The Best Small Home BBQ Smokers in 2024

Gone are the days when you needed a lot of space to build a smoker and enjoy smoked foods. Now, you can find a variety of small smokers that provide the same distinct flavor and cooking quality. To find the small home BBQ smokers, we analyzed dozens of options and narrowed down the list.

This will help you to find a smoker that imparts a delicious flavor while ensuring that your foods get to the right temperature for optimal safety. After reading our reviews and tips, it will be easier to pick the smoker for you.

Best Small Home BBQ Smokers

1. Weber 14-Inch Charcoal Smoker

The Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker is a compact smoker that you can easily fit just about anywhere. There are no cords, so you can take them places like camping or on a road trip because you only need some wood or charcoal to get it going.

The bowl, lid, and center area all have porcelain enamel. This allows the smoker to easily retain heat so that you are always cooking at the optimal temperature.

The temperature grommet is made from silicone for optimal durability. On the lid of the smoker is a thermometer that you can use to keep a constant eye on the temperature level.

Use one of the two racks to cook different meats at the same time. Some dampers are fast and easy to adjust, allowing you optimal temperature control when you are using this smoker.

This is the small charcoal smoker, according to consumers. It is easy to clean, and the overall operation is simple and something that you can learn in under an hour.

Many people stated that this smoker is easy to assemble. You can have it up and running quickly once you receive it.


  • There are two grates for smoking versatility
  • You can remove the fuel door to make adding more wood and charcoal fast


  • It is easy to use
  • You can use different cooking methods
  • The level of smoke is high


  • The thermometer could be larger

2. Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett WiFi Controlled Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The Green Mountain Portable Pellet Grill makes smoking a variety of meats fast and easy. It only weighs about 68 pounds, making it a portable smoker that you can easily take with you. You can also fold it up so that you can put it into the trunk of your vehicle.

Use this smoker for rack ribs due to it having a peaked lid. This ensures that you can use a slow smoking method to keep your ribs very tender.

There is a meat probe that allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of the individual items that you are cooking. This ensures that you achieve the right temperature for safety and to ensure that everything is cooked exactly to your specifications.

On the side of the smoker is a tray where you can put food as it is done smoking. This makes serving easy and convenient.

Multiple people said that this is the small pellet smoker. You can impart a variety of distinct flavors onto the foods that you are cooking.

This smoker allows for good temperature control, according to many consumers. You can smoke meats exactly to your specifications.


  • There are three power options for flexibility
  • The thermal sensor allows you to always know the grill’s temperature


  • It is small but has a good internal capacity
  • You can use it easily
  • Lighting it only takes seconds


  • Hot spots may occur when you are using this grill

3. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

The Weber Electric Grill has enough cooking surface to prepare a meal for two people. There is no need to assemble anything so you do not have to wait to start using it.

The grates are made from cast iron and have porcelain enamel on them. This ensures durability and it also allows for optimal heat retention and distribution.

Use the burner valve settings to get the right temperature. The body is made from cast aluminum so that it will not rust.

Several people said that this is the small electric grill because you can use it almost anywhere. As long as you have an outlet available, it will fit into most spaces.

Several people said that you do not need to assemble it. This allows you to start using it immediately.


  • It has 189 square inches of cooking space to prepare a meal for about two people
  • Out of the box, it is fully assembled so that you can start using it right away


  • You can clean this grill easily
  • It heats up fast
  • It puts nice grill marks on your food


  • The cord is only six feet long

4. PK Grills Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combo

The PK Grills Smoker and Grill Combo are lightweight due to being constructed of cast aluminum. This material also ensures that the grill is not going to rust prematurely, even with extended use

Due to the materials, it heats up very efficiently and can maintain a constant temperature so that your foods come out exactly as you want them.

This is a portable smoker and grill combo that you can take on the road with you. Take advantage of the 300 square inches of the cooking surface to smoke full meals for about three different people

Use this smoker for a wide variety of items, whether you are making brats for a simple afternoon meal, or you need to cook an entire turkey for a Thanksgiving celebration. Once you are done using it, it only takes a few minutes to get everything clean and ready for the next use.

Many people say that this is one of the backyard smokers for the money. It can hold a good amount of meat and it cooks it thoroughly.

There are two cooking zones, according to consumers. Because of this, you get an optimal level of airflow to ensure a consistent temperature.


  • There are four vents for optimal temperature control
  • The cast aluminum construction protects against rust and breakage


  • You can get a variety of flavors
  • It is easy to clean
  • Setup is fast


  • A gap may develop between the bottom and top with continued use

5. Masterbuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker

The Masterbuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker can easily fit onto a campsite or a small outdoor space. Since it has nearly 400 square inches of cooking space, you can easily prepare a meal for a minimum of four people simultaneously.

Two cooking grates have a porcelain coating. This makes it easy to prepare two different types of meats at the same time.

When you need to add more charcoal, you can do this with ease. This is thanks to the door at the front of the grill that is quick and easy to access.

Use the thermometer on the lid to always know what temperature your foods are smoking at. This makes it easy to always be smoking meats at the proper temperature for efficiency and safety.

A lot of consumers remarked on the durability of this small meat smoker. They say that you can use it often without having to worry about premature failure.

Many people mentioned the thermometer. They said that it is easy to use, and it allows you to easily monitor the internal temperature of the smoker.


