The Best Quesadilla Makers in 2024

The popularity of the quesadilla thrives on its simplicity and deliciousness. Although quesadillas are easy to make, they are highly effective in curbing even the mightiest of appetites. You can make quesadillas at home on the stovetop, or you can buy a quesadilla maker to make life easier.

Quesadilla makers make cooking quesadillas a breeze. Some cookers stand out more than others, however. This guide will help you find the perfect model that has all of the features that you need.

Quesadilla makers have been analyzed on the following specifications: size, cleanability, how great they cooked quesadillas and bonus features. It’s important to pick quesadilla makers that will work for your situation; different models have unique advantages and drawbacks. It’s time to get started. By the way, is it lunchtime yet?

Best Quesadilla Makers

1. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

If you are looking for a 10-inch quesadilla maker, look no further! This unit delivers quesadillas that are ready to be enjoyed by friends, family, and guests.

This model has built-in wedge marks to make cutting quesadilla slices a breeze. Its non-stick surface is also able to be cleaned very easily with a damp cloth. Not only can it be stored upright, but the cord can be strapped to save kitchen space.

Customers love that this model delivers quesadillas quickly. A reviewer noted that she used it to make quesadillas for her children, and they enjoyed a family dinner together! She was very happy with the quality and cleanup aspect of this model.

Some customers didn’t feel that you could put as much stuffing as you wanted to, while others felt that the amount of stuffing was perfect. The price is affordable so it attracts those who want a machine that can handle jumbo-sized tortillas.

This affordable product by George Foreman delivers 10-inch quesadillas that are ready to be shared with the family. Its ability to handle large tortillas means that even the hungriest guests will be satisfied.


  • Supports 10-inch quesadillas
  • Non-stick surface
  • Cord wrap to store upright
  • Quick cook time


  • Some units experience hardware issues

2. Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker


Don’t let the name fool you! This pizza maker doubles as a quesadilla maker and pretty much everything else. When you buy this to make home-cooked quesadillas, you are also buying a tool that can replace your oven for small baking projects.

This Betty Crocker model can deliver quesadillas with its spacious baking interior. Since it is meant as a versatile baking tool, it doesn’t include wedges that precut slices. That’s fine, however. Quick and consistent cooking times make this one of the 12-inch quesadilla makers on the market.

Customers are going crazy over this large quesadilla maker. They find that it has everything they need to make delicious treats at home. Many have used it for pizzas, quesadillas, cinnamon rolls, and omelets. Quesadillas can be packed with fillings; since there are no cutting wedges installed, space is abundant inside the unit.

This powerful small oven will create quesadillas that will be remembered for a lifetime. Quick cooking times and a spacious interior allow you to make quesadillas whenever and however you like them.


  • 12-inch quesadilla support
  • Can be used to cook foods other than quesadillas
  • Excellent consistency in cooking
  • Cord wrapping availability for storage


  • No timer
  • Some units reported burnout after half a year

3. Dash Express Electric Round Griddle for Quesadillas

This little brother of the last quesadilla maker functions as a versatile small oven. It features an interior that lacks precut wedge slicers to offer more room to bake in. It is extremely portable; this unit would function well with traveling and college dorm rooms.

The recipe book has a focus on cooking unprocessed foods, so it has value. If you don’t want your quesadilla precut, this unit from Dash is an excellent buy.

Customers have fallen into two groups. They either love large quesadilla cookers or small quesadilla cookers. Many love the portability that this unit offers. A 12-inch cooker can take up a lot of space. If you don’t have room for a full-sized one, this 8-inch model can do the job.

Many reviewers praised how consistently this model cooks. Dependable cooking times coupled with easy cleanups show that this unit delivers. They love the locking mechanism that keeps the lid secured during cooking and transport.

Dash’s quesadilla cooker is well-built and perfect for cooking areas where a 12-inch quesadilla cooker would be too big to fit in. This unit’s small size allows it to be taken anywhere to cook healthy meals.


  • Compact cooker supporting 8-inch quesadillas
  • Indicator light
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a recipe book


  • No on or off button

4. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

It includes everything you need to enjoy quesadillas quickly and without needing to clean up a large mess after you cook them.

You place a tortilla inside this model and load it up with your ingredients of choice. The locking mechanism locks by itself, and perfectly cooked quesadillas come out a few minutes later.

The non-stick surface keeps cleanup to a minimum. If kitchen space is limited, this model can be stored upright to store it in a convenient area.

Customers love this quesadilla maker. Some were skeptical of having one at first, but they found that this machine made cooking quesadillas easier. One reviewer noted that when they put out this machine in a potluck to let people make their quesadillas, it was a hit.

