


  • Able to perform in cold or hot temperatures
  • Has a high volume for larger cookouts
  • Compatible with most grills or smokers


  • Not ideal for longer smoking needs

3. Smokehouse Products 9500-000-0000 Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator


Smokehouse Products is known for making quality devices, like this electric cold smoke generator. Unlike many other generators, this one is designed to last for an average of three hours per cup of pellets that they add to the generator at a time.

The design is meant to be easy to connect with most grills and smokers, which makes it easy for smoker enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy.

When designing this generator, they wanted to make it as portable as possible, which means that it can be moved from one type of grill to another, but it doesn’t have the capability of being easily installed permanently.

However, it makes up for this by having an easy assembly and removal process.

Most consumers that have used this pellet cold smoke generator like that it can run for such a long time on a small number of pellets and that it is easily connected to their grill or smoker.

However, a few didn’t like that this generator was not designed to be permanently installed on most grills, which means they had to remove and reinstall it whenever they wanted to use it.


  • Able to provide up to 3 hours of smoke with 1 cup of pellets
  • Easy connection
  • Compatible with most grills and smokers


  • Can’t be easily permanently installed to grill units

4. Smokemiester BBQ Smokers Convert

Over the years, Smokemiester has worked hard to build its reputation into an irrefutable one by always producing quality smoking and grilling accessories and devices, like this BBQ smoker convert.

It was designed to be easy to use and clean, especially for those who are new to cold smoking. Another excellent feature of this concert is that it doesn’t require any of your actual grill space to be used.

Finally, with this convert, you do not have to worry about dealing with power or an air pump to run it. This helps with not having to worry about where you are going to plug it in or purchasing an air pump separately for this convert to work properly.

Most consumers who purchased this cold smoke generator BBQ found that they were happy with the overall results that it provided. They liked that it was easy to clean, but it also didn’t take up a lot of grill space, which leaves plenty of room for other things on the grill.

However, it does have a simplistic design, which makes it difficult for more experienced smokers to get the more difficult smoking effects that they were trying to reach, but it is recommended for someone who is a novice at basic cold smoking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t take up any grilling space
  • Easy to connect and doesn’t require an air pump or power


  • Not recommended for experienced smokers

5. A-MAZE-N AMNPS5x8PF Maze Pellet Smoker with Pitmaster’s Choice BBQ Pellets

A-MAZE-N is a well-known manufacturer of grills, smokers, and accessories, and this is one of their cold smoke generators.

They designed it with a lot of excellent features that help to set it apart from lower-quality generators. For one, they realize that you might have the need to travel with this cold smoke generator, and they have designed it to be easy to transport.

Plus, it has the capability of connecting and working with most major grill and smoker models, on the market. Although some cold smoke generators are designed to help with the smoking process, this one is designed mainly to help supplement the smoke that electric smokers make naturally during the process.

As a bonus, the manufacturer has also provided a single Pitmaster’s choice of BBQ pellets of any available flavor to help escalate your smoking process.

Many consumers who have used this particular cold smoke generator agree that it is the cold smoker available for a decent price.

They like that it is easy to transport and can help supplement smoke in most electric smokers. However, they did find that they had minor issues if they tried to use this generator in a drafty area.


  • Supplements smoke in electric smokers
  • Easy to transport
  • Compatible with most types of grills


  • Minor issues with drafty areas


There are different types of cold smoke generators, but it is important to understand the different factors that make an excellent external smoke generator. Here are a few factors that you should consider when purchasing a food smoke generator.


It is important to consider portability for your cold smoke generator.

If you plan on using the generator in a steady location, this might not be important, but if you want to have the capability of taking your generator with you for different reasons, then it is best to ensure you purchase a cold smoke generator that has this capability.


Most cold smoke generators are constructed out of metal, but several metals can be used. It is important to purchase a cold smoke generator that is made from quality metal, like steel, to help ensure the longevity of your generator.

Manufacturer and Accessories:

Finally, it is important to consider the manufacturer of the cold smoke generator you are purchasing. Several manufacturers provide different models for various price ranges.

It is just important to ensure that the manufacturer you purchase from stands behind their product in some form. This can help with any issues that might arise in the future with your cold smoke generator.

Tips To Be Aware of When Cold Smoking

Here are a few tips that you should take into consideration whenever you are cold smoking, especially when it comes to meat. Several issues can arise that you should take note of to ensure you are cold smoking safely.

  • When cold-smoking meat, you need to cure it ASAP after purchasing it.
  • Always purchase the wood you use to avoid any harmful poisons or pesticides that might contaminate random wood, like around your home.
  • Always keep your cured meat in a sealed container and at a cold temperature.


Here are a few questions that you might need to know the answer to before purchasing a cold smoke generator and other accessories to go with it. Plus, we have provided some information on generalized cold smoking.
What is the best wood for cold smoking?
Unlike regular smoking, cold smoking is best with hardwoods like apple, cherry, oak, beech, and mesquite. You want to stay away from woods like evergreen because although this wood smokes a lot, it will also release resin, which can give your food an undesirable taste.
Is it possible to cold smoke meat?
Unfortunately, most meat needs to be cooked rapidly after being unfrozen to help avoid ingesting dangerous bacteria that can be found in meat, like listeria, coil, and salmonella. Therefore, cold smoking is designed more for foods that do not have these risks.
What is the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking?
The difference between these two types of smoking is simple. Hot smoking requires higher temperatures, and it is designed more for meat to help ensure that it reaches the proper internal heat to be safe to eat. However, cold smoking is the opposite. It still requires some heat, but the heat does not reach high enough temperatures for most meat to be cooked safely. It is designed more for vegetables and side dishes to eat with a meal.


We realize that cold-smoking foods can be difficult to master, and therefore, we understand that depending on your knowledge, choosing the perfect cold smoke generator can be a difficult decision.

After reviewing all of the cold smoke generators above, we have concluded that the cold smoke generator is the Pellet Smoker Tube Stainless Steel BBQ Wood Pellet Tube Smoker for Cold/Hot Smoking.

Not only is this generator easy to use and install, but it is also compatible with most types of smokers and grills that people prefer. Therefore, the likelihood that it will fit your device is high.

Plus, it has a hexagonal shape, which helps to keep it from rolling around during the process. However, although this is our choice, that does not mean that it will be the best choice for you.

You need to research the information that will suit your needs and choose your generator based on those needs to ensure you are making the best purchasing decision.

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