How to Use a Pizza Peel

Do you take pride in making the perfect pizza?

Making pizza looks simple, but there are pro tools that’ll help you bake the perfect pie every time.

There’s more than one way to place a pizza in the oven. We’re here to show you what people are saying about how to use a pizza peel.

By the end, we’ll even help you figure out which peel to choose.

In this article, we’ll cover the three popular pizza peel techniques that everyone is talking about:

  • Metal Pizza Peel
  • Wood Peel to Metal Peel
  • Long-Handled Wooden Pizza Peel

Countertop and Metal Peel

What’s a Metal Peel Technique?

This is the most common way that restaurants make pizzas for their customers. Most pizza chefs build their pies on clean countertops, and they use metal peels to transport their pies from counters to ovens.

A good metal peel is usually made from aluminum. Chefs usually cover them with flour to keep the raw pizza dough from sticking.

Why Choose This Type of Peel?

Metal peels are preferred by pros because they’re affordable, and they’re durable. It works like a charm to move the dough into the oven without causing it to stick to any surfaces along the way.

People choose this peel for their pizzas because it’s long enough to put a pie into the back of a large oven, so you can cook multiple pizzas at one time.

Product Specifics to Look out for:

Aluminum is a fine metal for a pizza peel, but stainless steel will keep it from rusting over time.

Another thing to look for in metal peels is a folding handle because it will make storing this large tool easier when the pie is complete.

You might also find a metal pizza peel with a rubber grip to keep your hands comfortable.

Wooden Peel to Metal Peel

What’s the Wooden Peel to Metal Peel Technique?

This technique involves purchasing a wooden pizza peel to be used for assembling the pizza, and you’ll use a metal pizza peel to place the pizza in the oven.

Homeowners prefer using this technique because it keeps the countertop clean, and the pizza transfers directly to the oven without issues.

If you enjoy this technique, you should consider investing in a few extra wooden peels. You could use the extra peels to allow guests to decorate their pizzas before you lift them off to the oven with the metal peel.

Why Choose This Type of Peel?

The wooden peel is aesthetically pleasing, and it could even work as a serving plate for the pizza when it’s done cooking in the oven.

Ultimately, pizza peels protect your counter from damage and debris.

Product Specifics to Look out for:

You might be able to find short-handled wooden pizza peels in sets of two or more, so you’ll have a few extras for guests to use.

Look for a wooden pizza peel that is made of food-safe material. There are plenty of wooden pizza peels that are made of high-quality materials, such as bamboo.

Long-Handled Wooden Peel

What’s a Long-Handled Wooden Peel Technique?

This is the simplest method that will yield the best results. However, relying upon one long-handled pizza peel has its limitations.

On the bright side, you’ll be able to make the pizza on the peel and slide it into the oven without the hassle of transporting it from one surface to another.

The downside of this method is that long-handled peels are more cumbersome, and you’ll have trouble making multiple pizzas at once.

Why Choose This Type of Peel?

If you’re looking for a simple method for making pizza, this type of peel is less complicated than the other techniques that we’ve described above.

This is the perfect pizza peel for a small family that typically makes one pizza at a time.

Product Specifics to Look out for:

In addition to picking a wooden pizza peel that’s made of high-quality material, you should consider purchasing a product made of materials that have been ethically sourced.

While looking for the best pizza peel on the market, you’ve uncovered three enticing techniques for preparing the perfect pie.

There isn’t a right answer as to which peel is best, but you might be able to figure out which pizza peel is best for your situation if you consider how many pizzas you make regularly.

If you enjoy making pizza for your family and guests, you should consider using the metal peel in combination with a short-handled wooden peel.

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