Vision Grills vs Big Green Egg in 2024

If you have to pick one of two grills for your weekend cookout, which one will you choose? Well, as a fellow die-hard, you have to put both charcoal stoves to the test head-on. Yes, it is the Vision vs Green Egg.

Luckily, we’ve done the face-off and have the results. Though a new entrant, the Kamado smoker reviews are giving our favorite Green Egg a run for its money. Yet, when you’ve had sizzling steaks from the BGE, you are hooked. Then, what will it be? Here is a quick guide.

Vision vs Green Egg Comparison:

Large Big Green Egg Kamado Grill


Large Big Green Egg

Now, when it comes to baking, roasting, or smoking steaks for family get-togethers, who doesn’t know the Large Big Green Egg? This household brand has been around for 30 years now. And, it sure looks like a big green egg!

Families and friends all across the United States prefer this grill for that perfect, moist cookout that can feed a large gathering. Plus, its energy-efficient capabilities give it a competitive advantage. When using a barbecue from such a reputable brand, you are sure of cushion from the warranty should anything go wrong.


Weighing 162 lbs with a cooking area of 262 square inches, the Large Big Green Egg can accommodate up to a 20-pound turkey, six full chickens arranged in a vertical setup, eight steaks, or even seven full ribs. Hence, you can count on it when hosting up to 20 adult family members or friends. Now, for stability, the egg can be mounted on a cooking island, a nest, a table nest, a modular nest, or an acacia hardwood table. Still, all these options retail as extras to your purchase.

Accessories and Price

For a convenient outdoor adventure, the Large Big Green Egg includes various accessories for a variety of cooking options. There are composite 3-slat EGG mates for ample serving and cooking area. Its non-slip, weather-proof surface makes it an excellent outdoor accessory. Other extras include a 5-kit Eggspander for raised grid cooking, a rib and roast rack that can hold up to six ribs, and a rectangular drip pan. But, when getting the Big Green Egg grill, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets for all these stands, the nests, and any other extras for your style of cooking.

The Set-Up

Most of the Large Big Green Egg parts arrive as separate units in the box with screws and bolts to be fixed. Hence, unless you have some background mechanical knowledge, it may take you up to an hour to assemble the BGE.

Temperature Regulation

The Large Big Green Egg is a master of precise temperature control. More so, it exceeds the Kamado’s capabilities in keeping a steady temperature for hours. It is this feature that makes the grill stand out from its competitors. The unit’s temperature control mechanism consists of a draft door and a dual-function metal top. The two parts regulate airflow into and out of the grill. Hence, you can use the draft door to set the temperature range for your cuts. And, use the metal top to make minor adjustments as needed. This way, you can achieve high temperatures of up to 575°F.

Convenient Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Large Big Green Egg is quite seamless. First, there is an ash tool, a BBQ cleaning brush, and a stainless mesh scrubber to clean up the unit after every cooking. Some mild soapy water will get the exterior looking spotlessly clean. Second, though the EGG is resistant to the elements, it has a convenient cover that you can use when you want to leave it outside overnight.

Vision Grills Ceramic Kamado Grill

The Kamado-style grill is a new entry into the market. Even the delivery guy can mistake it for another brand. Yet, the name Kamado is a Japanese name that stands for the ceramic design of the grill.

This charcoal grill is a dual-purpose stove that includes aesthetic parts and features for our convenience. It has similar capabilities to the Large Big Green Egg, hence proving a worthy competition.

The Kamado Grill retails as one of the Vision Grills, another reputable brand in the United States. The brand specializes in low-cost, functional grills with a solid warranty.

The Construction

Now, the Kamado BBQ grill is a ceramic charcoal grill that is noticeably heavy. At a standing weight of 262 lbs, this heavy-duty unit has 596 square inches of cooking area. Hence, it accommodates more food than the Large Big Green Egg model. To reinforce the grill, it uses a heavy gauge anti-tip cart for stability. Inside are dual corrosion-resistant stainless steel flip cooking grates. You can flip these grates and quickly refill the fire pit with briquettes. Also, there is a cast iron top vent with a handy smoker knob.

Accessories and Price

The Kamado Charcoal Grill comes fully accessorized with an electric fire starter and a heat deflector for your convenience. There are two detachable wooden side shelves and a handle. These parts make it easy to move the unit from one side to the other. Plus, they are easy to clean. Next is a removable ash tool for a smooth cleanout. Other parts include heat deflectors, cooking grates, and a removable ash drawer. Now, there is a significant price drop when getting the Kamado grills. In particular, the Kamado Grill is at a lower price range, yet, it retails with all its parts as a package. Plus, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the barbecue.

The Set-Up

The Kamado Grill retails with most of its parts assembled. Hence, it may take you a few minutes to unbox and assemble the unit.

Temperature Regulation

The Kamado grill will light up in less than 10 minutes. After that, it takes between 15 minutes and 30 minutes to heat up. By keeping the dome closed and the top dual draft vents open, you can regulate and maintain a constant temperature for hours. This steady temperature is a must for even cooking. Further, the dual draft vent dials enable you to adjust the temperature for smoking, baking, or searing. Hence, you can maintain your slow cooking for more than 10 hours. Note that it may take a while to master how to control the temperature on a Kamado grill. But, once you get the gist of things, it is a simple process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Kamado grill uses a convenient ash drawer that you can empty after every cooking. Second, being a ceramic grill, this unit is prone to mold buildup, more so when you don’t use it that much. To prevent this, you need to heat the grill to maximum temperatures for at least 15 minutes before you use it. Then, once it cools, you can use a brush to get rid of any residue on the cooking grate.

Insights and Takeaways

The Large Big Green Egg grill is ideal for anyone who wants steak that cooks evenly and keeps the heat under control. Plus, this barbecue smoker will bring out the smoky flavors in your meats. Afterward, you can shut off the unit to put out the fire. However, prepare for a pricey purchase. For, the grill retails with most of its accessories as separate units.

In contrast, if you are a new homeowner who wants to experiment with different types of grills, the Vision Grill Kamado Grill is a pocket-friendly choice. Here, the stable ceramic grill retails with all accessories for a variety of cooking. Yet, the price remains far below its competitor range.

With an ignition system that sets the fuel ready in under 10 minutes, ample air vents for ventilation and condensation, and tables, nests, racks, and handles for your convenience.

Indeed, it is the ultimate outdoor grilling experience to become a grill master. Like the Large Big Green Egg grill, you can put out the fire on the Kamado grill by shutting it off.

When analyzing ceramic smoker reviews, you can never go wrong with top brands. Hence, for your ceramic smoker for the money, insist on the Vision Grills Kamado Grill. This kamado grill for under $1000 is efficient and user-friendly.

But, when you are a grill master, the Large Big Green Egg will exceed your expectations. Then, which grill will you buy? Insist on the ceramic BBQ smoker for your needs.

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