How To Inject Meat

Injecting Meat Before Smoking

Have you ever played ping pong on the idea of whether you should inject your meat or not? Have you ever had issues with injecting meat properly?

We realize that injecting meat can be difficult, but that is why we have created this ultimate guide to help you make the best decision for yourself if you should or should not inject meat before smoking. With that, let’s dive right in.

Why Injecting Meat for Smoking?

It is an important distinction to realize that it is not always necessary to inject meat while smoking it to get a tender and moist result. However, injecting meat before smoking will help to intensify the flavor throughout the entire cut.

Many people think that marinating or using rubs and glazes are the only things that are needed to make delicious smoked meat, but these techniques will only flavor your meat so far.

You can also put your meat in a curing solution, but this is very time-consuming since it can take up to an hour per pound of meat.

To put it into perspective, whole pork tenderloin can take up to twelve hours to cure or brine.

Sometimes, you do not have this amount of time to wait, especially if you have unexpected guests arrive and you need to provide a deliciously cooked meal.

This is where injecting your meat can become handy because it only takes a matter of minutes, and it will help to provide some of the same results as the techniques listed above. Plus, injecting meat will deliver your desired flavor to the heart of your meat selection without any of the down effects of time or flavor loss.

What Should You Inject Into Your Meat?

Many pitmasters keep the recipe for injecting meat a tightly regarded secret, but one thing that is not a secret is that these types of recipes don’t have to be long and complicated.

One of the biggest tips we can provide about what to inject into your meat is careful not to go crazy with distinctive flavors, like salt or sweetness because it is possible to overpower the natural flavor of the meat you are smoking.


  • Madeira Injector Sauce is a well-known recipe that is excellent for injecting into turkeys.
  • It is possible to add solid ingredients and spices to your injector sauce recipe, but you must ensure they are ground into a paste or fine powder.
  • You should make sure you are using the right size injector for the chunky solutions that your sauce might become.

How To Inject Your Meat

The good thing about injecting meat with flavors is not a difficult process. Here are seven easy steps that you can follow to ensure that you have the best meat injection experience possible.

Step 1: Choosing the right injection needle

Many injectors have different-sized needs that come with them, and therefore, you will need to judge which size will suit your needs. For example, if you are using a thicker sauce for injecting your meat, you will want a needle with larger holes.

Step 2: Prepare your injector

After choosing which needle, you need to make sure that the needle and injector are clear of any residue that might be leftover from previous use. Plus, injecting meat can be messy, which means you might want to get an apron ready to help protect your clothing.

Step 3: Prepare your injection sauce

Once everything is prepared, you will need to finally make up the sauce that you plan on injecting into your meat to make sure that it is ready. To give you an estimate on how much sauce you need to prepare, an 8-12 pound pork butt should take up to around 2 cups of sauce.

Step 4: Fill your injector with the solution

You will need to place the head of the needle into the sauce and then draw the syringe plunger of your injector back to get it filled.

Step 5: Pick the best place to inject the sauce

One of the biggest tips about injecting meat with a bone is to help ensure that you inject the solution around it so that it will flavor the entire piece of meat. Other than that, you want to inject the solution directly into the muscles of the meat.

Step 6: Inject the solution into your chosen area

Injecting the solution into your meat is easy enough. All you have to do is push the syringe plunger down which will eject the solution into the meat. You need to ensure that the needle is pushed deep into the meat to help avoid losing any or as little solution, as possible.

Step 7: Keep injecting the solution until it is spread out evenly in the meat

If you choose to use a smaller needle, it is okay to pick multiple access points for need to help ensure that the entire slab of meat will get the flavor of your injection solution into it. If the needle that you use has holes in it, you should make sure they are completely pushed into the meat to avoid wasting any solution.

After reading this guide, we hope that we have been able to shed some light on the benefits of injecting meat before smoking it. It will help to increase the tenderness and flavor of your smoked meals, and you can make your own decisions on what type of solution you will most like to taste in your cooked smoked meat.

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