Rec Teq vs Traeger Comparison in 2024

So, there are lots of grills and smokers on the market that make claims of helping you to serve the perfect BBQ meal or smoked confection. And for the most part, these claims are valid to their word. However, there are products and models on the market that take performance and results to a new level.

These grills have superior space, material, functions, and tech to make your job of putting dinner on the table that much easier. Moreover, some of these models have attributes that make their versatility second to none. Because there are so many models out there to look over, we picked the best half dozen we could find and reviewed them here for you. There’s something good to like in each one, and they all have a little something that makes them a unique purchase.

REC TEQ Grills Vs Traeger:

Overview and Introduction

Whether you go with the RT-700 or the Pro Series to meet your grilling/smoking needs, both models offer plenty of options worth noting. Either one has lots of grilling space and versatility when it comes to creative and classic methods of outdoor cooking.

You may be surprised by the technological advances available to aid in your effort to burn the perfect cut of meat or bake a potato flawlessly. Let’s take a close look at the features and functions of both products to determine their value and benefits.

REC TEQ Grills (RT-700) Bull


The first thing you should know about the RT-700 is that this product sells as a bundle, which means you get 200 lbs (pounds) of Ultimate Blend pellets in tow. Speaking of bulk value with purchase, there’s the 40lb hopper for cooking those big meals worth mentioning.

This heating all happens within a Hot flash Ceramic Ignition System. Cooking settings can be controlled through WiFi-enabled connectivity, so there’s no more need to stand over the grill every minute.

Additional features include a portable wood pellet grill, two non-stick mesh grill mats, and built-in meat probes for easy food handling. The cooking chambers on this grill are made from stainless steel and stand up to high heat and temperatures without showing signs of wear or tear. Thanks to its 6-year warranty, you can buy and try this model worry-free.


  • The benefits of grilling on the RT-700 largely come from the cutting-edge functions engineered in its pioneering design that few other models can match.
  • The REC TEQ GRILLS app keeps you in control of the grilling action from anywhere in or outside the house.
  • Meat probes have direct connectivity to the grill-controlling unit, so you never have an issue with the exact temperature of the meats you put on to burn.
  • As a nice thorough touch, this model operates with an automated shutdown that slowly lowers the grill temp 5 degrees at a time.
  • Of course, the versatility of this product includes more than expert grilling and ranges from baking to roasting. That’s not to mention all the dehydrating, smoking, searing, and broiling to get done.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Traeger Grills Pro Series delivers all the versatility and performance that you would expect in a large-capacity grilling apparatus. And, it has no lack of bells and whistles with features like 6-in-1 grilling functions, temperature control with 15-degree preciseness along with steel components and porcelain grills.

This all adds up to 884 square inches of cooking space and a 34-pellet capacity to infuse meats with an all-natural woody smoked taste. The cooking speeds allow for fast and slow grilling and smoking techniques that include baking, roasting, and braising.

That 15 degrees of control complements digital protocols that react quickly to changing conditions. And, that construction is sturdy enough to handle the big jobs like 40 hamburgers, 8 full birds (chicken), or even 7 whole racks of ribs.


  • So, the benefits of the Trager Grills Pro Series are right there for you to see and enjoy on the very surface of the product. First off, you can bake an apple pie in this thing which means you can make any from a pizza to a triple-meat calzone if so inclined.
  • Of course, there’s nothing more simple than setting the oven to get dinner done, and this model operates on the same level.
  • The difference? The functions in the control unit use digital technology to measure the temp and heart control used to grill meats.
  • This digital communication allows this grill to learn the different ways you like to cook particular amounts of meat.
  • All you have to do is turn the dial to your desired set of temperatures, and the Pro Series does all the rest.

REC TEQ Grills (RT-590) Stampede Vs Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill and Smoker:

Overview and Introduction

When it comes to a heads-up between the Rec Teq Grills RT-590 (Stampede) and the Traeger, the comparison comes down to ultra-performance versus heavy-duty capability. On the one hand, you have a grill that offers precision and technology in spades.

And in the other, the sheer size and presence of the model just urge you to test its cooking limits. Understandably, having to choose one or the other is a close call to make. Taking a closer look at both sets of features and functions should take the edge off you.

REC TEQ Grills (RT-590) Stampede


The RT-590 performs something like a Jr version of one of its other top-tier models with features like a portable wood pellet grill, built-in meat probes, stainless steel construction, a Hot flash Ceramic Ignition System, and a 4-year warranty.

Moreover, there are a few other features for you to appreciate in this model such as its premium grill cover, 200lbs (pounds) of Rec Teq Ultimate Blend pellets, and two non-stick mesh grill mats.


