The Best Extra Large Air Fryers in 2024

Do you enjoy the golden flakey taste of fried food? Do you wish that you could enjoy these types of food without all of the health hazards that an excess intake of grease can cause?

If so, then you might be interested in the quality food that an air fryer can provide. However, it is important to understand that not all air fryers will provide you with an excellent.

Air fryers come in many sizes and with many functions, and it is important to know the functions that you want and require before making the right purchasing decision for your needs.

Therefore, we have provided in-depth reviews of some of the air fryer models, on the market, and we have also included an extensive buyer’s guide and FAQ section to make sure you have everything you need.

Best Extra Large Air Fryers

1. Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer


This is a quality air fryer model that uses instant vortex technology to assist with cooking food faster and easier. The manufacturer has designed this air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs that make cooking an easier task for most meals by simply pushing a single button.

Unlike other types of cooking appliances, this air fryer was designed to require little to no preheat time, which means that it is faster to get started with anything you wish to cook.

The outside of the air fryer is designed with a sleek surface to make it easier to wipe off after each use. Plus, the internal removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes it not only easy to cook but also keep clean.

You should be aware that the door seal with this air fryer can be tricky, but it just takes patience and time to get used to it.

Most consumers who searched for the extra large air fryer oven were happy with their choice of this air fryer. They enjoy that the unit requires little to no preheating time and that it comes with 7 built-in smart programs. However, a few consumers have expressed having minor issues with the door seal.


  • Air fryers give you all the flavor of deep-fried cooking, without the oil and mess. Get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside perfection Every time
  • Air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs, including bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate, and rotisserie
  • One-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast meat rotisserie style, deliciousness is guaranteed


  • 7 built-in smart programs
  • Sleek surface for easy cleaning and dishwasher-safe internal parts
  • Requires little to no preheating time


  • Minor issues with the door seal

2. COSORI Pro II Smart WiFi Air Fryer

COSORI is a well-known manufacturer of home kitchen appliances, and this is one of their most popular air fryer models. This is one of the first WiFi smart air fryers on the market, and COSORI has designed a special control app specifically for this air fryer model.

With the app, you can set the preheating instructions for the fryer and even keep an eye on the food timer via your smartphone or device.

It comes with a total of 11 built-in one-touch presets that make it easy to cook some of the most popular foods and recipes that an air fryer is designed for.

To assist with convenience, they have also made the fry basket dishwasher safe, which means you do not have to worry about handwashing the basket after every use. You can simply place it in the dishwasher and continue with your day.

Many consumers purchased this model because of its WiFi capability, and they enjoy that the fry basket can be easily washed inside of a dishwasher. However, a few consumers have expressed displeasure with the quality of the app that comes with this particular model.


  • The COSORI Smart WiFi has arrived on the Kitchen scene! The first air fryer can now be controlled and monitored with your mobile devices.
  • Alexa & WiFi Enabled: Remotely control your fryer through the VeSync app or voice commands with Alexa
  • Over 100 Recipes: Find over 100 original pre-programmed recipes in the VeSync app to get you started, with new recipes being added weekly


  • WiFi capability which links to mobile devices
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • 11 built-in one-touch presets


  • Minor issues with the provided app

3. NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer


NUWAVE is classified as one of the top manufacturers in the industry for making home kitchen appliances, and this is one of their top digital air fryer models. This model comes with a total of 6 preset menu selections, which will make it easy to cook different types of food with a single push of a button.

Unlike some other air fryer models, this one also comes with digital temperature control, which helps to ensure that you have the air fryer set to the right temperature for whatever dish you want to prepare.

NUWAVE understands that cooking safety is always an issue, and for this reason, they have added built-in safety features, like an automatic shut-off action to help ensure the safety of this appliance.

Plus, they understand that keeping any kind of cooking appliance clean is important, which is why they have coated the frying pan and base with a PFOA-free non-stick coating that makes the cleanup process a breeze.

