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The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smokers in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Not having to hover over the oven/grill/smoker while it does its thing is a beautiful commodity of the modern age. That is why buying the best wireless meat thermometer for smokers, grills, and ovens is a must for any kitchen enthusiast or guest entertainer.

We have used our expertise to analyze the various wireless meat thermometers on the market to determine which products are the cream of the crop. We have examined features such as temperature ranges, cooking presets, wireless signal ranges, etc. to create the list below.

Top Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smokers Reviews

1. ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT is a truly wireless meat thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from up to 500 feet away. This can be especially useful if you’re grilling or smoking large cuts of meat that require a long cook time, as you can check the temperature without having to constantly open the grill or smoker.

Overall, the ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT is a reliable and convenient option for anyone looking for a wireless meat thermometer. While it may be a bit expensive, the long-range and dual probes make it worth considering for anyone who frequently grills or smokes large cuts of meat.

2. ThermoPro TP20

ThermoPro TP20 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer

Kicking off the list is the best digital meat thermometer for smokers or grills. The ThermoPro TP20 is a strong digital meat thermometer with dual probes.

With these digital thermometers, probes connect to a transmitter device that automatically syncs up with the handheld receiver. You can use the dual probes to monitor up to two foods simultaneously.

Consumers find the ThermoPro TP20 very easy to use and highly recommend the unit to others. The customer service is noted as being very helpful.

The ThermoPro TP20 is a great digital thermometer for entertaining and cookouts. The alarm system allows you to continue entertaining while cooking.

3. Bfour Wireless Grill Thermometer

BFOUR Wireless Grill Thermometer

The next model in review is perhaps one of the more sophisticatedly designed app-based digital thermometers. With its sleek black design and large, round LCD screen, the thermometer is very easy to read.

While the unit supports six probes simultaneously, it only comes with four probes and has a lower signal range than the non-app-based models.

Consumers are pretty blown away by this thermometer from Bfour and note its convenient tech features. Also, many call it a purposeful gift and highly recommend it to others.

The Bfour Wireless Grill Thermometer is certainly in the top tier of app-based digital thermometers. It is reliable, well-designed, and supports up to six probes simultaneously. You cannot ask for much more than that.

4. Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer

Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

For a bit of a change of pace, the next model in the review is the best Bluetooth meat thermometer for smokers/grills. The Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer only comes with the thermometer device, which connects to the temperature probes.

With this model, you connect to a thermometer on your phone or device via Bluetooth and an app.

The reviews for the Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer are rather mixed. Some claim that it has worked great and that it is easy to use but others, and not just a few, have called it a waste of money.

They state that the range is far too small and limiting and basically removes the idea of being away from the grill/smoker.

This thermometer is likely suitable if you plan to stick around the oven/grill/smoker while you are cooking. Otherwise, it may not be worthwhile.

5. Nutrichef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

NutriChef Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The next remote wireless smoker thermometer in review is the Nutrichef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer. Similar to the Weber model previously covered, this thermometer connects to your phone via Bluetooth and an app instead of coming with a handheld receiver device.

This model supports up to six probes simultaneously as well!

Unlike the Weber app-based model, consumers love this thermometer from Nutrichef. It is noted as being durable and sturdy, straightforward to use, and having plenty of features/options.

If the idea of an app-based grill/smoker thermometer appeals to you, the Nutrichef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is one of your best options. Supporting six probes simultaneously is also a major plus!

6. Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Arriving at the sixth spot in the wireless bbq thermometer reviews is the Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. This model is nearly identical in form and function to the Nutrichef model; in fact, this model too makes use of the EasyBBQ app to connect to your thermometer.

The major differentiator is that the probes are color-marked for keeping better track.

As with the Nutrichef model, consumers provide massive amounts of positive feedback concerning the Oprol thermometer. It is noted as being flexible in its function, a game-changer, and an item people did not even know they had needed for years!

The Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is another highly viable Bluetooth, app-based digital thermometer. If you are one for coordination and organization, perhaps the color-marked probes could help create an enjoyable cooking experience.

7. Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer

Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer

The next model in review is the Inkbird Grill Thermometer. This model is another app-based thermometer but this model sets itself apart with a built-in, rechargeable battery. The Inkbird also magnetically adheres to cooking apparatuses while you connect via the app and monitor from afar.

Consumers are generally satisfied with this Inkbird model. People are enjoying the rechargeable battery aspect. Some note that the app could use adjustments but that the device itself is flawless.

As with the Bfour model, this Inkbird Grill Thermometer belongs to the top tier of app-based digital thermometers. This unit does only support four probes simultaneously, however, which may not be a problem for you!

