The Best Portable Electric Stoves in 2024

How can you find the portable electric stoves? Well, you have to know what you need first. Then you have to check out the features available to determine which model has what you need.

But there are so many portable electric stoves on the market today, and they all claim to be the best for everyone.

We did the leg work for you. We want you to know how each stove works, and what kind of person will benefit most from each model.

We’ll help you decide between coil burners, infrared stoves, and induction cookers. We’ll compare temperature adjustments, housings, wattages, sizes, and how easy they are to clean, among other things.

We couldn’t possibly review every model out there, but here are the ten best. One of these will surely be the one you’re looking for. If you need more help, be sure to browse our tips for choosing the best after these reviews.

Best Portable Electric Stoves:

1. Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

If you’re not familiar with induction cooktops, you may have a hard time believing them.

Imagine pulling a pot of boiling water off of your gas or electric stove, and then putting your hand on the burner. It would blister you! But you can place your hand on this type of burner even when it’s on, and it will feel cool. That’s because it cooks by using magnetic energy to heat the cookware instead of direct heat energy.

You’ll need to have cookware intended for use with induction cookers for it to work.

This neat single-burner cooktop will work anywhere, as long as there is a standard household outlet nearby. It’s only 10 ½” by 10 ½”, so you could even pack it and take it on trips.

First-time induction cooktop owners can’t get over the technology! Amazingly, this thing can cook anything while remaining cool to the touch.

Everyone likes how easy it is to clean. Imagine going from having to scrub a stove to just wiping this appliance down with a rag.

This top-rated portable induction cooktop is small enough to fit in a backpack. But there’s nothing small about the technology involved here.

It is safe and has enough adjustability to help you cook anything that will fit into a 10″ or smaller pot or pan.


  • 120 volts, 15 amps
  • 200-1800 watts
  • 140-460 degrees
  • Timer
  • Auto shutoff safety features
  • Single burner
  • Digital keypad


  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe


  • Requires steel cookware

2. OVENTE Electric Infrared Burner


Some of the toughest and most beautiful kitchen stovetops are made of shiny stainless steel and durable tempered glass. And that’s what this little portable single-burner infrared unit is made from!

Don’t think that there’s a trade-off in the performance department. That’s the nice thing about infrared technology: great performance in a small package.

It’s efficient and heats evenly. That saves energy and keeps your food from scorching.

Many people who live in smaller apartments and dormitories seem to love this model. Maybe that’s because it looks so nice?

In many countertop burner reviews, customers comment about how light this burner is. But there aren’t any complaints about durability. You can say that people are impressed that such a light appliance turns out to be so strong.

It’s small and light enough to be a great portable burner that’ll go anywhere you need to take it, but it’s durable and good-looking enough for everyday use on countertops with limited space.

Just be aware that there are five temperature settings. So it’s simple, but it’s limited. Here are your choices:

  • 105 degrees for keeping food warm
  • 125 for slow-cooking
  • 155 for simmering
  • 180 for frying and general cooking
  • 212 for boiling and searing


  • Infrared technology
  • 1000 watts
  • Lightweight – Just 3 pounds
  • Five temperature settings
  • Stainless steel and thermal glass construction


  • Even heating
  • Very portable
  • Looks great
  • Tough and durable


  • Limited temperature settings

3. Cusimax Single Burner Cast Iron Portable Stove

Here you have a basic electric burner that’s affordable, durable, simple to use, and clean. It’s not fancy or highly sophisticated, but it’ll get the job done if you need something reliable and portable.

Just plug it into a regular household outlet, set your pot or pan on it, and set the temperature. It’s just as straightforward as an old-school electric stove.

There are only seven temperature settings, and they are not indicated by degrees. But if total temp control isn’t crucial to you, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The great thing about this one is that it’s small enough to be kept in even the most cluttered kitchen. That’s nice because you won’t have to go far to get it if you’re cooking and suddenly find yourself a burner short.

Buyers like the convenience of a simple extra burner for their kitchen or camper. Those who carry it on trips like the small size. It does fit in almost any size of luggage, even a little duffle bag.