Most consumers looking for extra-large air fryers have found this model to meet all of their needs. Plus, they enjoy the 6 preset menu selections and digital temperature control, which makes setting up the fryer easier.

However, some consumers have expressed having minor issues with contacting the manufacturer’s customer service department.


  • The BRIO uses super-heated air and a special air-flow design to cook crispy delicious fried foods without messy oil and extra fats and calories
  • The BRIO’s cooking technology means you can use it for virtually every meal of the day, and dessert!
  • The 6-quart BRIO is the perfect size for cooking 3 pounds of French fries, 4 chicken breasts, over 2 pounds of wings, and much more.


  • 6 preset menu selections
  • Digital temperature control
  • The Frypan and base have PFOA-free non-stick coating
  • Built-in safety features


  • Minor issues with customer service response

4. Chefman Digital Air Fryer, Rotisserie and Convection Oven

Chefman has a long-running reputation for manufacturing quality home kitchen appliances, and this is one of their most popular air fryer models. It acts as an air fryer, a convection oven, and a rotisserie, which helps to save kitchen space from having an appliance for each of these cooking types.

They used a digital temperature control system to make it easier to maintain and monitor the temperature of the air fryer.

Plus, they have added an auto shut-off function that was designed to help ensure the appliance does not get too hot, especially when it has completed cooking its intended food.

Finally, the manufacturer has also made the removable parts of this air fryer dishwasher safe to help ensure an easy cleanup after each use.

Most consumers who have purchased this air fryer like that it has easy-to-read digital temperature controls, and they like the auto shut-off function for safety issues.

However, some consumers have expressed having issues getting a response from this manufacturer’s customer service department when issues arise with this air fryer model.


  • This versatile product functions as an air fryer, rotisserie oven, and dehydrator, perfect for nearly any cooking task.
  • This multi-functional air fryer cooks faster than an oven and does not require preheating while helping you achieve a healthy, crispy, fried finish using at least 98% less oil than traditional fryers.
  • Interior lighting allows you to easily watch your food as it cooks.


  • Easy-to-read digital temperature control
  • Easy to clean with removable dishwasher-safe parts
  • Auto shut-off function


  • Minor customer service response issues

5. GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra Electric Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie

GoWISE has made it their business to always produce quality kitchen appliances for their customers, and this is just one of their electric air fryer models.

This model comes with 11 cooking accessories, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to be able to cook different styles of food with the same home kitchen appliance. The interior of this air fryer is made from stainless steel, which makes it easy to keep clean.

Unlike most other air fryer models, this one comes with 3 rack levels, which makes it easier to cook more food at the same time, while each piece gets cooked equally.

To give their customers peace of mind, the manufacturer has also provided a 1-year warranty with this air fryer model, and they also provide free lifetime support for anything that might go wrong in the future.

For those who are looking to make french fries or fried turkey for a big family in your backyard kitchen, we have gathered a list of outdoor propane deep fryers.

Many consumers who purchased this air fryer with rotisserie agree that it is the biggest air fryer model they could find. They love that it comes with a variety of accessories and a stainless steel interior, which is easy to keep clean.

However, some consumers have expressed issues with the door hinge. It tends to catch crumbs whenever you add or remove food into the air fryer.


  •  12. 7 quarts of cooking space makes this air fryer one of the largest on the market, while still being compact enough to fit easily on your countertop
  • A full glass oven door with a brushed metal design and stainless-steel interior makes the Ultra a step above the rest
  • Comes with 11 accessories – everything you’ll need to make a homemade meal with ease.


  • Comes with 11 cooking accessories
  • Stainless steel interior for easier cleaning
  • 3 rack levels for multiple cooking options
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and free lifetime support


  • Poor door hinge placement

6. Innsky Air Fryer

Innsky has made it a point to always provide its customers with quality home kitchen appliances, and this is one of its most popular air fryer models to date.

They designed it with 10 easy-to-use presets, which makes it easy to pick and choose between the different foods that their customers want to cook. This air fryer model is also designed to provide 360 degrees of hot air circulation.