Another reviewer noted that a vinegar-based solution cleans the unit very well. Since the model does a great job of deterring messes, the small cleanup required afterward doesn’t detract from the experience of cooking with this machine.

This model by Hamilton does well in all areas of the review. The unit’s price is affordable, and this quesadilla maker excels in making quesadillas fast without burning them.


  • Includes locking lid
  • Non-stick surface
  • Makes 6-inch or 8-inch quesadillas
  • Can be stored upright to save space


  • Does not support 10-inch tortillas
  • The latch can be difficult to close with a lot of stuffing

5. Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric, Mexican Taco Tuesday Quesadilla Maker


This unit excels in providing support for 11-inch tortillas. Jumbo tortillas can be used on this machine to make excellent quesadillas; there are deep pockets for big fillings and a drip tray to catch excess cheese.

This unit has features to help it compete with its smaller competitors. It features upright storage capabilities and an excellent non-stick surface. It also has a latch to secure its lid while a quesadilla is being cooked. It can be useful when it is being stored to prevent the lid from accidentally opening and getting exposed to other things in the kitchen.

The quesadilla maker reviews show that many customers buy this product for its ability to cook giant tortillas. Many customers show satisfaction with the unit’s ability to cook quesadillas and not leave a mess. The drip tray helps the machine remain mess-free.

Some reviewers pointed out the need to not overstuff the model as excess cheese can melt off to the sides. However, this holds with all quesadilla makers.

This powerful quesadilla model can handle 11-inch tortillas to make full-sized quesadillas. The unit’s storage capability comes in handy because it is larger than most quesadilla makers. Being able to be stored easily makes it competitive.


  • Makes 11-inch quesadillas
  • Contains drip tray
  • Stores upright
  • Deep wedges for lots of fillings


  • The outer ring can be difficult to clean

6. Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

Santa Fe delivered its quesadilla maker to the market and aimed to win customers through excellent design. With deep pockets and steady cooking times, this quesadilla maker can hardly be beaten.

The Teflon non-stick coating will ensure that even the stickiest messes will wipe right off. Since the unit only takes around a minute to heat up, you can make an impromptu meal in under a quarter of an hour.

This maker gets a strong recommendation for delivering good quesadillas without having some of the drawbacks of other models: cleaning difficulties, high price points, and no lockable lids.

Customers love this model. It delivers food beyond the traditional quesadilla. Since it has deep pockets, a variety of meals can be made on this device.

Reviewers especially loved the Teflon coating, for some non-stick surfaces can’t handle foods that stick well. Burnt cheese can pose a challenge to even the most expensive non-stick surfaces, but this unit’s Teflon lets you wipe cheese right off like butter.

This is a great buy. Santa Fe built a quality quesadilla maker that many people are happy using.


  • Support 10-inch tortillas
  • Fast cooking times
  • Contains a removable drip tray
  • Teflon coating resulting in easy cleaning


  • Teflon can be scratched if you are not careful

7. BELLA Quesadilla Maker

Bella has unleashed their quesadilla maker, and it weighs under three pounds! This extremely portable gadget is perfect for places where space is limited.

The non-stick surface is built from quality material; it holds up to wear and tear.

Although 8-inch tortillas might not be as filling, this unit is capable of dishing out thick quesadillas. Extremely fast cooking times will let you cook flavorful quesadillas in under a minute. This speed alone is remarkable.

Reviewers loved the aesthetics of this device. They were also able to make different types of food with it; one man made a fruit pie. Not only does it produce fast quesadillas, but a customer commented that her non-stick surface held up its non-stick for over a year. The key to this longevity was to be careful not to scrap metal to the surface.

Another point of praise was the fact that it was kid-friendly. Being extremely portable and easy to use, many parents have said that their children have loved it. One commentator noted that their teenager started cooking quesadillas when they wouldn’t take out the pan for the stovetop before!

If it gets children cooking safely, this product does its job well.

Bella’s highly portable quesadilla maker shows the world that looks aren’t everything. Despite its small size, this quesadilla maker cooks excellent quesadillas quickly.


  • Portable 8-inch quesadilla maker
  • Easy to clean non-stick surface
  • Under three pounds
  • Built-in drip tray


  • The lid has to be held down for massively stuffed quesadillas

8. Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker

If you have the finances to back up a more expensive purchase, Black & Decker could have the model for you. Its quesadilla maker with a removable drip tray boasts a sturdy build that will last for years. This unit will deliver pristine quesadillas every time that it is used.