8. Adrenaline Barbecue Company Maverick XR-50 Extended Range Digital Meat Thermometer

Maverick XR-50 Extended Range Digital Remote Wireless 4 Probe BBQ & Meat Thermometer

The next model in review is a return to the thermometer (transmitter)/receiver model. The Adrenaline Barbecue Company Maverick XR-50 is a long-range wireless meat thermometer with an unprecedented range of 500 ft.

Unlike the other handheld receiver models, this thermometer supports up to four probes simultaneously.

This Adrenaline Barbecue Company Maverick XR-50 thermometer is an ideal option for those expecting to use it in conjunction with entertaining large crowds. It is even great for chefs and commercial kitchens, allowing you to keep flying along as things cook.

9. Taimasi Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

Taimasi Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Next up on the list is one of the best dual-probe smoker thermometers on the market, the Conor Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer. This model, similar to the previously ThermoPro model, has a far-reaching signal range of 300 ft.

This model from Conor is noted as being a very high-quality device for your barbecues. Consumers are enthralled with the receiver remote that allows them to control the device and keep an eye from afar.

The Conor Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer is definitely worth your consideration. It is another great option for cooking out and entertaining.

Tips on Choosing

The following is a list of tips on choosing the best wireless meat thermometer for smokers:

Consider models with higher signal range:

Wireless thermometers with high signal ranges are the best options when it comes to these devices. Some of the app-based models, as we have seen here, have a range of about 100 ft. inside, which is likely enough.

However, there are also models that operate via thermometer to the receiver and those models have much longer ranges, from 300 ft. to 500 ft. depending on the model. While you may not need all of that range, it is still super convenient and to have the ability is ideal.

Carefully read reviews of each product:

Product reviews often paint a rather honest picture of a product. Of course, you have to take individual reviews with a grain of salt but overarching commonalities can often be trusted.

If a product has a slight defect that hinders its use, you are likely to find this in a review. The reviews help to give you a good idea of what you are getting into and are a decent guide when shopping.

Understand the downsides of app-based thermometers:

App-based thermometer models are certainly helpful and useful. When you are grilling or smoking food around your property, an app-based model should be enough to get the job done. However, the app-based models have seriously hindered signal ranges.

Additionally, a lot of the models connect via Bluetooth as well as apps, and Bluetooth can be spotty depending on your property’s setup. Finally, they require that you install more software on your devices. These shortcomings are not necessarily an issue for everybody but they are something to be aware of.

Seek out high preset option models for versatility:

A final tip on choosing the best wireless thermometer is to find the models with a large number of preset options. Many of the models reviewed in the aforementioned list have varying amounts of USDA-recommended preset cooking levels for various types of meat.

This is a great way to lessen the burden on you to cook the meat properly. While it is certainly a necessity to be able to customize temperature and time settings, having preset makes cooking common meats very simple.

The recommendations are also via the USDA so you can be sure you are cooking your foods to a healthy standard.

Factors to Consider

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying a wireless meat thermometer for smokers:

Accuracy of temperature readings:

The first factor to consider when buying a wireless meat thermometer is the accuracy of temperature readings. Most, if not all, of the models on this list, hover around the ±1° mark. That is incredibly accurate for a device that is sending near-live data readings wirelessly.

No matter which brand or model style you are considering, ensure it has a very low plus/minor number, this will help you cook your foods properly.

Range of temperature capabilities:

The next factor to consider is the range of temperature that the probes can read and withstand. Most of the models reviewed here have a similar temperature range of 32°F – 572°F and the probes can typically withstand just north of 700°F.

While you most likely will not reach the upper limits of temperature for these particular devices, some models have lower heat thresholds. The lower-range capable models may work for you, but they are definitely slightly weaker probes.

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Multi-probe capabilities:

This next factor is one of the bigger things to look out for in probes. The performance ability of a wireless thermometer does not hinge on but is largely determined by the number of probes it can support simultaneously.

As we have seen in the reviews, there are varying numbers of probe slots with each device, typically ranging from two to six. The models that can support more probes at one time are often going to be more useful for large meals and cooking for guests/entertaining.

For instance, thermometers that can support six probes at one time allow you to keep an eye on six different foods at the same time without being at the cooking location. While more is not always better, here, it does not hurt at all.

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We have analyzed every detail of the best wireless thermometer models on the market. We have discovered the features that make options great (deep wireless signal range) and the features that demote others (low-temperature thresholds).

That is why we conclude that the best wireless meat thermometer for a smoker/grill is the ThermoPro TP20. Being in the handheld receiver category it is among the strongest models available on the market. Although it only supports two probes simultaneously, the full value of this model’s features cannot be beaten.

However, there are numerous and plenty of viable options on the market. If you see a model or particular feature that grabs your eye elsewhere, seek it out.

In doing so just ensure you are taking all of the details and features of each model into account. That way you will get every bit of convenience out of the thermometer as you are hoping. Get yours now!

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