The Best Budget Smokers in 2024

Entertain your friends, create memories, and indulge in delicious foods when you have a smoker at your home. The budget smokers provide you with a variety of smoked meats throughout the year. We performed extensive research on inexpensive smokers so that we can provide you with all of the pertinent details about the best options on the market.

We will show you the smoking ability, pellet capacity, construction materials, and other important specifications to help you narrow down your smoker options. Our comprehensive reviews ensure that you know every detail about the smokers that you are reading about.

In addition, get the facts about using a smoker so that you can get the most out of every smoking session. By the time you complete this review, you can buy your next smoker with confidence and start planning your next cookout.

Here are budget smokers that are easy to work into your budget. Pay special attention to what other people are saying and the specifications to make the best choice for your needs.

Best Budget Smokers

1. Cuisinart Wood BBQ Grill and Smoker

The Cuisinart Wood BBQ Grill and Smoker is one of the budget pellet smoker options due to its capacity. The hopper capacity is 15 pounds so you do not have to keep refilling it when you are smoking foods. You can use this smoker for big pieces of meat too.

This unit is versatile. You can use it to grill, roast, barbecue, smoke, braise, and bake different items. This allows you to prepare full meals using a single unit.

Move this smoker around easily. It has all-terrain wheels and there is a handle. These features let you move it around without any issues.

Many customers say that they love the cover that comes with it. It is weather-resistant so that you can protect your grill over the long term.

They say that the shelves that are attached to the grill make using this unit more convenient. These shelves offer plenty of space to hold your tools and the foods after you prepare them.

This smoker comes with different shelves so that you can keep your tools close when you are cooking. As the budget smoker grill, it is also weather-resistant and has a cover that comes with it for additional protection.


  • This smoker has strong materials and construction
  • You can use it for large cuts of meat
  • The grate is easy to clean and versatile


  • Some of the pieces may fit oddly

2. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is a budget electric smoker because you can use it for jerky meats, vegetables, to fish. This smoker has a digital panel that makes it easy to control the time, temperature, and whether you need to turn the unit on or off.

The smoking racks have a chrome coating. This coating ensures that the temperature is even and easy to retain. You can put different food types on the racks so that you can prepare a full meal at once.

The air damper is adjustable so that you have full control over the smoke. Use the thermostat so that you always know what the temperature is for cooking. The body of this smoker is fully insulated for a consistent temperature.

Several reviewers say that you can use several chip types. This allows you to get the exact flavor that you desire.

Multiple people say that the smoker maintains an even temperature. You will not have cold or hot spots with the foods that you are preparing.

This is one of the inexpensive smokers because it is easy to use and big enough for large cuts of meat. The smoking racks allow you to lay out your meats according to your preferences and will not leave hot or cold spots in your food.


  • The quality of the build is high
  • Since the door seal is locked, it keeps the smoke inside
  • This smoker can be used for numerous types of food


  • You have to fill the chips more often compared to similar smokers

3. Weber Premium Charcoal Grill


The Weber Premium Charcoal Grill features a One-touch cleaning system. This allows you to empty the ash with one hand. The ash catcher has a high capacity so that you do not have to empty it during grilling sessions.

This grill has heat control so that you are always getting the right temperature. You can adjust the dampers without lifting the lid. The materials of the grill will resist high temperatures allowing for indirect and direct grilling.

During a cooking session, clean the grate and add more coal since the grate has a hinge. The lid has a porcelain coating so that it retains heat and resists peeling and rusting.

Several reviews remarked that you can cook about 12 burgers on the grill at the same time. The large cooking area lets you cook a full meal for three to four people at the same time.

The cooking grate and other components of the grill wipe off easily. This allows you to maintain your grill within a few minutes. Several reviews say that it takes 10 minutes to less for a full cleaning.

Some reviews say that this grill is portable. The wheels and lightweight allow you to push it around various terrain types with ease. It comes in three colors, and it is small, so you can use it on a porch or a patio.


  • It is small so it is ideal for small spaces
  • You can assemble the grill easily
  • This smoker is easy to clean


  • The ash can be difficult to remove

4. Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical Charcoal Smoker


The Cuisinart Vertical Charcoal Smoker has a hinged door that is hinged vertically. This makes it easy to live and lowers the lid safely, especially when you are using the smoker. The base has a latch for added safety and to better lock in the smoke when you are cooking.

There are vents on the bottom and the top of this unit. This feature allows for a dual air vent system. Using the vents properly lets you control the smoke and heat levels you are using to cook your food.

This smoker has sufficient cooking space. There are also two racks so that you can separate the different types of food that you are cooking. The water bowl has a porcelain enamel for greater durability.

Several customers say that you can cook a variety of foods on this grill at the same time. This allows you to prepare a full meal for an average-sized family in a relatively short time.

The smoking chamber has plenty of space, according to reviewers. They also say that it allows for consistent smoking so that none of the foods have hot or cold spots.

This is the budget charcoal smoker because it imparts a delicious flavor to the foods that you smoke. It is also quick and easy to use and clean up once you are done smoking something.


  • You can make modifications easily
  • The materials are high in quality
  • It is relatively simple to assemble this unit


  • The welds may fail prematurely

5. Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill is one of the affordable smokers. The grates have a porcelain component so that they retain heat efficiently and evenly. This results in greater durability and your meat coming out more tender after you finish cooking it.

The charcoal pan is adjustable to two levels. Use the handles to pick the best height. This feature lets you control the temperature so that you can cook different foods without cold or hot spots.