This small portable electric stove is versatile. You can use it when entertaining and need an extra burner to get everything cooked at the same time. It’s little enough to be stored in a large kitchen drawer.

If you’re looking for a travel stovetop, you’ll like its super portability.


  • 1500 watts
  • Seven temperature settings
  • Fast iron burner coil
  • Stainless steel housing


  • Simple
  • Durable
  • Small


  • Only seven temp settings

4. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

This portable induction cooktop has some useful features that even big full-size stoves don’t have!

It gets really hot if you need it to. And it can also slowly simmer or just warm liquids as well. It is versatile and functional.

The timer simplifies things if you are cooking a big complicated meal and have a lot to think about.

You can even leave it plugged in on your counter as a permanent part of your kitchen. The child lock keeps kids from turning it on, which is great even though it stays cool to the touch while in operation

To clean up, use a damp rag. The low-profile touchpad buttons make it easy because there are no knobs or other instructive controls.

People like that they don’t have to settle for the typical drawbacks of a portable cooktop even though they don’t have a regular stove or can’t take one where they need to cook.

Everyone likes how easy it is to clean and use. Customers with children appreciate the child lock.

This cool unit packs the features of a full-size induction cooktop into a portable burner that goes anywhere. It’s somewhat on the pricey side, but it’s a good investment if you want all the awesome features to take with you.

Many portable cooktop reviews attest to the quality and functionality of this portable cooker!


  • 1200-1800 watts
  • 140-460 degrees
  • Touchpad button controls
  • Tiner
  • Child lock


  • Easy controls
  • Safe around kids
  • High temps
  • 170-minute timer


  • A little expensive

5. Isiler Portable Induction Cooktop

There are no knobs or other mechanical controls on this single-burner stove. Everything is adjusted with large touch buttons. That not only simplifies operations, but it looks awesome!

You can set the wattage and temperature separately, but the temperature is adjustable only in increments of 40 degrees. This is different from the heat control that you may be used to. It’s not ideal for any kind of dish that requires precise temp control, either. You probably wouldn’t want to make candy on it, but it’ll do fine for just about everything else, even gravies and sauces.

This is an induction stove, so it stays cool, but you’ll need to use stainless steel or other ferric cookware.

If you have kids around, you’ll like the child lock that you can set to keep small hands from turning the stove on.

Electric burner reviews show that people who’ve bought this model really like the sleek modern style and easy-to-use controls.

They say it’s the single-burner electric stove that they’ve ever owned. That’s the kind of feedback you would expect about such a handsome and functional cooktop.

This unit can add a touch of modernity wherever you take it. Whether on vacation, camping, or at a work or church picnic, you can warm or cook just about anything with ease. Cleanup is a simple matter, thanks to the absence of knobs and buttons.

It’s too bad that the temperature control isn’t more precise, but when all is said and done, this sweet little single-burner induction cooktop can cook all of your favorite one-pot recipes.


  • Adjustable power 100-1800 watts
  • Touchpad buttons
  • Child lock
  • Eight temperature settings


  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Safe around kids
  • Modern styling


  • Limited temperature settings

6. OVENTE BGS102B Countertop Electric Double Cast-Iron Burner with Adjustable Temperature Control


Infrared cooktops are known for their ability to heat food evenly. This isn’t so important when cooking liquids like soup or boiling water, but it is critical when frying foods in a skillet. That’s why professional cooks like it so much.

Now you can have infrared cooking technology wherever you go. At about 18″x 11″ and just eight pounds, you can take it to cookouts or potluck dinners with no hassles.

There is a 7″ burner and a 6″ one. They’re both cast iron and each has its control knob and preheat indicator light. It’s refreshingly simple and impressively durable.

You can clean it with just a damp rag, as long as you don’t let any splatters set too long. If you have to scrub it, you can. The housing is made of tough metal that won’t scratch if you have to take a plastic scouring pad to it.

People love how easy this cooktop is to use. Don’t think no one has noticed how easy it is to clean as well. That’s a key feature that people look for when they want a portable cooktop. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning a burner before packing it back up!

This is the 2-burner electric cooktop. It isn’t hard to take along, it cleans easily and is so simple that anyone can use it.


