Best Crepe Makers

Are you looking to bring the crepe flavors of Paris to your home? Then you need the maker to get the job right. Unlike the American-style pancake, crepes are much thinner, bigger, and stuffed with selected toppings. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, is totally up to you.

With the range from non-stick pans to electric girdle options, it can be confusing to get the right maker for your lifestyle. We have reviewed some users’ feedback to provide you with specific factors to keep in mind when shopping for makers. Let’s dive in!

Crepe Maker Reviews:

1. NutriChef Electric Griddle Maker Cooktop

Ready to bring out the chef in you with the NutriChef Maker? Not only is it convenient, compact, and quick, but it is also versatile. You can use it for cooking bacon, pancakes, and eggs.

Although its small size makes it perfect for traveling, it comes with a 12-inch non-stick aluminum surface. The large plate allows you to cook other breakfast food all at one go.

This model further impresses with its temperature controls that show when it is ready to use. Besides, you also get a free spatula and wooden spreader in the package.

Safety is always a priority in any kitchen. This model features a 2.5-foot power cord that makes it safe for any tabletop and countertop.

Users agree that it is among the makers for home use with its ultra-quiet operation.


  • Its small size and light weight make it portable.
  • The large surface is perfect for serving a large family.
  • It works perfectly for both business and home settings.
  • This model comes with ease of use.


  • The plate may smoke the first few times you use it.
  • You may find the temperature knob not user-friendly.

2. Moos & Stone Electric Maker With Auto Power Off

Why would you burn a hole in your pocket to get the making machine? This electric maker from Moss & Stone company is affordable and just right for making blintz, chapatti, pancakes, and tortillas. Its versatility is just incredible.

With an automatic temperature controller, you don’t have to worry about your food burning. Additionally, this device operates at 120v,60 Hz, and 800W temperature control. With the on and off switch indicating when the gadget is hot enough to use, your safety is guaranteed.

Speaking of convenience, it features a long handle design for smooth operation and saving space. Plus, the 8-inch cooking surface provides a sufficient surface to create a quality. It is also a compact, convenient, and quick cooktop.

It is relatively easy to clean up, and you won’t need a spreader. Just ensure that you store it after it has cooled down for safety reasons.

The customers say that it works perfectly for their day-to-day hectic schedules like when preparing breakfast on school days.


  • It is versatile in use.
  • This electric pan comes with a battery tray for fast-paced cooking.
  • It has a good combo of high power and an automatic temperature controller.
  • It is highly convenient and simple to clean.


  • The instruction translation from Chinese to English is terrible.
  • The concept does not work.
  • Making with it requires expertise.

3. Chefman Electric Maker Griddle

For a multi-functional maker that doubles as a grill for excellent brunch, breakfast, or even dinner, choose Chefman Electric Maker Griddle. With the foods ranging from tortillas to stir-fried veggies, the options are endless. After cooking your food, you simply wipe it clean for the next session.

The extra-large surface makes it convenient to create restaurant-quality from the comfort of your kitchen. All you need is to preheat it, spread a batter layer, and cook for a few minutes.
Another impressive aspect of this gadget is its portability. The simple wrap-around cord and slim build make it one of the top portable makers available. You can also store it anywhere with minimal effort.

When it comes to durability, this gadget is approved with cETL and operates at 1500 watts. It also features advanced safety technology that ensures its long life.

Those who use it express how this model gives them confidence in cooking for their families. The precise temperature control allows them to take charge of their cooking.


  • The power indicator shows when you have reached the desired temperature.
  • It features a wooden spreader for the even distribution of batter and a spatula for easy flipping and folding.
  • This device is highly portable.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The power cord is a bit short.

4. Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Maker

Get your plate and palette ready for the delicious results from the Proctor-Silex 38400-making machine. Although this company is not well-known, it is rewarding.

A 13-inch plate creates thin and light crepes to hold the sweet or savory stuffing of your choice. The non-stick surface browns the fluffy pancakes with eight heat settings, determined by sliding the temperature control.

