Weber vs Broil King Comparison in 2024

In the red corner, we have Weber, the reigning king of the premium grill brands. But they have a challenger in the blue corner. Broil King has many fans because they bring quality heat to the masses.

We’re not only going to draw on our past research in this BBQ gas grill review. We’ve also chosen three contenders from each side for this match. When we’re done, you’ll have a good understanding of what each brand is about and which one is right for you.

It’s going to be Weber or Broil King. The bell has rung. Watch the match and make your choice between the top liquid propane grills.

Weber vs Broil King

Weber got its start in 1952 when it pioneered the first modern mass-produced kettle grill. Their current lineup is spread across several lines of both backyard and commercial grills.

The brand is known for its durability and quality. Their grills are held together with welds, rather than nuts and bolts. That adds to the cost, but it makes for a sturdier and much more durable grill. All but one of their grill models is made in Illinois.

As far as cooking goes, it’s hard to beat a Weber. Their designs typically offer a larger cooking area than competing models from other manufacturers. And they put out more heat. This means that you can cook more food and get a better sear, but it detracts from the gas efficiency.

Weber grills aren’t cheap. But they usually last much longer than grills from other companies, and they offer an overall better grilling experience for the serious backyard chef.

Broil King isn’t a new company, but they’ve been getting more attention lately due to some recent improvements in their designs and features. Introductions like infrared burners and Flav-R-Wave have catapulted Broil King into the realm of high-quality grills. Although the company has been around for a while, it’s a rising star that has the potential to go all the way up to number one.

Broil King’s future success will depend on how they maintain their prices. Right now, they fall into the budget grill category. They’re not as durable as Weber, but they are priced to be affordable for everyone. That’s the main appeal. But will the prices go up as they add more awesome features and functionality? Time will tell, and we’ll be watching.

The takeaway here is that Weber is the more premium grill for the cook who wants the best, and Broil King is an affordable grill for those who need to balance quality with price.

Head To Head Comparison

Broil King Regal S590 Vs Weber Genesis II E-410:


Here’s the match between the two high-end grills. They’re big and hot. These are for those who can spend the extra money on a grill that can cook big meals with the biggest flames. The most popular versions are the propane ones, but both are available in natural gas options.

Price isn’t the only consideration here, not by a long shot. There are special features and pros and cons on both sides.

Features Weber Genesis II E-410:

  • 62”x65”x31” size is quite a bit bigger than the Broil King
  • 646 sq in the main cooking area plus 198 sq in the warming rack
  • The side burner is good for stews and soups
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • Porcelain-enameled steel body and lid are durable and retain heat well
  • Four burners spread heat evenly for searing
  • Flavor bar flame tamers recycle grease into flavor
  • iGrill 3 is compatible with monitoring ramps from your smart device
  • Rotisserie and griddle available for versatility
  • Industry-leading 10-year warranty

Features Broil King Regal S590:

  • 62”x25”x49” is more compact for tighter spaces
  • 625 sq in of primary cooking area is comparable to the Weber
  • Convenient side burner
  • The stainless steel cooking grate gives great sear marks
  • Powder-coated steel body and lid stand up to the elements
  • Five dual-tube burners offer excellent efficiency
  • Flav-R-Wave flame tamers give that authentic BBQ flavor
  • Rotisserie burner for available rotisserie accessory
  • 10-year warranty on burners and grid, two years on all other parts and labor

Benefits of Weber:

  • Long-lasting porcelain coating on the grid prevents sticking better than steel
  • Porcelain coating on the lid and body offers amazing heat retention
  • Welded frame and parts will not come loose or fall apart
  • Compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3 app so you can keep an eye on your food from anywhere
  • GS4 grilling system puts out an incredible amount of heat for searing and quick cooking
  • Some of the best online assembly instructions in the industry make it a snap to put together

Benefits of Broil King:

  • Steel cooking grid won’t chip as porcelain-coated grates can
  • Dual-tune burners are efficient
  • Extra burner makes for even heating
  • A smaller overall size is good for small patios

Reservations Compared Weber:

  • The porcelain coating on both the grate and the body and lid of the grill can chip if you’re not careful with it
  • The accessories that fit this grill are cool, but they’re expensive

Reservations Compared Broil King:

  • Relatively expensive compared to Weber’s competing model and even other Broil King grills
  • Not as durable as the Weber

People love the look of the Weber, with its shiny and impressive black porcelain coating. But it isn’t just the looks. That coating retains heat very well, making this one of the most efficient Webers out there. Some do wonder why it only has four burners. An extra one would make for more consistent cooking. And there should be a dedicated burner for the available rotisserie.