There is an adjustable vent so that you can ensure the right level of heat and air control. Use the thermometer on the grill to maintain the proper temperature.

Many people talked about the warming rack. It is big and it swings away. This allows you to have a place to store cooked foods to keep them warm, or you can use it as a secondary cooking space.

The wheels on this smoker are rugged and durable, according to many reviewers. They further state that due to the wheels and the weight of this grill, you can move it around easily.

As one of the budget-offset smoker options, this grill is large enough to cook enough food for a small dinner party. You can use the smoker and the grill components at the same time.


  • This smoker has a very large capacity
  • The temperature gauge is accurate
  • You can assemble this grill in under one hour


  • The paint may peel prematurely

6. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Smoker works as a roaster, smoker, and grill. The smoking space allows you to smoke large cuts of meat, or multiple smaller pieces at the same time.

The grilling grate is removable for easy cleaning. It has 180 square inches of space. This grate is a TRU-infrared cooking surface so that no food falls through the cracks. It also ensures that no flare-ups happen when you are cooking.

This smoker is made from durable materials. The stainless steel resists rusting so that you will have your smoker for years to come. You can use a variety of wood chips so that you get the exact flavor that you want.

Multiple reviewers say that this device is portable. They can put it inside their home or garage when they are not using it to protect it from the elements. It is lightweight and the handles make it easy to carry.

Several people say that this smoker is easy to maintain. Due to the materials, you can wipe them down easily. It is also simple to get rid of the ash that accumulates.

This is a good cheap smoker with a solid capacity and strong construction. Create a variety of foods, from fish to large cuts of meat, with this smoker.


  • You can assemble this smoker quickly and easily
  • Due to the size of this smoker, it is ideal for even the smallest outdoor spaces
  • You can control the temperature easily
  • The temperature control is strong


  • The flame may be difficult to light
  • The smokebox handle may detach prematurely

7. Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker

The Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker is one of the inexpensive smokers. This versatile grill lets you pick the fuel source that you prefer. You get to control the flavor of your foods and how quickly they cook.

Use this smoker to fry, steam, or broil your food. You can even use this to fry a whole turkey due to its capacity. The large cooking area lets you prepare a full meal at one time for convenience.

There is a temperature gauge on the lid. It is accurate and provides temperature readings up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating element is 1,650 watts. This ensures even cooking so that you are getting a consistent level of smoke.

The wood chip tray, water bowl, and drip pan are all removable. This allows you to keep them clean. They have a porcelain coating so that they retain heat and do not fail prematurely.

Several customers say that this smoker is easy to use. It comes mostly assembled so that once it arrives, you can start using it within minutes.

Many reviewers love the versatility of this unit. You can engage in several types of cooking so that you do not need multiple appliances.

A lot of people talked about how easy it is to maintain. The materials and removable parts make cleaning this device fast and easy.

This smoker provides a consistent smoking experience. It is lightweight and has an electric power source. Once you are done smoking, you can clean the racks easily.


  • It creates adequate smoke
  • You can use this grill even if you are a novice
  • The grates last long-term


  • This smoker may start blowing fuses prematurely

Tips on Using

Before you start shopping for an affordable smoker, it is important to know the most important features. Here you will learn about what to look for so that once you buy a smoker, you can be confident that you chose the best one.

Temperature Control

This is one of the most important factors to consider. With the right temperature control, your food is exactly to your specifications and you will serve every meal on time. Consider the following:

  • Pellet smokers: The thermostat on pellet smokers tends to be highly accurate. You also benefit from the deep wood flavor that the pellets provide.
  • Gas smokers: These smokers let you set the thermostat and forget it. This allows you to work on cooking other parts of your meal while the meat smokes.
  • Electric smokers: Thermostats on this smoker type are reliable. However, you do not get the charcoal or wood flavor that comes with other smoker options.
  • Charcoal smokers: If the thermostat that comes on a charcoal smoker is inferior, it is easy to add on a third-party thermostat for greater accuracy.


How much are you planning to smoke at once? The answer to this question will help you choose a smoker with the right capacity. If you are only cooking for your family, a smaller smoker works fine. However, if you plan to host a lot of parties, you want a smoker with a much larger capacity.

When you are looking at capacity options, you should also consider the overall size of the smoker. Measure the space where you plan to put the smoker to ensure that it fits. You also want to make sure that you have a safe distance between the smoker and any buildings or trees on your property.

Additional Features

As you explore the different smoker options, you will find that numerous features can come with smokers. For example, having one with a thermostat makes it much easier to control the smoking temperature.

You might also consider different cooking modes or sensors. This helps to simplify the smoking process. If you choose one that uses pellets, an automatic pellet feeder saves time and ensures that your smoker always has enough pellets to maintain a stable temperature.

Even if the grill isn’t so expensive, having a grill cover is a must. Those will protect your grill from rust, dust, etc.


To make sure that you are the envy of the neighborhood, make sure to have a budget smoker. All of your neighbors and loved ones will look forward to your next barbecue.

You can smoke a wide array of meats and other foods to perfection. With a smoker, you can also enjoy dinners, lunches, and breakfasts that are far more flavorful than what you normally make.

Use the information here to make sure that the smoker that you choose meets all of your needs. Our extensive research on smokers will help you to narrow down your choices. Use our additional tips to ensure that you evaluate the smokers on the market as effectively as possible.

The next step is to buy the budget smoker that meets all of your needs. Once you assemble it, you can put it to the test and try out your smoking skills on your friends and neighbors while enjoying incredible food.

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