The eight heat settings provide you with excellent control considering what you are preparing.

Want a unique and durable appliance that offers value for your money? Proctor Silex fits the definition. Its construction material consists of standard aluminum and a non-stick cooking area. The plastic body also provides secure storage and use.

The additional tools, including a batter spreader, cup, and large spatula, make this unit an excellent investment. Furthermore, these tools are designed for easy pouring, spreading, folding, and flipping your crepe.

Many consumers find it ideal for making breakfast, dinner, and dessert. If you want to impress your loved ones large is a great pick.


  • Temperature control as you wish.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is tested, proven, and affordable.
  • The package includes all the necessary tools.


  • The company is not well-known.

5. 12″ Griddle & Maker, Non-Stick Electric Pan with Batter Spreader and Recipe Guide


If you want a device that makes preparation a breeze, then Cucina Pro Maker may be your best option. You bet this is one of the top makers in the market.

Its ease of use makes it beginner-friendly in all types of kitchens. All it takes is to plug it in and wait for the signal that it is ready to be used. With a 12-inch surface, you can easily make traditional French without hassle.

The device boasts a non-stick aluminum plate, which makes it easy to clean. With five different temperature settings, you can experiment with different recipes. What is more, its practical package includes a batter spreader and various recipes.

This model is made with much consideration for safety. It features rubber feet to make it stable even in a busy environment.
The consumers agree that this model provides consistent results every time.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It comes with ease of use, even for beginners.
  • The device is perfect for making pancakes, eggs, and blintzes, among others.
  • The package includes a spreader and recipe book.


  • Some users reported a slight smell on the first use.
  • The surface is quite shallow to contain liquids.

6. iSiLER Nonstick Electric Pancakes Maker Griddle


Are you aspiring to change your breakfast routine and impress your loved ones? Having this model might be your best option. With a 13 x 12.1 x 2.5 inches dimension, this maker machine is versatile enough to prepare various foods like bacon, eggs, pizzas, steaks, and many more.

There is no worrying about burning your food or equipment for that matter. With the overheating protection, the temperature will not go above 220 degrees Celsius. There should be no more wasting of time cleaning cookware. The aluminum cooking plate provides not only safe and reliable food standards but also allows easy cleanup.

You require no expertise to use this device. Its large cooking surface makes perfect-sized crepes by distributing the heat evenly. Thanks to high power and thermostat control, you can cook your breakfast quickly.

Customers commend the product for its precise temperature control and included making accessories.


  • The rim on its edge prevents liquid from flowing out.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • The gadget works perfectly on the first try.
  • It takes less time to prepare breakfast, thereby saving you time and money.


  • It lacks an on-and-off switch.
  • It moves a little during cleaning.

7. 12″ Electric Maker by StarBlue with FREE Recipes e-book and Wooden Spatula

This griddle and maker is designed to create and cook your breakfast in a nutritious and perfect manner. Constructed with premium-grade aluminum, this model is entirely safe and reliable to last long. The non-stick surface also facilitates creative patterns and hassle-free food flipping.

The adjustable thermostat with up to 1000 watts offers high power output to cook within minutes. By simply rotating a knob, you can set your desired cooking heat.

If you are a large family, then this sizeable 12-inch plate is an ideal pick. Not only can it make traditional crepes, but it can also chapatti, tortillas, and blintzes. Unlike other making machines, this model features a separate on/off switch for ease of use.

People appreciate that you get a cookbook and e-book that contains a wide array of delicious recipes. They love that they can surprise their families with new meals every single day.


  • it is versatile in use.
  • It provides ease of performance and cleaning.
  • The model gives value to your money.
  • The on/off switch ensures safe cooking.
  • The recipe book brings endless possibilities.
  • Require a little butter and oil.


  • It lacks rubbers on the bottom hence making it slippery.

