The Kamado Joe Classic II vs Classic III in 2024

So, you want to purchase the Kamado-style grill for the money, but you aren’t sure which Kamado model will surely serve your needs.

You can use online information, read reviews, visit forums, and consult friends, but still, you might end up with overwhelming information that will hinder you from making a comprehensive decision. We’ve noticed that sometimes too much information barely helps, and instead, it overwhelms us, leading to purchase paralysis.

As with many things in life, owning a grill is a personal choice, and what is good for the smoking goose might not necessarily be right for the gander. But from our extensive experience with Kamado grills, we can confidently vouch for both Kamado Joe Classic II vs Classic III as the grills in the market this year.

Keep reading as we review and compare Kamado Joe Classic II vs III to help you choose the one that will meet your needs.

The Difference between Kamado Joe Classic II and III

  • Grid levels D&C racks – Kamado Joe Classic II has two racks while Classic III grill has three racks.
  • The Kamado Classic II lacks bottom storage while its counterpart Classic III is equipped with bottom storage.
  • The slow roller hyperbolic insert is currently not available in Kamado Classic II but it’s included in the classic III models.
  • The Kamado Classic II does not come with a charcoal basket divider but is made to accommodate should you need to add based on your cooking needs. The charcoal basket divider is included in the Kamado Classic III grills.
  • The side shelves of Kamado Classic II are GDPE plastic coated shelves, while those of Classic III are aluminum coated, which are more robust and won’t melt even when something hot is put on them.

Kamado Joe Classic II vs Classic III Comparison:

Is it Kamado Classic II or Classic III? Perhaps, it’s a question that often lingers in your mind. So in this article, we will compare everything from price, warranty, innovativeness, and efficiency in cooking to after-sale services. Without further ado, let’s dive directly into what these two Kamado grills have to offer.

Kamado Joe Classic II

Now we come onto our review of the Kamado Joe Classic II, and here are reliable guides to take you through before hitting the buying button.

After evaluating many customer reviews, we can confidently say this is the highest-rated Kamado grill. The grill has many positive reviews, receiving 5-star ratings from buyers. Among the features that have won this machine, the many likes include, ease of cleaning, affordability, and durability.

The consensus is that Kamado Classic II is a good investment. Like with any other item, negative reviews never lack. A few customers did not side with this grill, but the majority reported being very happy with it.

The Kamado Classic II is a Big Green Egg alternative that is well suited for people living mostly in cold areas and are willing to smoke throughout the winter. The dampers, when open, can get blazing hot to sear great steaks. With two-zone cooking, you will take your grilling skills to the next level.


  • Two pairs of divide & conquer racks – the divide & conquer cooking system transforms the ordinary grill grate into a more powerful cooking tool assuring great results. The revolutionary upgrade enables you to prepare two different meals at different temperatures in varying styles – all in single cooking.
  • Kontrol Vent on tower top – instrumental in controlling airflow when closing and opening the dome. It’s coated with an aluminum cast, which makes it rain and mold-resistant. It can also withstand temperatures between 225F to 750F.
  • Patented Air Lift Hinge – Compared with its predecessors, the dome is light in weight reduced by 96%, and is attached to the main grill using hinges. The dome can be lifted even with a single finger giving the most grilling experience.
  • Advanced Multi-Panel FireBox (AMP) – with six patents, the grill is safe from breakage, and it is more efficient to operate.
  • Accessories – the Kamado Classic II comes with several accessories such as wheels, a locking caster, and a cast-iron cart, among others. With a premium size of 18 inches, this grill is perfect for grilling a whole brisket.


  • It has a light dome that is attached to the main grill using hinges.
  • It is made of aluminum, which makes it rust and mold-resistant.
  • It has a built-in thermometer that helps regulate temperature.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has two racks so that you can prepare several dishes in several ways at the same time.


  • The grill lacks side tables, hence, you will require extra working space.

Kamado Classic III

This grill comes with upgraded features that any serious griller will like. With the updated Divide & Conquer Cooking System, the grill has 3 tiers of the split rack, which simply enables you to cook three different meals at different temperatures utilizing varying techniques – all in one cooking.

Another unique feature of Kamado Joe Classic III is the Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber which is useful in increasing smoke circulation for great results.

The reviews from customers with prior experience with this tool suggest it’s an amazing grill. Using this grill is easy to have that restaurant-quality flavor right in your backyard. However, the top vent was spotted as one of its downsides.

The majority of reviews indicated that with time the top vent becomes almost impossible to open until the grill gets warm.


  • Airlift hinge
  • 3-pair rack cooking system
  • Premium 18″ ceramic grill
  • High-quality stainless steel rolling cart
  • Patented hyperbolic smoker chamber


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has three racks, which means you can cook three different meals at different temperatures in various styles at the same time.
  • It is easy to clean and assemble


  • It is not portable due to its heavy design
  • The in-built thermometer isn’t as accurate as separate grilling thermometers.

Our Best Selection

Without a doubt, the ceramic barbecue reviews discussed above indicate that both grills are capable of producing delicious meals. However, our primary task was to compare both grills, weigh the benefits and cons of each, and select the grill (of course, our ratings are objective).

In our view, Kamado Joe Classic II is our top pick as it has excellent features that equate to monetary value.

If your budget is tight, the Kamado Joe ceramic classic II will save your day. Even with the limited upgrades, this charcoal grill serves it purposefully.

Moreover, if you want the updates, you can have them separately installed in your Kamado Classic II.

The enhancements in the Kamado classic III version are useful to have, but they are not a guarantee of quality barbecue. It doesn’t seem worth the extra dollars.

Final Verdict

It is evident that Kamado Joe still leads the market when it comes to sturdy and reliable grills that will last for many years to come. And, when it comes to Kamado grill comparison, you come down to which size you want, and if you wish to inbuilt free-standing, these barbecues are all that you need.

From ordinary grilling to high heat searing, baking pizza, low and slow heaters, and even preparing desserts, the Kamado Joe Classic II & Classic III will impress you.

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