Plus, they realize that customers might want to cook a variety of different types of food with their air fryers, and for this, they have also added a variety of cooking accessories, which will help with different types of cooking styles.

Most consumers who have purchased this particular air fryer model enjoy the number of presets that it provides, and they like that it provides 360 degrees of hot air circulation. However, some consumers have complaints that this model does leave a smell of burning plastic at times.


  • The ultimate meal-making machine is not only an air fryer but also a rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza grill, and oven toaster.
  • Touch the icon instead of circling to choose a cooking mode, quick and easy.
  • It comes with 6 extra accessories: 2 mesh racks, 6 skewers, 1 rotisserie basket, 1 drip tray that catches fat and oil, 1 rotisserie shaft to jab into the chicken or roast, and 1 removal tool, this air fryer can create more possibilities which means you’re able to cook more types delicious with the included recipe.
  • Up to 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods, the Innsky air fryer adopts the new technology of cooking food by 360°hot air circulation, which can offer you crunchy food with little or no oil, promising you healthy food as well as a delicious taste.
  • Cooking is fast and free from splattering oil vapor all over your kitchen countertop.


  • 10 easy-to-use preset sets
  • Provides 360 degrees of hot air circulation
  • Comes with a variety of cooking accessories for different types of cooking styles


  • Issues with a plastic burning smell

7. GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book, 7.0-Qt

GoWISE USA is a popular manufacturer of home kitchen appliances, and this is one of their most popular digital air fryer models. It comes with an easy-to-read touchscreen display, and it comes equipped with 8 preset cooking options that make cooking some of your favorite foods a breeze.

This manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty to help provide their customers with peace of mind on their purchase.

They designed the fry pan and basket to be stick-proof, and they are both FDA-certified to provide delicious and safe cooking of most types of foods. Plus, they provide you with a recipe book to help you get started.

Most consumers enjoyed the modern touchscreen display, and they liked that the air fry pan and basket were both FDA-certified. However, a few consumers did mention having minor difficulties with the security of the handle breaking after so many uses.


  • Healthier cooking in 30 min Or Less: thanks to rapid air technology, you can now experience your favorite food without the extra calories.
  • Modern touch screen design: sleek and modern look with advanced touch screen menu.
  • 8 preset cooking options and accessories: enjoy 8 pre-programmed cooking functions including fries/chips, pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, cake, fish, and pizza.
  • Fda-certified and PFOA-free comes with a non-stick FDA-certified and PFOA-free air fry pan and basket with a cool-touch handle and removable crisper tray for easy clean-up.


  • Modern touchscreen design
  • 8 preset cooking options
  • FDA-certified Air Fry Pan and Basket
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty


  • Minor issues with handling security

8. Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

Philips has a well-known reputation for manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances, and this is one of their most popular air fryer models. Philips understands the desire to be able to keep your air fryer clean, and for this, they have made the removable parts of the air fryer dishwasher safe.

This means, that after using the air fryer, you will simply have to remove the crumbs from the basket and place it in the dishwasher.

This air fryer is designed to cook up to 4 times faster than the traditional convection oven, and it has multi-cooking technology. With this air fryer, you can enjoy grilling, reheating, toasting, dehydrating, roasting, baking, and frying, in this single kitchen appliance.

It is important to note that this particular air fryer model will produce some smoke throughout the cooking process, but it is due to the design and does not mean anything is wrong.

Most consumers who looked at this model were wanting the best large-size air fryer, and they liked that it has multi-cooking technology and that the removable parts are safe to put in the dishwasher. However, some have had complaints about the unit producing a lot of smoke throughout the cooking process.


  • The Philips Airfryer XXL is the healthiest way to fry, using little or no added oil to fry your favorite food
  • With a 3lb/4qt capacity you can now make delicious meals for up to 6 people every day
  • The air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds, cooking 4 times faster than a conventional oven.


