The Best Grill Microwaves in 2024

The microwave and grill combo gives you the convenience of making meals fast, healthier, and cleaner. However, it is not easy to pick grill microwaves with so many brands on the market today. In this article, we compare six of the top grill microwave options for you.

A good grill microwave provides enough power to grill or heat the foods you need whilst remaining energy efficient. It also enhances the décor of your room and brings in more convenient functions. We test all the grill microwaves we recommend to you as a guarantee of quality. We test them with different food items in different portions to see how effective they are.

Best Grill Microwaves

1. Farberware Classic Microwave Oven

This might be the microwave oven for baking and grilling for shoppers looking for a large, but not bulky grill microwave. It features 1.2 cubic feet of cooking capacity and is sized right to fit on small kitchen counter spaces. The unit offers 1100 watts of cooking power, which you can adjust for up to 10 levels, depending on the food you are cooking. Adjusting the power from 10 to 100 percent allows you to save on fuel consumption when warming lighter meals.

The unit sports a black stainless steel design that resists fingertips and smudges. You can switch between grilling and microwave with the touch of a button.

There are nine cooking programs with which you can heat everyday meal items fast. You can set your cooking in stages with multi-stage cooking to allow you to adjust cooking in between cooking cycles. There is an interior LED lighting that you can use to monitor the progress of the food you are warming or grilling. Better yet, the unit has memory settings that allow for customized settings.

Most consumers note that the microwave functions as advertised and is easy to use. Consumers also love the microwave, thanks to the perfect balance between size, functionality, and good pricing. A few consumers complain that the unit makes relatively more noise.


  • Easy to use
  • Resists smudges and fingerprints
  • Appealing stainless steel design
  • Powerful enough for most foods


  • Makes relatively more noise

2. Emerson 1100W Griller Microwave Oven

Emerson Radio is one of the high-end microwave brands, but it remains affordable. This griller microwave is a powerful option when you need to cook different meals. Its grill function allows it to prepare several meals with so much convenience. You will have access to nine pre-programmed recipes for easy cooking. There is also a removable glass turntable for even cooking.

The 1100W microwave is adjustable for up to 11 power levels, giving you more cooking options. It also offers an LED display with a digital timer and a digital clock. You can set or keep track of cooking times with a signal that lets you know when your food is ready. Its glass front also allows you to keep track of the food in the microwave.

The unit has a child safety lock that ensures your children are safe from injuries in the kitchen. Its brushed stainless steel front and back resist smudges and fingerprints. Further, the black cabinet adds to the beauty of the microwave. You can make different meals with the touch of a button, including potato crisps, popcorn, veggies, beef, and chicken among others.

The touchscreen controls impress many buyers who find this unit easy to use. Other features that consumers praise include its 4-year warranty, its durable construction, and its versatility.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • 11 power levels to cook a variety of meals


  • Makes relatively more noise

3. Panasonic 2-in-1 Microwave Oven

This multi-function microwave oven sports a flash press broiler so that you can broil and get results, as well as you, would with a grill. The unit has a broiling rack that lifts the food as close to the heating element as possible to give the food a brown and crispy finish.

The genius sensor automatically adjusts power based on the food item you are cooking. Better yet, there are 18 preset menu items with a quick minute time to allow you to customize the meals you make. Other great features include a child safety lock and delay start.

The microwave allows you to cook seven preset meal items on its 13.4-inch turntable. This microwave has a 1000W power rating for the microwave and an 1100W rating for the broiler. It takes up less space on your kitchen countertop.

Consumers love the sleek design of the microwave, the broiler functionality, the sturdy construction, the bright clock, and the fast heating capability. Some complain that the buttons of the unit are not as easy to see as the unit lacks LED lighting.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Sleek appearance
  • Fast heating capability


  • Relatively pricey

4. SAMSUNG 1.1 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave Oven w Grilling Element

Most microwave oven reviews find this microwave attractive. It sports a black design with a mirror finish that makes it look appealing and matches the décor in different kitchens. The stainless steel finish further enhances the sleekness of the microwave. Inside, the unit features a ceramic enamel finish that resists scratches and cleans with ease.

This microwave has a capacity of 1.1 cu. ft., which is enough to grill or warm most meals. It offers 1000W of power with 10 power levels for enhanced efficiency and to cook different meals. There are autocook options where you can cook different meals at the touch of a button.

The grilling element with a ceramic plate is energy-efficient and long-lasting. Its stainless steel design and the LED display make the unit easy to clean and easy to operate in dim light respectively.

