The Best BBQ Dry Rubs in 2024

Are you constantly searching for the BBQ rubs to add a little something extra to your grilling experience? Are you unsure which dry rub will best suit your cooking needs? Well, look no further. We have reviewed the BBQ dry rubs and seasonings that will surely give your next BBQ grill that extra kick.

Below, you will find what we have figured out about these seasonings and how they compare to different brands and seasonings on the market. Plus, we have gone over various factors that you should consider before making your final purchasing decision. With that said, let’s get started.

Best BBQ Dry Rubs

1. Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub

Killer Hogs has been creating their BBQ for many years, and this is one of the rubs that they have, on the market. Unlike some rubs that are designed specifically for certain types of meat, this one was designed to be used on most meat. The only meat that doesn’t get the full taste from this dry rub is poultry.

However, it is made to help bring out the natural flavors that most meat has, and it can be purchased in packs of 1 to 3 containers that each have 16 ounces. Finally, it is made from a unique and special blend of various spices, salt, heat, and sugar that combine to draw and provide a delicious natural flavor.

Most consumers who purchased this rub were looking for the all-purpose grilling BBQ rub, and they liked that it was designed to bring out the natural flavors of the meat that it is used on. However, some consumers did mention that when used on poultry the flavor wasn’t as potent.

What We Love:

  • Made from a special blend of salt, heat, spices, and sugar
  • Designed to bring out the natural flavors in most meat
  • Can be purchased in packs of 1 to 3 16 oz containers

What We Dislike:

  • Not ideal for poultry

2. Jack Daniel’s 01760 BBQ Original Quality Pork Rub

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Jack Daniel’s is a popular manufacturer of different types of rubs and seasonings designed to enhance a grilling experience. Unlike many other rubs, this one was designed to be gluten-free, which means that it is excellent for those who need to watch their gluten intake, but it still provides a delicious BBQ taste.

This rub is best when it is paired with other Jack Daniel’s BBQ products, but it is designed to provide a spicy sweetness that the product line is known for.

This particular rub is designed specifically to be used on pork, but Jack Daniel’s has created the same equivalent rub for all other types of meat. However, each meat type is sold separately, instead of being an all-purpose rub.

Most consumers that purchased this rub were looking for some of the commercial BBQ rubs, on the market, and they liked that this one provides a gluten-free blend, which makes it healthier than some other rubs available.

However, they did mention that they wished this rub was an all-purpose rub rather than having to purchase a different rub for each type of BBQ meat type.

What We Love:

  • Gluten-free blend
  • Comes in different blends for all types of meat
  • Provides a spicy sweetness meant to complement other Jack Daniel’s Barbecue products

What We Dislike:

  • Single unit not designed for each type of meat

3. Traeger Grills SPC182 Seasoning Veggie Rub


Traeger Grills is a well-known manufacturer of grills and grilling accessories, and this is one of their most popular veggie seasoning rubs. It is made from a special blend of spices, and it was designed to be used with a sugar lip Sirach glaze and hickory hardwood spell to provide the best flavor possible.

Traeger understands that this type of seasoning might not be used daily, and therefore, they have packaged this seasoning in a specialized aluminum container that is designed to make this rub last for longer than the traditional plastic containers.

Finally, although this does have a sweet taste to it, it is made gluten and GMO-free, which makes it a viable solution for someone who needs or wishes to avoid these substances.

Many consumers purchased this barbecue seasoning in search of a sweet-tasting rub that is gluten-free. Plus, they liked that it came in a quality aluminum tin package, which helps to keep the rub fresh. However, they did mention that they wished this rub wasn’t specifically designed for BBQing vegetables.

What We Love:

  • Designed to be gluten and GMO-free
  • Comes in a sturdy aluminum tin package
  • Best when used with hickory hardwood pellets and a sugar lips Sirach glaze

What We Dislike:

  • Designed specifically for BBQing vegetables

4. John Henry’s Apple Chipotle Rub

John Henry is a well-known manufacturer of different BBQ dry rubs, and with this rub, they decided to go with a blend of spices and herbs that has a nice applewood flavor that can be difficult to get in most grilling circumstances. Plus, they added a special blend of Chipotle that provides a hint of spice to the rib, as well.

When creating this blend of spices, John Henry went for a rub that is capable of being used on different types of meats and foods which makes it convenient and excellent for anyone who enjoys cooking different types of meat without having to purchase an individual rub for each one.

However, it is important to note that this rub does have a fair amount of sugar in the blend.