It has six pockets for fillings to load up on all of your favorite ingredients. While it can’t hold enough fillings to make an extremely thick quesadilla, it can produce good ones with moderated stuffing.

One customer noted that they tried a quesadilla maker and were so impressed that they bought this model. They were satisfied with their purchase and the quality of the quesadillas this unit made.

Another reviewer noted that they have had it for years and have made up to 400 quesadillas with it. That’s a lot of quesadillas, and it really shows the quality of this machine.

Another point of interest is the fact that many reviewers agreed on the ease of cleaning this model. They agreed that a paper towel was enough. Considering that some quesadilla makers suffer from being hard to clean, this Black & Decker looks like a good buy.

Boasting quality parts and even more delicious quesadillas, Black & Decker has done a very good job with this unit. This quesadilla maker is easy to operate and should last for years with the right care.


  • 8-inch tortillas supported
  • Quality non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy build


  • A little more expensive at over $50

9. Taco Tuesday 6-Wedge Electric Quesadilla Maker

This quesadilla maker boasts of being in a unique position. It has all of the features available to wedge-styled quesadilla makers at one of the lowest prices in the market.

With a built-in drip tray, vertical standing shelving, deep pocket wedge slicer, quality non-stick material, and heating light, you are not missing out on features when you pick up this model. It is aesthetically pleasing and takes up a small amount of space in your kitchen.

Customers love this product so much that they’ll buy dozens of them! A Spanish teacher gifted her students this model to take with them to college. With good features, she hopes that it will aid them in the struggles that the first semester can bring.

Many other reviewers loved that this product did everything well. It is easy to clean and easy to use. The unit’s ability to seal quesadillas works well and creates perfect meals for just about any situation.

One reviewer suggested that the quesadillas produced on this machine are just as good as the ones they have had in restaurants.

This fully-featured unit brings the best technology to the world of 8-inch quesadilla makers. It does suffer from criticism for Teflon falling off, but that issue can be remedied by making sure that the product that you receive is not one of the rare, defective ones.


  • 8-inch cooking surface
  • Built-in drip tray
  • Can configure latch to change the crust’s thickness
  • Vertical standing for easy storage


  • Some customers reported issues with Teflon flaking off

10. El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker


This unit by El Paso rounds off the list of the top 10 quesadilla makers. It earned this spot through its great price and excellent design. As a quesadilla maker that supports up to 10 inches of tortilla, it manages to only weigh around 4 pounds.

There is a lot of room for fillings in this device, more so than in other wedge-style quesadilla makers. That is excellent because many people love putting in as much filling as they can.

Some reviewers have had this product for years. They love the aesthetics of this unit; it is truly unique. Boasting an exterior design that is different from all quesadilla makers on this list, this model can spruce up a kitchen.

One reviewer immediately broke the model that they received, but they loved it so much and got another right away. The short electrical cord was a small issue that another comment noticed, but the person who wrote it felt that this quesadilla maker was still a great find.

This unit should be bought if aesthetics are important criteria for your purchase. It is packed with features and cooks quesadillas quickly; it is an excellent addition to any kitchen.


  • 10-inch tortilla support
  • Drip tray included
  • Great aesthetical design
  • Good price
  • Lots of room for fillings


  • Somewhat short electrical cord

Maintenance of Non-Stick Surfaces on Your Quesadilla Maker

Your quesadilla maker’s non-stick surface separates you from spending an hour cleaning up after you make your delicious quesadillas. By taking care of the non-stick coating, your quesadilla maker will be able to be used for at least several years.

There are several tips for taking care of this coating. By putting these guidelines into practice, you won’t need to buy a new model for a long time.

Avoid Using Metal on the Non-Stick Surface

Using a metal spatula will inevitably scratch some of the non-stick material right off of your quesadilla maker. At the very least, it will damage the surface and leave it prone to flaking off into your food. When getting your quesadillas out of the maker, use a wooden or plastic tool.

Try Not to Let It Go From Cold to Hot or Hot to Cold Quickly

Non-stick surfaces are prone to warping. If you just used your quesadilla maker, let it cool off for a while before you apply freezing water to it. Similarly, avoid heating it up right away if it was in a really cold area.

Clean the Surface With a Scratch-Proof Cleaner

You might be tempted to use a steel scrub to get rid of the cheese left on the quesadilla maker from last night’s cultural buffet. Resist the urge. By using gentle cleaners, like the soft part of a sponge, your non-stick material will stay intact.