Consumers love the sleek design of this microwave and the ease of operation that it presents. Others love the size, as the unit takes up less countertop space and the fast heating functionality. However, a few complaints about the beeping sound, which can sometimes be annoying.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Fast heating capacity
  • Energy efficient


  • Beeping sounds can be annoying

5. Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven with Grill

If you need a good microwave when on a budget, this is one of the choices that you have. The microwave is easy to use and fits on small countertop spaces. It measures 21.20 (L) by 19 (W) by 12.20 (H) inches and weighs only 41.30 pounds. The unit offers 1.2 cu. ft. of cooking capacity and generates 1000 W cooking power.

This grill microwave sports a stainless steel body that resists smudges and enhances the beauty of the microwave. Its stainless steel interior doesn’t absorb odors and is easy to clean. It has a 12-inch reversing glass tray and a reversible grill rack for ease of cooking meals. The touchpad controls with LCD are easy to use.

The unit offers two convenient defrost functions where you can defrost based on the weight of the food or time. Its convection heating allows you to bake or roast food independent of the microwave function. With multistage cooking, you can set the microwave in a way that one operation automatically sets into another.

Consumers love the generous three-year warranty and the range of features that the unit has to offer. Most of them praise the affordability of this microwave.


  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Easy-to-use touchpad control
  • Convenient defrosting with two settings


  • Takes a little longer to heat food

6. Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.4 cu. ft. Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

If you are searching for a great-looking microwave, this might be a good choice for you. It sports a shiny mirror design with control buttons on one end of the microwave. Inside, the unit features ceramic enamel that resists scratches and cleans with ease.

It fits on small countertop spaces, thanks to its medium size. It measures 12 5/16 by 21 and 7/8 by 18 1/16 inches and has a capacity of 1.4 cu. ft. The unit is rated 950 W, which allows you to make different meals at home. You can adjust the unit for up to 10 power levels, depending on the meal you are warning. This is also important when you need to save on power.

The LED display allows you to use the microwave even at night with ease. It offers an auto-cook option, which allows you to cook meals with the touch of a button. The available buttons allow you to autocook meals such as veggies, pizza, potatoes, kids’ meals, popcorn, and snacks.

There is a grilling element with a ceramic plate for making crispy foods fast and efficiently. You can customize the settings to meet your heating and grilling needs.

Consumers love the look of the grill microwave, thanks to its metal finish with stainless steel trim. Those with stainless steel appliances in their kitchens love how the microwave blends in. Others love how flexible it allows them to be in the kitchen.


  • Appealing look for different kitchens
  • Autocook function for ease of use
  • Great for a wide range of meals


  • The price fluctuates with time

Tips for Choosing

Our Microwave Tests

Before we recommend a microwave, we take it through a series of cooking tests to see how it performs. We can heat soup, cook ready meals (either chilled or frozen), defrost mincemeat, and grill a chicken among other cooking tasks. Test the grill and the microwave separately to ensure that the unit performs as expected.

We consider the ease of use and the range of features that the microwave offers. Other factors we consider include:

  • Power levels
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of adjusting settings
  • Durability and warranty
  • Attractiveness

Once a grill microwave ticks all our boxes, we recommend it to you. Modern grill microwaves come with some impressive convenience features that make your cooking easy. Some of the microwave features include:

  • Auto cook programs – These are units that come with pre-programmed settings to prepare different meats at the touch of a button.
  • Multi-step programming – This feature lets you program different cooking modes, which will automatically switch mid-cycle.
  • Radiant Grill – This is a combo microwave that allows you to cook thicker foods such as pork chops.
  • Sensor Cooking – This combo has sensors that detect the humidity in the microwave and the moisture in your food to adjust power automatically.
  • Child Lock – This is a feature that ensures children do not start microwave programs.


Are grill microwaves energy efficient?
Grill microwaves consume as much power as their wattage rating if you operate them at full power. You can enhance the energy efficiency of the unit by setting it on low power when heating or cooking light foods. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, you need to observe how you use the microwave as even standby mode consumes power.
How does a dual grill microwave work?
This microwave uses inverter technology to cook food using the microwave and the grilling power simultaneously. The microwave cooks food and the grill provides browning and crispiness. This offers faster cooking.
Is a grill and convection the same?
Convection refers to the circulation of hot air between two bodies with different temperatures. A grill uses heaters that directly heat the food. You can use convection to make meals such as pizza as the process does not dry the food.


You need to take your time to choose the microwave with an oven and grill. The unit you pick should meet your cooking and heating needs succinctly. We recommend the Farberware 1100-Watt Microwave Oven with Grill, thanks to its great balance between features, price, and ease of use. It is highly powerful and has a range of functionalities for convenient use.

If you need a more advanced unit, but at a higher price, consider the Panasonic NN-GN68K Oven Microwave with Broiler Grill, which offers a unique broiler grill and a range of more features. Click the link for each of the products above to start shopping today.

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