The Best George Foreman Grills in 2024

The right grill helps you cook a variety of foods while making them a healthy option. George Foreman grills are known for their versatility. However, what is the George Foreman grill to buy?

We explored George Foreman grills to seek out the best one. Since the grill you choose will have a major impact on your meals, you must choose the best one. We provide all of the details that you need to evaluate these grills and choose the one that will enhance your meals.

Best George Foreman Grills:

1. George Foreman 12-Serving Electric Grill

15-Serving Electric Grill is a best-selling George Foreman grill. You can cook vegetables and meats at the same time on this grill, saving you a lot of time in the food preparation process.

The grill has a circular top that makes it easy to fit a lot of foods. There is a nonstick coating so that foods do not get stuck when you are grilling. This coating is durable so it withstands a lot of cleaning without deteriorating.

You can use this grill in a wide variety of weather conditions. Just make sure that you cover it up after it cools down. Due to its size, it is easy to fit this grill on an apartment balcony too.

The temperature is easy to control so that your heat level is always exactly what you need it to be. The stand is removable, making it easier to clean the grill.

Several people said that keeping it clean is easy. You just need to use water and soap to wipe it down once you are finished using it. Other people talked about the cooking area. You have a lot of space to prepare entire meals for your next dinner party.


  • There is no need for charcoal or gas
  • Assembly is easy
  • The heat is simple to control


  • The power plug might fit loosely

2. George Foreman Panini Press and Grill

Panini Press and Grill have 60 square inches of cooking space. This is enough room to prepare multiple paninis or other foods at the same time. On average, you can cook about four servings at once.

The plates on this grill come off so that you can clean them easily. Just put them in your dishwasher and once they are clean, they go right back into place.

You can get the grill heated up fast so that you do not have to wait long to start cooking. Once you add some items to the surface, they will not stick, allowing you to easily prepare your favorite foods.

Due to the nonstick surface, you also do not have to do things like add oil or butter to the surface before you start cooking.

This is the small George Foreman grill, according to many reviewers. This is because you can easily fit it on your countertop. Other people mentioned that it wipes down easily. Because of this, you can clean it within minutes after it is cooled down.


  • This is a two-in-one grill
  • It fits on a countertop
  • There is a grease tray


  • It can be difficult to put the plates back into place

3. George Foreman 12-Serving Grill


12-Serving Grill is ideal for everything from a backyard barbecue to tailgating. Just plug in the grill and adjust the temperature to get started using it.

The slope of this grill allows for the fat to slide off of the surface so that your foods are not sitting in it when you are cooking. Use the drip tray to collect it so that it is easy to clean up. The stand on this grill is removable.

This allows you to easily transport the grill to wherever you need it to be. Since there is a non-stick coating, your foods will not stick. Because of this, it is easy to prepare a variety of foods and clean up the grill surface when you are done.

Several people talked about the nonstick coating. It lasts for a long time and it reduces the need to grease the surface before you start cooking.

Other people liked the slope of the grill. This helps to keep it clean because the fat and grease will slide off instead of accumulating on the surface.


  • You can put it together easily
  • There is a large cooking surface
  • The temperature control is easy to work with


  • One side may get hotter than the other

4. George Foreman Multi-Use Grill

Multi-Use Grill functions in seven different ways, including grilling, as a griddle, a panini press, a waffle maker, a broiler, a baking surface, and a top melt. This makes it easy to prepare just about anything on this grill.

If you want to create melts and caramelization, you can use the broil function. The grill plates are made of ceramic. This ensures that they can hold heat well and they are easy to clean once they cool down.

There is a nonstick coating so that no food gets stuck on the plates. Use the variable temperature to ensure that you are cooking your foods as precisely as possible. You can cook items using heat levels up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with this grill.

A lot of people talked about the cooking surface. You can fit a lot of items and they will not stick to it. Multiple people said that the waffle maker component allows for fluffy waffles. It is easy to use and prepares waffles that are exactly to your specifications.


  • You can use this device in seven different ways
  • The surface is nonstick
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is smaller than similar grills

5. George Foreman Indoor-Outdoor Grill

Indoor/Outdoor Grill allows you to make large amounts of food at once. You can fit an average of 15 servings on the grill at a time. Use it for everything from meats to vegetables and potatoes to make sure that you can cook an entire meal at the same time.

Due to its small size, you can take this grill with you or use it on a small patio or balcony. Since you can make adjustments to the temperature, you always get the exact heat level that is needed for your foods.

None of your foods will sit in fat and grease when you are cooking them due to the slope that allows them to drain when you are cooking.

There is a drip tray that collects these so that cleanup is fast and easy. Just let the grill cool down and it only takes a few minutes to wipe down.

Multiple people talked about the slope that removes fat. This ensures that your foods are as healthy as possible when you are cooking. Other people discussed heat control. You can always get the exact level of heat when you are preparing your food.


  • The stand is removable
  • There is a lot of cooking space
  • Foods do not sit in grease and fat
  • This is the George Foreman grill for an apartment


  • The lid could be more durable

6. George Foreman Metal Electric Grill

Metal Electric Grill has a slope that allows fat to be removed easily. It has a drip tray that you can use to collect this fat so that it goes into a convenient place. After cooking, just empty the tray and put it into the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.

The stand is removable so you can easily make this grill portable. It only takes a minute to remove it and put it back on. You will never need to guess to get the perfect temperature with this grill.