  • 1700 watts
  • 7″ and 6″ burners
  • Metal housing
  • Easy controls


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Even heating


  • High power consumption

7. Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner


The thing that stands out about this portable cooktop is the heating plate itself. Instead of the usual coil, it has a solid flat cast iron plate. There are several advantages to that. First, it’s more durable. It won’t warp as coils can. Second, it heats more evenly. Third, it’s way easier to clean. And fourth, it just looks better!

The brushed stainless steel finish is easy to clean, and it won’t show any scratches that may happen.

Temperature is fully adjustable throughout the entire range. You’re not limited to just a few incremental settings. This is great for when you need total control over the temperature.

The only bad thing is that it’s a little on the bigger side for a single burner at 11″ by 11″. But it’s still easy to pack up and travel with.

Many who have purchased this burner have been long-time Cuisinart loyal customers. They stick with the brand because of the quality of their other appliances made by this manufacturer. And they aren’t disappointed.

They like the solid build and simplicity Of design and function. People use this as both a portable travel cooktop and as an extra burner in their kitchen.

This is a nice unit with an uncomplicated design made by a well-known and trusted company.

Electric hotplate reviews are ablaze with praise for this model. It’s a winner for travel and home use.


  • Solid cast iron heating plate- not a coil
  • 1300 watts
  • Fully adjustable thermostat
  • Brushed stainless steel


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Precise temp control
  • Very easy cleanup


  • A bit large for a single burner

8. NutriChef Induction Double Burner Cooktop


This is a wonderful induction mini-stove that works just as well as a full-size model. Many people use it just like that, as a regular stove.

Do you ever do anything at work or family events that makes you wish you had a kitchen to take with you? Well, here you go! You’ll be able to cook or warm anything that requires two burners. Just keep in mind that you’ll need cookware that is compatible with induction stoves. If a magnet sticks to the bottom, it is ferrous and therefore compatible.

Use a damp rag to wipe the entire unit clean. You can use mild detergent dish liquid if you need to clean up an oily mess. Be careful with heavier cleaning, though. The glass top may get scratched if you scrape it or use anything other than a plastic scouring pad.

Some people who live in places with smaller kitchens use this impressive double-burner cooktop as their only stove! It’s just that functional.

Those who use it as their primary cooking appliance can have such a highly functional cooktop even though they don’t have a full-size stove.

Many people use it for events like work or church picnics where they need a stove but don’t have the room for a big one.

This is the 2 burners electric cooktop for anyone wanting a portable induction stove.


  • Two burners
  • Induction technology
  • 1800 watts
  • Digital controls
  • Child lock


  • High tech
  • Child safe
  • Easy to clean


  • May scratch if scraped

9. Cusimax Portable Electric Stove

The wider design of this infrared single-burner portable stove makes it more stable than other slimmer models. That extra stability is great for securely supporting large and tall pots full of water, soup, or stew.

It’s fully adjustable for good temperature control and the 1200 watts of efficient power heat up quickly.

The heat is transferred very evenly, so there are no hot or cold spots. Cooking perfect dishes is so much easier when you have such even heat.

These benefits work well on the go at picnics and other events, as an extra burner on holidays, and even as a quick way to prepare small and easy meals like soups and stews.

This would make a great gift for anyone who needs a nice mini-stove for a small kitchenette. It’s popular with people who live in studio apartments and campers who take their home-on-wheels with them on trips. At 1200 watts, it can even be run off of a DC-to-AC power inverter. That’s great for tent camping.

Buyers like that they can take quick, even heat with them wherever they may need it.

Another thing apparent in portable electric burner reviews that mention this product is that it’s suitable for everyday use. Some students use it to cook in their dorms, and people who travel as part of their careers like to use it in motels.

Here you have a nice, compact infrared cooktop that works just as well for the traveler as it does for the cook who needs an extra burner at home.


  • 1200 watts
  • Infrared
  • Ceramic glass top
  • Wider design


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple control
  • Very durable
  • Stable


  • Ceramic glass top may scratch if scraping is necessary for cleaning

10. Sunavo Single Burner Stainless Steel Electric Hotplate

The burner on this unit is the familiar cast iron ring. It’ll handle any pot or pan from 4″ to 7 ½” in size.