Most consumers who purchased this rub were looking for the BBQ rub for pork, and they liked that it provided their BBQ with a smoked applewood flavor. However, some found the rub to have a large amount of sugar for their taste.

What We Love:

  • Provides a smoked applewood flavor
  • Has a hint of Chipotle flavor
  • Can be used on most BBQ foods

What We Dislike:

  • Contains a large amount of sugar

5. Bone Suckin’ Seasoning & Rub

This manufacturer has a well-known reputation for providing quality BBQ dry rubs, and this is one of their most popular rubs for those who enjoy a sweeter tangy rub.

It was designed with a special blend of spices and herbs that have a tangy flavor, and this rub is an all-purpose rub, which means it can easily be used on most types of food, even salads.

Plus, unlike some rubs, this rub is designed to be gluten-free, which helps it to be an all-around used rub, even when people find themselves on different types of diets. Finally, unlike most rubs that come sold in a single container, with this rub, you get a total of three separate containers in each pack.

Most consumers purchased this rub because they found it to be the BBQ spice rub, available, and they liked that it provides them with a tangy flavor that is gluten-free, which goes well with many diets. However, some consumers did find the rub on the sweeter side.

What We Love:

  • Can be used on all foods, even salads
  • Comes with 3 units in a pack
  • Provides a tangy gluten-free flavor

What We Dislike:

  • Not for anyone that doesn’t like sweet-tasting rubs

6. Rub with Love Bengal Masala Rub by Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas is well-known for providing quality BBQ rubs, and this is one of his top rubs with the gentle taste of Bengal Masala. He understands that good BBQ rub should be made to last and that most people do not use a thing of rub with a single meal.

Keeping this in mind, he made sure to pack this rub in an air-tight container, which allows the user to put it up and use it over multiple meals.

To make this dry rub, they blended a special blend of herbs and spices that provide a nice sweet and spicy rub. Plus, this rub is made entirely with all-natural ingredients, and it does not contain any MSG in the blend.

Most consumers who purchased this rub were looking for the chicken rub to buy, and after purchasing it, they enjoyed that it was made from all-natural ingredients and didn’t contain any MSG.

Plus, it comes in an air-tight container that allows you to use it over a prolonged period without it being wasted. However, they did express annoyance at having to purchase a different rub for different types of meat separately.

What We Love:

  • Comes in an air-tight container
  • Special spice blend for most foods
  • Contains all-natural ingredients without MSG

What We Dislike:

  • Has rub for different types of foods but each one is sold separately

7. BBQ Bros Rubs – Southern Style

BBQ Bros has a large range of BBQ dry rubs, but their southern-style rub is one of their most popular dry rub blends. Keeping their customers in mind, BBQ Bros has also provided them with a 100% money-back guarantee on this particular rub to show their support behind this product.

Each purchase comes with three different rub flavors that are all designed around different Southern-style cooking types. These rubs are designed with a salty taste, which means they should be used sparingly on different types of meat to not over-power the natural taste. Finally, they designed this blend to be both Gluten-free and MSG-free.

Most consumers looking for barbecue rubs for sale liked that this rub came with three different southern-style flavors with each purchase.

Plus, they like that the manufacturer provided a 100% money-back guarantee if they did not enjoy their blend of dry rub. However, some consumers did find that this rub had a strong salty taste to it.

What We Love:

  • Comes with 3 different rub flavors
  • Provides 100% money-back guarantee
  • Gluten-free with no MSG

What We Dislike:

  • Has a strong salty taste

8. Plowboys Yardbird Rub


Plowboys Yardbird has been providing quality BBQ dry rubs for many years, and this is one of their most popular flavors available. This flavor was designed to provide a spicy touch to most BBQ foods, and each container comes with a total of 14 ounces, which is capable of multiple meals, depending on the size.

Although it does have a spicy flavor, some have expressed that this rub has a stronger salt taste, which means it should be used sparingly to ensure that the salt does not over-shadow the natural flavor of the meat. Finally, they have made this rub available in different-sized packages ranging from 1 to 4 containers in each package.

Most consumers looking for the competition BBQ rubs agreed that this was in the top running. They liked that they were given the option of choosing the rub in different container packages and that it has a subtle spicy flavor. However, they did express that this rub has a saltier taste than some.