  • A large part of the benefits to be found in the RT-590 come from its physical attributes aided by up-to-date Wi-Fi technology.
  • This breaks down to a grill with an octagon shape and size that can cook up enough BBQ or whatever to feed a large family or any gathering of hungry people.
  • The PID Controller is something that you can pretty much only get from the Rec Teq Grills manufacturer and maker. This type of precision allows you to grill mass quantities of food while at the same time heating a meal with gourmet-quality results.
  • This particular model also handles all of your cold-smoking needs without any problems and adds smoky flavors to many different types of cheeses.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill and Smoker

As the name may suggest, the Traeger is a grill designed to provide all types of results when it comes to cooking and smoking meats. This model yields 572 square inches of heated surfaces to take on the biggest job worry-free.

Technically, this grill is designed for flame broiling and open-flame searing, it’s perfect for putting that classic BBQ feel to any meal. The cooking temperatures are controlled through a dialed panel with an LED read-out. This system allows you to choose how high to burn your grill up to 450 degrees. All these features and up to a grill with 6 different levels of functionality.


  • So, what do the benefits that come along with the Pro Series 22 look like? Well, they add up to a substantial amount of BBQ and smoking accomplished on this grill. It comes down to the type of control panel setting you choose to run with.
  • You can go with the 418 square inch area that cooks a virtual cadre of burgers and 154 sq. inches more suited for smoking and searing specialty orders.
  • Either way, the hopper capacity is 18lb, so this grill works best for the quick cook and sear.

REC TEQ Grills (RT-340) Road Warrior Vs Traeger Pellet Grills Tailgater 20 Grill:

Overview and Introduction

In our third match-up, we have the Rec Teq Grills RT-340 (The Road Warrior) against the Traeger Pellet Grills Tailgater throwing down for their bragging rights. As you may have picked up by now from these series of comparisons, one model most likely has all the bells and whistles while the other offers an innovative alternative.

The only way to know which features and functions suit you best is to read on. Naturally, both options are worth looking into and offer great cooking performance, and either one constitutes a great vehicle for hours of practicing smoking and searing skills.



Just like other models from similar lines, the RT-340 is a bundle product that has few accessories and cutting-edge functionalities in two of its features. These include conveniences like Wi-Fi capability and comparability for temperature control and meat-heat monitoring. Yes, you read that right; meat-heat monitoring.

There’s also the 20lb (pound) hopper, built-in probes, portable wood pellet grill, Hot flash Ceramic Ignition System, and a 2-year warranty worth mentioning. And, let’s not forget the stainless steel construction. All of these features, and more, come on top of an 80lb (pound) bag of wood pellets.


  • The features and functions are only half of what makes the RT-340 a valuable buy. The design and construction play a major why this model fills your smaller yet crucial grilling needs.
  • Of course, there are the twin non-stick grill mats and premium grill covers to start with.
  • However, it’s the push-button Wi-Fi control system that lets you enjoy the grilling environment that leads the way in the industry.
  • Classic design in the lockable folding legs and streamlined wheel measurement makes this grill perfect for package and carry adventures that go beyond simple tailgating.
  • It’s great for all safe and secure outdoor events. Algorithms make sure that the heat cooking your food stays at just the right temp for a consistent taste and quality.
  • Thanks to precise PID controls measure cooking temps within a 5-degree difference.

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Pellet Grills Tailgater pretty much explains all the value that it brings to the table in its name. All the features and functions it provides for your grilling needs center around probability and travel efficiency. However, this grill model has other attributes that set it apart from the other products on the market.

For one, it has an arc controller enhanced by technology by the name of Advanced Grilling Logic. This boils down to a system of heating and control that cooks and grills meat within 5-degree increments.

So, there is no need to overcook while using meat probes that monitor the condition of your food. Perhaps, the most amazing thing about this grill is that it can run on both an electric source of power as well as cook using a Wood-burning source.


  • The Tailgater makes grilling on the go a snap with its EZ-Fold leg capabilities and Keep Warm setting that babysits your hard work just the right way.
  • So, you don’t have to let your meals go shivering after being heated to perfection.
  • And, don’t let the smaller height of this grill throw you off its tracks. It still offers 300 square inches of grilling space.


What determines the grill as the best of all the others? Well, it’s what you need it to do that makes all the difference. If need something to get and go with you, pick the Traeger Pellet Grills Tailgater. But, you might something that handles bigger jobs with loads of area space to grill, smoke, and sear on top.

If that’s the case, go with the Traeger Grills Pro Series 22. Perhaps, you need something that is going to follow your exact grilling instructions at the push of a button. You need to go with a Rec Teq Grills model for hours of precise grilling without having to check the meat every five minutes. Check them all out before making your final decision.

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