It’s infinitely adjustable from a slow simmer to full 1500-watt power. You can boil a quart of water for 12 minutes at the maximum setting.

You can store it away easily and neatly when it’s not in use. All you need is a spare 13″ by 10″ space in your cabinet. And at only 5 ½ pounds, you can bring it with you and never even notice it in your luggage or camping gear.

The cool stainless steel finish would look fantastic in an RV or camper. It’ll also blend with just about any home decor!

A microfiber cleaning cloth is included. That’s great because you’ll need one. You don’t want to scratch this beauty. It’s best to clean any spills off of it as soon as possible. Avoid scrubbing this kind of stainless steel to protect the finish.

When writing their portable electric stove reviews about this product, buyers rave about how gorgeous the classic stainless steel styling is.

Even though it’s portable, many people like to leave it out on their kitchen countertop. It’s just that shiny and pretty!

Traditional good looks and intuitive functions combine to make this one lovely and very useful single-burner cooktop. You’re sure to get me some compliments no matter where you take this thing.


  • 1500 watts
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Knob temperature control
  • No-slip rubber feet


  • Compact
  • Looks great
  • Nice burner size


  • May scratch if scrubbed

Tips On Choosing

You’ve got some choices to make. Here are a few tips to help guide you.

Choose The Type

Regular cast iron coil burners are the most common and the most affordable. But they are harder to clean. They can also warp over time. This causes uneven heating. If you want a cheap portable electric stove for occasion use, a cast iron coil stove may do.

Infrared units are a step up. They use the same technology as heat lamps. Good, even heat is one advantage of this type of electric cooktop.

They also heat up almost instantly. That’s great if you don’t like to wait.

Most infrared cooktops feature glass tops. They are easy to wipe clean, but you may have to spend extra time to get cooked-on food free. That’s because you don’t want to scratch the glass by scraping or scrubbing it.

Check out an infrared unit if you want a good portable electric stove that has comparable performance to that of a big stove.

Induction cooktops are awesome They don’t heat food directly, but they induce a strong magnetic resonance in the metal of the cookware. The pots and pans heat themselves, in a way.

They stay cool, even while cooking, and they begin heating instantly.

Induction portable stoves are usually among the most expensive, but they are premium appliances in a small package.

Pick Single Or Double Burner

Single burners are good to keep in your kitchen pantry in case you go to prepare a big meal and find yourself in need of an extra burner.

They’re also good to have in case you need a burner to take with you somewhere. If you ever cook or keep food warm at special events, like work, school, church or family affairs, a good single-burner portable cooktop can be your best friend.

Models with two burners work well for traveling in an RV. There’s a lot you can do with two burners. They even work well for tent camping, as long as you have a power supply in the 1200-1800 watt range.

But double-burner models also fit well in scenarios where single ones excel. They are more expensive, bigger, heavier, and can be more difficult to fit in luggage or picnic supplies, but they offer twice the cooking space.

They are also wider, and perhaps longer, and therefore more stable. This is an important detail if you’re going to be cooking in a tall, top-heavy pot.


How much wattage you need depends on the type of portable stove you are interested in and how many burners you want.

Generally, a good portable stove will carry at least 800 watts. Double that number for a double-burner stove.

Get a stove with variable wattage if you are going to be running it off of an inverter like you would at a campsite.

Temperature Adjustability

Some portable electric stoves are infinitely adjustable, just like a full-size kitchen stove. Others have incremental settings.

Unless you’ll be cooking stuff that requires very precise temperature control, the incremental adjustment will be fine. Just be sure that it goes high enough. Some stoves only go up to about 212 degrees, which is fine for soup and stew. But frying requires higher temps.


Portable electric stoves come in a variety of styles and with an array of features. It can be discouraging when you try to sort through them all to find what you need.

But now you know the difference between the iron coil, infrared, and induction stoves. You know how many burners you need. You understand all the different features.

Most importantly, you know what having a portable electric stove can do for you. They are so versatile and handy, you’ll probably use yours more than you thought you would.

Armed with what you learned here, go ahead and choose the one you want today!

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