Clean off Acidic Foods Right Away

It’s understandable; your quesadillas aren’t complete without tomatoes. So be sure to clean them up immediately after cooking. If you leave them stuck overnight on your quesadilla maker, the acidity of these foods can break down non-stick surfaces.

Never Spray Cooking Spray on the Surface

Finally, the cooking spray will erode your non-stick surface. Try using butter or a little oil instead. Butter and oil can strengthen your non-stick surface to let it stick around longer.

These tips will keep your quesadilla maker in the best condition. They are simple to abide by, so there’s no reason why Quesadilla Night has to end.

5 Tips to Cook

The first step is getting the quesadilla maker. Once you have obtained one, the real journey to the perfect quesadilla begins. Just as in caring for your non-stick surfaces, some tips can let you craft the perfect cheesy quesadilla that will leave your family and friends filled with awe.

Mix Different Cheeses

Mixing cheeses will allow you to mesh flavor and consistency. Mozzarella and cheddar are an excellent combination because they are complementary cheeses. You can create your unique combinations or go with the long-established ones!

Consider Flour Tortillas

Corn tortillas just won’t hold up the rigor that flour ones go through. Flour tortillas are flexible and allow you to mold the quesadilla to the shape of the filling. If you try to use corn tortillas for your quesadillas, you will put yourself at a disadvantage by losing out on the classic flexible form.

It’s not to say that you can’t continue using corn, and form your path to quesadilla perfection.

Choose Complementary Ingredients

Just like cheeses, your filling must also match and complement each other. Think about it like a color wheel. Opposite sides of the color wheel look good in an outfit; blue and orange match.

Try mixing different kinds of meat that have different consistencies, tastes, and textures.

Don’t Forget the Butter

Adding butter will make your quesadillas crunchy. This taste is entirely subjective to the individual, but it can be really impressive to have mastery over the crunchiness of a quesadilla. Learn the amounts of butter it takes to make a crunchy quesadilla as opposed to one that has just a faint hint of firmness.

Don’t Overfill

Lastly, overfilling your quesadilla is a common beginner mistake. Yet, it makes sense. If chicken tastes good, cheese tastes good and tomatoes taste good, won’t they all taste good together?

Learning how to portion every ingredient in a quesadilla will let you control the flavor and experience of each bite. It takes a delicate proportion of each ingredient to make the perfect quesadilla.

Factors to Consider

In choosing your quesadilla maker, care should be taken to choose the best one for your needs. There are a lot of varieties in these units, and the right one for you will be a treat to have. Consider the following four points to determine the right one you should choose.

Determine What Size of Tortilla You Will Be Cooking With

You have a lot to say about the size you can get. Popular quesadilla makers are eight to 12 inches. A 12-inch quesadilla maker will be able to use larger tortillas and hold greater fillings, but it will take up considerably more space. On the other hand, an 8-inch version can be extremely portable.

Consider where you will use it, and if you will take it to other locations.

Consider the Wedge Versus Non-Wedged Versions

Wedge quesadilla makers create quesadillas with wedges to easily cut them into equal slices. The downside to having a wedge quesadilla maker is losing the space for fillings. Since the wedges take up space in the quesadilla maker, you will have less area to fill your quesadilla with meat or vegetables.

Non-wedge makers have empty tops and let you make thick quesadillas. If you prefer your quesadillas loaded with extras, it could be wise to pick up a non-wedged one.

Look for the Highest Quality Non-Stick Surface

Since you will be wanting to keep this quesadilla maker for several years, invest the time to ensure that the one you will get has a good non-stick coating. As soon as the coating wears off, it will take much more time to clean up messes after cooking.

Once you get to pick a good unit, you can take good care of the coating by following the tips above on how to care for your non-stick surface.

Think About Other Foods You’d Want to Cook With

Quesadilla makers are extremely versatile. You can think of them as miniature ovens.

Consider other types of entrees or desserts that you’d want to cook in the future. Perhaps you want a portable one, but a larger model could be more useful for that homemade pizza you have always wanted to make!


In conclusion, quesadilla makers are extremely versatile in the kitchen and extremely useful. They make quesadillas in the same manner that a toaster makes toast. You could put bread in the oven, but a toaster is much simpler to use.

With a small amount of research, you could be on your way to entertaining your friends and family with quesadilla nights. When you have finished cooking, cleanup is very simple. Just be sure to follow the rules for taking care of the non-stick surfaces.

Get one today! Being relatively inexpensive, there is a right quesadilla maker for everyone to enjoy. They can be sent to college students to help them with the first semester away from home, or they could be kept in the family to create memories that will last forever.

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