But people do like the welds, which are present on all Weber grills. There is no wobble, and no chance of any bolts coming loose. That also helps with assembly. And the online instructions for putting it together do make things easier. This is one of the easiest-to-assemble grills out there.

As far as the Broil King goes, many of their fans wonder about the price. Why does it cost so much? This is one grill that is higher in price than the comparable Weber. But people do like the Flav-R-Wave flame tamers. It adds real flavor to meats.

This isn’t as efficient as other Broil Kings either. And folks have noticed. But it isn’t that much of a drawback. The burners are infinitely adjustable, so you can set them however you want to for the best use of your gas.

The Takeaway

This is a bit of an unusual situation. We have a hands-down winner. The Weber is cheaper. That’s rare, But when you look at the construction of each grill, it becomes obvious that the dual-tube burners add to the cost. The Weber is the better value here because it has better construction and higher durability than the Broil King.

Which one would be best for you? In this case, the Weber is best if you want the longest-lasting grill or the best value. The Broil King, which is the non-Weber gas grill, is for you if you need a big grill and are already a fan of the company. Congratulations are to Weber for their knockout in round one with the four-burner gas BBQ.

Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E-310 Comparison:


The battle for the mid-sized backyard gas grill is much hotter, mostly because the prices make more sense. The Weber’s greater durability and extra features are reflected in the pricing.

But the Broil King has some good features and a lower cost, which makes for an interesting comparison in the value department.

Either way, mid-sized grills are great for the average family that likes to cook out and sometimes has larger picnics. Let’s take a look at the specifics and see which one is better suited for your yard, shall we?

Features Weber Genesis II E-310:

  • A true mid-size grill at 59”x29”x47”
  • About 470 sq in of main cooking area plus almost 200 sq in warming rack
  • Large side burner
  • Non-stick porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Porcelain-coated steel shell on the lid and body offers superior heat retention
  • Three burners spread the intense heat pretty evenly
  • Flame tamers vaporize some grease to add more flavor to the meat
  • Compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3 smart cooking app for the ultimate in convenience
  • Expandable with available griddle and rotisserie
  • Same 10-year warranty as other Webers

Features Broil King Baron 420:

  • 57”x24”x45” – Just a bit smaller than the Weber
  • 444 sq in of primary cooking space and a 200 sq in warming rack
  • Medium side burner for sauces and side dishes
  • Solid 9mm stainless steel grates are practically indestructible
  • The steel grill body is powder coated for handsome looks and durability in the weather
  • Four dual-tube burners heat the grill quickly and evenly
  • Flav-R-Wave flame tamers enhance the flavor of the meat
  • Rotisserie-ready with a separate side burner
  • 10-year warranty on burners, grates, and flame tamers, two years on all other parts and labor

Benefits of Weber Genesis II E-310:

  • Built to last for years, even when kept outside
  • The warranty covers the entire grill and individual parts for an entire decade
  • No nuts or bolts on the main part of the grill make it a more solid unit that can be endlessly moved around without anything loosening
  • GS4 Performance Grilling System guarantees ignition and infinitely adjustable flame control
  • Can be paired with your smart device via the iGrill 3 app, which is exclusive to Weber grills
  • Quick and easy assembly, thanks to good instructions and welded design

Benefits of Broil King Baron 420:

  • Steel grid puts awesome sear marks on meat and veggies
  • The special twin burner design offers more even heat
  • One more burner adds to even heating and makes it more efficient

Reservations of Weber Genesis II E-310:

  • About $200 higher
  • Porcelain on grates and the shell of the grill can chip, and replacement is expensive

Reservations of Broil King Baron 420:

  • There have been some durability issues, particularly to this grill
  • Assembly is complicated
  • Doesn’t get quite as hot

The price of the Weber grill has been a sticky point for some of Weber’s fans. Some went with a competitor. But some decided on a smaller Weber grill to save some money. People wrote in three burner gas grill reviews that they like that they can get the same smart features, like the GS4 grilling system and the iGrill 3 compatibility, in a smaller grill. All in all, this grill does get a lot of rave reviews from new and returning customers. Many first-time customers were drawn in by the iGrill app.

Those who went with the Broil King Baron high-quality four-burner grill are impressed with the heat they get compared to the efficiency of the burners. That extra burner was a turn-off for some who were unfamiliar with the subject. However, those who did their research found out that an extra burner lowers gas consumption because it distributes heat more evenly than a three-burner design.