What We Love:

  • Can be purchased in packs of 1 to 4 containers
  • Has a spicy flavor
  • Comes with 14 oz in each container

What We Dislike:

  • More on the salty side of rubs

9. Famous Dave’s Rib Rub

Famous Dave has been providing quality rib dry rub for many years, and this is one of the top blends that they provide for their clients.

With this rub, consumers can expect to experience a smoldering-hickory flavor that was specially designed for meats like burgers, pork, and wings. Plus, they designed this blend of spices to be MSG-free for the convenience of their customers.

Many consumers who purchased these BBQ rubs and spices liked that they provided a nice smoldering-hickory flavor and that they could be used on different types of meat. They also liked that it is free of MSG. However, some consumers have found that the price for this rub is a little high for the amount that they get in the package.

What We Love:

  • Designed for pork, burgers, and wings
  • Provides a smoldering-hickory flavor
  • MSG free

What We Dislike:

  • High price based on the quantity of rub provided

10. NOMU African Seasoning Rub Blend

NOMU has a large range of popular BBQ rub blends, but this is one of their most popular African seasoning rubs available. It contains a special blend of 14 different ingredients that are all pure and natural herbs and spices.

This blend is meant to provide meat with a warm and vibrant flavor, and unlike some rubs, this blend can be used on various types of BBQ-style foods, which makes it an excellent option for those who enjoy cooking different types of meat and foods.

Most consumers who purchased this rub were looking for a good BBQ rub, and they liked that this rub combines 14 ingredients that are blended to provide a vibrant flavor. Plus, they liked that this blend was designed to be used on most types of food. However, the blend does come with different flavors but they are all sold separately.

What We Love:

  • A special blend of 14 ingredients
  • Provides a warm and vibrant flavor
  • Can be used on most types of meat
  • Only contains natural and pure herbs and spices

What We Dislike:

  • Comes in different flavors but are sold separately

Factors to Consider

Just like any purchase, choosing the right commercial BBQ rub can be a difficult decision. After all, numerous factors should be considered when purchasing any BBQ dry rub to help ensure that it will meet your individual needs and the needs and wants of those that you are preparing food for.


It might not seem like a big deal, but when purchasing any kind of food product, it is important to consider the manufacturer that you are purchasing the product from.

Some manufacturers are known for meat rubs for grilling, and some are known for making the rubs for smoking.

It is important to ensure that the manufacturer is known for providing FDA-approved foods to ensure the safety of your cooking experience.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to find a manufacturer that stands behind their blends either with a money-back guarantee or warranty of their products.


When looking for a quality BBQ rub, it is important to consider the ingredients that are being used inside the particular rub. Some use rare spices or herbs that might contain allergen elements that are not safe for some people with allergies, and the ingredients will also provide you with an idea of how the rub will taste: tangy, spicy, sweet, or a combination.

This is also when you should look for special considerations, like if the blend is gluten-free or if it contains MSG. These can be a deciding factor, especially if you are preparing foods for people who require different types of diets or are limited to different intakes of sugar or salt substances.


This might not seem like something important to consider, but it should be factored into your final purchasing decision.

Most manufacturers package their dry rubs in plastic containers, but these containers can allow air into the seasoning, which can dry it out and make it difficult to use if the time between use is prolonged.

Some manufacturers choose to use materials like aluminum to provide a more air-tight seal on the rub, but these rubs sometimes cost a little more for this feature, it might be worth it if you do not plan on using all of the rubs as the same time, which is usually the case unless you are cooking for a large get-together.

Specific Uses

This might be one of the most important things for you to consider when you are purchasing a BBQ rub. There are dry rubs that are classified as all-purpose dry rubs, which are an excellent choice for people who tend to grill and BBQ different types of foods and meats. These types of rubs will allow you to use the same rub, regardless of what you are planning on cooking.

However, if you plan on cooking certain types of meats or foods, you might be better off purchasing a dry rub that is designed specifically for that food. These types of rubs generally have a better success rate of adding to the natural flavor of the meat rather than overshadowing it with a different flavor.


After reviewing the above BBQ rubs, we have concluded that the BBQ rubs to buy are the Killer Hogs The BBQ Rubs. Unlike other rubs, this particular rub can be used on most types of meats and foods, which makes it a versatile option, as opposed to having to purchase a different rub for different meats and BBQ occasions.

Plus, this rub is designed to work with the flavor of most meats to help complement the natural flavor of most types of meats. However, this is just a broad recommendation. Everyone has their tastes and desires when it comes to grilling their BBQ foods, and before purchasing any rub, you need to know what you are looking for before making a purchasing decision.

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