This is due to the gauge that tells you the exact temperature at which the grill is operating. Choose from five heat settings so that your temperature is exactly what you need.

Multiple people mentioned the temperature gauge. You can use this to ensure that you always get the exact level of heat that is needed.

Other reviewers discussed the ceramic coating. It is highly durable, and it prevents your foods from being able to stick when you are cooking.


  • The temperature control is easy to use
  • You can assemble it fast
  • The drip tray collects all of the fat


  • The edges may be a bit colder than the center of the cooking space

7. George Foreman Six-Serving Grill

Six-Serving Grill features removable plates that are easy to use and clean. They have ceramic coating so that no foods stick to them when you are cooking. This also ensures easy cleaning.

Always prepare foods at the right temperature due to the adjustable temperature control. When you are cooking, the drip tray collects all of the fat. There is a slope that lets the fat slide down into the tray.

This grill has indicator lights. When it is green, you know that the grill is preheated and ready for you to start using.

This is one of the top George Foreman grills, according to reviewers. It works as both a grill and a panini press so that you have two items in one. Other people discussed the plates. They are highly durable and easy to clean since you can remove them.


  • The temperature is adjustable
  • Fat slides off the grill’s surface
  • It also works as a panini maker


  • The nonstick surface eventually deteriorates

8. George Foreman Rapid Grill

Rapid Grill stops you from needing to add any butter or oil when you are cooking. There is a nonstick surface that prevents any foods from sticking when you are cooking.

Get the perfect heat level due to the adjustable temperature control. This allows you to cook everything perfectly, from meats to sandwiches. The grill plates are removable. Once the grill cools down, you can take the plates out and put them into your dishwasher.

This allows you to quickly get your grill clean once your meal is finished so that you are not wasting time on maintaining this device.

Several people said that the plates are very durable. They also clean up easily when you are finished preparing a meal. Other people talked about portability. You can take this grill with you since it is so small and lightweight.


  • It also works as a panini press
  • This grill fits onto your countertop
  • It is easy to clean


  • The center of the grill may get hotter than the edges

Why Should You Invest in a George Foreman Grill?

Are George Foreman grills good? A good George Foreman grill can make a big difference in the meals that you cook. After reading the George Foreman grill review options listed above, it is time to learn why you should be using this type of grill regularly.

It Works for More Than Meats

When most people think of a George Foreman grill, they think of grilling steaks and chicken. However, there are a lot more foods that you can use this grill for.

For example, you can use this grill to make a grilled cheese sandwich. This eliminates the need to pull out pots and pans to prepare this sandwich and a variety of other foods. It is also an ideal choice for things like potatoes and vegetables.

The Food Are Not Greasy

When you are cooking things like meats, the grease, and fat drip down so that your foods are not sitting in them when you are cooking. This allows you to prepare healthier meals.

Most of these grills have a drip pan so that all of the fat and grease are collected. Once you are done cooking, it is easy to empty this tray. In most cases, the trays can go into your dishwasher so that they are easy to keep clean.

Cook Multiple Foods at Once

Due to the surface area on these grills, you can prepare multiple foods at the same time.

There is no need to use a different pan for every item that you are cooking. This will save you time and make it easier to keep an eye on everything that you are grilling.

They Are Easy to Clean

When you are done cooking, just let the grill cool before cleaning. This lets you use water and soap to wipe it down so that it is ready for the next time that you use it.


Before buying a grill, you want to ensure that you have all of the information that you need. This will ensure that you make the best choice for your next grill.
Can You Use an Extension Cord to Power the Grill?
When you are using this grill, depending on where you want to place it, you might need to use an extension cord so that you can plug it into an outlet. Just make sure that the cord’s electrical rating is appropriate for the grill. For example, if you are using the grill outside, the cord should be safe to use outside too.
Can You Use the Grill for Sauces?
When you are cooking foods, if you want to add sauces or marinades, this is okay. Due to the grill’s surface, these liquids will not stick so that your foods come out exactly as you intend them to.
Can You Leave Your George Foreman Grill Outside?
Since these grills can usually be used inside and outside, you might want to store them outside at times. This is okay to do, but you need to cover the grill. The cover helps to keep it protected against the elements. Just ensure that you use a cover that fits the grill properly.
Can Pizza Be Made on a George Foreman Grill?
Most models do allow you to use them to make pizza. Just make sure that you have enough surface area on your grilling plate. You will put your pizza stone or pan directly onto the grill to do this.
How Do You Clean the Plates?
The plates on these grills will come off to make the easier to clean. From there, you can choose to put them into a dishwasher or wash them by hand, depending on your preference.


Picking the George Foreman grill model ensures that you can cook all the foods that you love. It helps to do things like allow for grease drainage so that you are left with healthy foods once they are done cooking.

The George Foreman 15-Serving Electric Grill is the best option. You can prepare enough good for a whole dinner party on this grill. This is thanks to its 240 square inches of cooking space.

This grill makes it easy to regulate the temperature too, allowing you to get the exact heat level that you are looking for. Since foods do not stick to the surface, you can easily move them around.

This feature also ensures that the grill is easy to clean once you are done cooking. Now that you know why a George Foreman grill is a good choice, it is time to pick the best one for you. You will notice a positive difference in your meals the first time that you use it.

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