The Takeaway

It all comes down to whether you want the special features that add so much to the price of the Weber. If you want to monitor the grilling process from your phone, you can only do that with the Weber.

If you can do without the bells and whistles, you can save a couple of hundred bucks by going the Broil King route. You’ll still get the grease vaporization above the flames, so that flavor isn’t lost. And you can get similar accessories. So it hinges on the convenient options.

And of course, if you’re after the best durability, you’ll end up being happier with the Weber. That is true across all models because of the welded frame.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Vs Broil King Baron 320 Comparison:


The days when going cheap or small meant settling for junk are gone. Due to the heavy competition in the budget grill market, there are plenty of affordable grills for smaller areas that don’t sacrifice quality or value.

This is great news nowadays. So whether you’re on a budget or you don’t have a lot of room for a grill, you’re sure to fall in love with one of these wallet-friendly options. Wait until you see how their compact grills stack up against the bigger, more expensive ones.

Features Weber Spirit II E-210:

  • Nice and compact at 48”x26”x57”
  • Respectable 360 sq in of the main cooking area and 90 sq in the warming area
  • The side burner adds versatility and convenience
  • Cast iron grates are enameled with porcelain
  • The stainless steel grill cook box and lid are made of porcelain-coated steel
  • Two burners offer the optimum balance between heat and efficiency in a grill of this size
  • Steel flame guards keep grease vapors in play for a rich flavor
  • Can be used with the iGrill 3 system for remote monitoring of temperature and cooking times
  • Both griddle and rotisserie kits are available
  • The 10-year warranty covers all aspects of the grill from the lid to the casters

Features Broil King Baron 320

  • 50”x25”x45” size can fit and be stored on the smallest patios or decks
  • 340 sq in the main cooking area and 100 sq in the warming rack still fits in a bunch of burgers or steaks
  • Cast iron grates become more stick-proof over time as the oils from meat penetrate the metal
  • Powder-coated steel frame and cook box look great for years with regular care
  • Three burners cast even heat throughout the entire cook box
  • Flav-R-Wave flame guards add flavor by making an aerosol out of grease drippings
  • The 10,000-BTU side burner is one of the most powerful compact grills
  • 10-year warranty on burners, flame tamers, and grates, two years on everything else

Benefits Weber Spirit II E-210:

  • Has the same durable construction and porcelain enamel as the larger and more expensive Weber grills
  • Shell is specially designed to trap heat so less gas is needed to maintain temperatures in slow cooking or long bakes
  • Very convenient as care-free when used with the optional iGrill 3 kit
  • GS4 grilling tech brings big grill performance to this smaller grill
  • Assembly is possibly the easiest of any grill available

Benefits Broil King Baron 320:

  • When properly seasoned, the cast iron grates are just as stick-proof as enamel but provide better sear marks
  • The evenest heat of any compact grill on the market
  • Top-tier efficiency

Reservations Weber Spirit II E-210:

  • Two burner gas grills don’t allow very even heat

Reservations Broil King Baron 320:

  • A bit pricey for what you get
  • The side burner is not very efficient

People who went comparison shopping were surprised that the Weber is just a little cheaper than the Broil King. They were often surprised that the Weber still has the GS4 burner system and the iGrill compatibility. Those factors make the Weber Spirit II E-210 an overall more popular grill among consumers.

The Broil King is a hit with people who cook sauces and stews on the side. That side burner, while not very efficient, is a powerhouse.

If you are looking for a simple and basic small grill and a good price, the Baron 320 may be your best bet. If you want a premium grill that will fit just about anywhere, check out the Weber.


The undisputed winner of the premium grills is the Weber Genesis II E-410. We think it’s the backyard grill for the money. It has all the high-tech features of high-end grills at a price that beats Broil King’s competitor in the class of high-end outdoor gas grills.

It is a toss-up when you look at the mid-sized heavy-duty propane grills. You can save a pretty penny with the Broil King Baron 420, but you’ll miss out on all those cool and useful features that the Weber Genesis II E-310 has to offer.

The match between the smaller economy grills is also close. They carry similar prices, although the Weber was a bit cheaper at the time of this posting. The deciding factor for you is likely to be simplicity. If you want a simple and easy-to-use grill, the Broil King Baron 320 may be your pick. If you like the added convenience that the available iGrill 3 app has to offer, the Weber Spirit II E-210 may be your best bet.

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