  • It has 395 square inches of cooking space so that you can smoke meats for the whole family
  • Use both smoking racks to cook two different foods at the same time


  • You can assemble this smoker easily
  • It uses charcoal as an easy fuel source
  • It smokes meat efficiently


  • Below the coal pan, there is no damper

6. Nordic Ware Kettle Smoker for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The Nordic Ware Kettle Smoker is easy to use. Just put it on top of a fire or a stove to start generating the heat that it needs. When you use a stove, just adjust your burner for the right level of heat.

Use the thermometer on top to ensure that you are at the right temperature. Once you are done smoking foods, just let this smoker cool and use your sink or a water hose to clean it out so that it is always ready to use.

This mini BBQ smoker is simple to clean up when you are done, according to multiple consumers. Just wait for it to cool down and wipe the components.

Multiple people talked about how easy it is to keep this smoker clean. You can rinse it out in the sink when you are finished using it.


  • You can use this indoors and outdoors for flexibility
  • The high dome makes it simple to use the full-capacity


  • It is easy to clean
  • This smoker is lightweight
  • You can use it for a variety of foods


  • The materials could be more durable

7. PIT BOSS PB440FB1 Pellet Grill

The PIT BOSS Portable Pellet Grill is compact but has a large cooking surface so that you can prepare a meal for at least four people at the same time. You can easily smoke a variety of meats and get them to your exact specifications.

Due to the high-capacity hopper, you will not have to worry about constantly needing to refill it when you are smoking food. It can hold up to five pounds and it is easy to clean in between fillings.

It features a flame broiler so that you are getting a direct flame when you are cooking. This ensures easy temperature control. You can monitor the temperature at any time using the thermometer on the lid of this grill and smoker.

Many people say that this is the perfect small camping smoker. You can incorporate it into any campsite and easily monitor it when you are relaxing or doing other activities like fishing.

Multiple consumers talked about how many pellets this smoker can accommodate. You can smoke for a long time before you need to refill it.


  • There are 482 square inches of cooking space to prepare a meal for the whole family
  • The hopper can hold up to five pounds of pellets for long-term smoking


  • It is easy to set up
  • You can use it long-term
  • It smokes meat efficiently


  • The paint may start coming off at high temperatures

8. Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box

The Char-Griller Box Charcoal Grill allows you to clean up fast due to it having an ash pan. Just remove the pan and dump it once it gets full.

You can use this as a horizontal smoker or a basic tabletop grill, giving you a lot of options regarding the types of foods that you prefer. Just be aware that after you add the firebox, it does not go back to a regular grill.

This smoker is compatible with multiple fireboxes so that you can use the one that best suits your needs. The handle remains cool to the touch so you can open it without injury.

This smoker has a heavy steel construction. The grates are made from cast iron so that they maintain temperature well.

If you are new to using this type of product, this is one of the small smokers for beginners. According to consumers, you can set it up fast and it is easy to maintain.

Many people say that the temperature is easy to control. You can get your foods to be smoked exactly to your specifications with minimal effort.


  • It has 250 square inches of cooking space to accommodate most meats
  • The cast-iron cooking grates easily maintain an optimal temperature


  • It has cast iron grates
  • This grill is easy to use
  • You can clean up fast after using it


  • The paint on the outside of the smoker could be of higher quality

Factors to Consider

When you are ready to buy a smoker, some factors will help you to make the right choice. Keeping these in mind will simplify the shopping process.

Smoker Types

There are four primary types of smokers that you can choose from, including:

  • Electric smokers

An electric smoker is easy to use because you just plug it in. However, you have to ensure access to electricity to use it, so you typically need to find an outdoor space close to your home.

  • Pellet smokers

Pellet smokers use a convenient source of fuel, they are easy to use and are very efficient. However, they tend to require more maintenance than other smoker types.

  • Charcoal smokers

Charcoal smokers tend to get hot, are easy to maintain, and impart a distinctive flavor. However, they can be harder to use in very cold weather.

  • Gas smokers

Gas smokers are often portable, easy to use, and allow for optimal temperature control. However, you may have to replace components more frequently.


You want a smoker that not only performs well but also will last. Look at the materials and consider those such as aluminum and stainless steel. These are durable, not prone to rust and they also keep the smoker lightweight so that you can move it around easily.


Your smoker needs to have adequate insulation so that it keeps the smoke in. This will also help to ensure that you get a high level of temperature control so that your foods can be smoked on time.


It is important to always know the temperature at which your smoker is operating to ensure that everything is cooking as intended. To do this, you need one that has a thermometer that is easy to read and accurate so that you can keep an eye on it.


Now that you have all of this information, you have to decide which is the small smoker to buy. Consider your needs and what you expect out of your smoker to make the best decision.

The best choice is the Weber 14-inch Charcoal Smoker. It is small and compact, allowing you to easily keep it on a porch or even use it when you live in an apartment.

Several components feature porcelain enamel to ensure optimal heat retention so that you can reach the desired temperature and maintain it. Use the two cooking grates so that you can prepare several smoked foods at the same time.

Use the dampers on this smoker to ensure that you can fully control the temperature with ease. Always know the internal temperature due to the silicone temperature grommet that is accurate and easy to read.

This smoker is among the best on the market due to its ease of use and the fact that you can maintain it with minimal effort. All that is left to do is get your smoker and start using it.

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