8. G&M Kitchen Essentials Maker Machine (Lifetime Warranty), Pancake Griddle

Turn your kitchen into French cuisine with this electric pan from G&M Essential. Nothing brings out expectations of delicious food like the pleasant sound of the crackling hot griddle. With the 12-inch plate surface, you can cook different breakfast foods within a short time. Why not make fresh crepes from the comfort of your home with this excellent investment?

If you love trips and camps, this maker will come in handy due to its lightweight and compact nature. You can also use it in fun cookouts with friends and family.

With just a turn of the temperature dial, the girdle will heat and shut off once it attains the desired temperature. This model comes with 100 recipes, a wooden spreader, and a spatula to make cooking easy and consistent.

People who use it recommend this maker as a great tool to add to a kitchen because it is easy to use, clean, and even versatile.


  • It is small and compact for secure storage and mobility.
  • It features precise temperature control.
  • It doubles as a griddle and makes a perfect holiday gift.


  • You may find the included spreader a bit small.
  • The featured spatula might be a little flimsy.

Factors to Consider

A maker is a specially designed appliance that accommodates the required thinness of crepes. With the varying types of maker machines in the market, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be confusing.

However, by just keeping a few factors in mind, you will find the right one within your budget and befitting your lifestyle.

The Plate Size

The size of the crepe plate is crucial since it determines how big your crepe turns out. The larger the plate, the more versatile it is likely to be.

For a large family, a 13-inch plate is a practical choice. It caters to different types of food at a time. However, the larger plate comes with storage issues because they require extra space.

Gas or Electric?

The makers are available in both gas and electric versions. Your choice depends on your type of kitchen.

The electric ones are more energy-efficient and ideal for traveling or even camping. But, the gas needs gas or propane lines to work, which makes them less portable. On the higher side, the gas types heat up fast, thereby increasing profitability and productivity.

Material of Construction

If you are using your equipment for commercial purposes, you want something durable that will not break in the middle of service.

The commercial maker should have a stainless steel exterior to withstand maximum usage and easy cleaning. For home or light-duty purposes, the lighter ones with plastic frames are ideal.

The cast-iron girdle plate has always proven the test of time, while the non-stick griddle is mostly found with light-duty models.

Temperature Range

Most makers, especially commercial ones, have varying temperatures, usually between 120-575 degrees F. Different recipes require varying heat. Therefore, a gadget with a wide temperature range is ideal for both home and business use.


How do I use a crepe maker?
First, preheat the device to 230-240 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply little cooking oil on the cooking surface once the desired temperature is achieved. Measure the batter and carefully pour it on the oiled surface. The dough should be about 41/2 to 43/4 inches in diameter. Place the spreader on the batter. One end should be at the edge of the cooking area, and the other at its center. Move the spreader in a large circle to smoothen and spread the mixture evenly. Remove the spreader and let it cook for 30 to 45 seconds. Slide the spatula under the batter and flip it over. Add 30 to 45 more seconds to cook. Using a spatula, lift the crepe and fold it in half. Add toppings of your choice and serve.
What else can you make on crepe maker?
A crepe maker is versatile and can make a variety of other dishes, including grilled sandwiches, eggs, pizza, and pancakes.
What is the best oil for seasoning cast iron crepe maker?
Unless the gadget comes preseasoned, it will require seasoning just like a carbon-steel pan does. The seasoning process allows oil to bond to the surface, thereby protecting it against rust, and needing little to no oil. Sunflower or flaxseed is the best option. However, any other vegetable oil is perfect.


With all these different makers, we are sure that you will find one that fits your style. Our favorite pick is the Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Maker. It is arguably one of the best makers in the market. Thanks to its smooth design, it allows the creation of delicious crepes with no hassle.

The 13-inch non-stick cooking surface distributes heat evenly with eight heat settings. What is more, is that you can quickly determine the heat by sliding the temperature control. The extra tools also make it a worthy investment.

It is practical and easy on your wallet.

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