  • Multi-cooking technology: grill, roast, reheat, fry, bake, toast, and dehydrate
  • Cooks up to 4 times faster than traditional convection ovens
  • Removable dishwasher-safe parts


  • Minor issues with smoking during the cooking process

9. Paula Dean Family-Sized Air Fryer

Paula Dean is a well-known manufacturer of home cooking appliances, and this is one of their most popular family-sized air fryer models.

Paula Dean understands the importance of providing a quality product, and they have designed this air fryer with a removable basket and other parts that are entirely safe to be washed in a dishwasher, which helps to ensure the cleanliness of the appliance between uses.

Air fryers are a newer type of appliance, and they are always being improved.

This model comes with a rapid air circulation system, which is designed to crisp food on the outside while keeping the inside nice and tender.

Plus, they have coated the fry basket with an FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick substance to make it easier to clean the basket, which makes the fryer more hygienic to use.

Most consumers who have purchased this air fryer model have good things to say about it. They enjoy that the basket is removable and capable of being washed inside of a dishwasher. However, some have expressed a few minor issues with the air fryer door being shut properly.


  • Paula Deen’s largest air fryer yet! Features a single basket design that allows you to cook large enough portions to feed everyone around your dinner table (5-10 people).
  • Use the simple control knobs to set the timer (up to 60 minutes) and the recommended cooking temperature (up to 400ºF) to air fry, bake, roast, or even reheat your food.
  • Powered at 1700 watts, the rapid air circulation system and single basket design allow for larger portions of food to be cooked at faster cooking times.


  • The removable basket and parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Rapid air circulation system
  • A basket has FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick coating


  • Minor issues with shutting the air fryer door

10. Ultrean 8 Quart Air Fryer, Electric Hot Air Fryers XL Oven Oilless Cooker with 8 Presets

Ultrean is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and they have a reputation for always providing a quality customer service experience that makes dealing with any issues that arise easier.

This is one of their most popular air fryer models, and it has everything that you will need to enjoy cooking. This model is designed with a large basket capacity that is capable of making meals large enough for six to eight people in one sitting.

The fryer basket has a non-stick coating that is easily cleaned and dishwasher safe.

Plus, this manufacturer provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this model, which will help give you peace of mind that if something does go wrong with your model you will be able to get it fixed promptly through the help of their competent customer service department.

Many consumers that have purchased this air fryer model like that it has a larger basket capacity and that it is dishwasher safe. However, a few have expressed having issues with the chosen delivery service that the manufacturer uses for this particular model.


  • To expand the space, OMORC 6QT Air Fryer Nonstick Basket has a square design.
  • OMORC 6 Qt Air Fryer can make the same deliciously crunchy taste of fried food, which can reduce 85% oil compared to traditional frying methods
  • The removable fryer basket uses a non-stick coating, easy to clean. Suitable for dishwashers: fry basket & fry pot. Basket Dimension: 9. 1*9. 4*4. 5 in. 180°F-400°F, 120V, 1800W.


  • Large basket capacity for meals for 6-8 people
  • Non-stick fryer basket that is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Minor issues with the delivery process


Now that you have reviewed all of the above high-capacity air fryer models, we will provide you with some information that will help you to narrow those down to the perfect model to meet all of your needs. Let’s get started.

Price Range:

It is important to realize that air fryers come in most price ranges. They can code anywhere from $55 to $300 for high-end models.

Just like most things, just because one model is more expensive does not mean that it will be a better choice for quality.

Therefore, it is important to look at the individual factors that each model provides and not just look at the price tag.


This is an important factor because you need to ensure that it will be able to cook meals that will benefit your needs. After all, you can use an air fryer to cook a variety of things, but it is better to plan for the future and make sure that the capacity of the air fryer will be large enough to meet your future needs.


Many air fryers have several cooking functions that you can take advantage of. They aren’t designed to just air fry different types of food.

Some will also act as rotisseries, convection ovens, and many others. To save time and money, you should consider purchasing an air fryer that has some of these additional functions to save on time.

Manufacturer and Warranty:

When looking at an air fryer, you will find many manufacturers with different models. Some manufacturers cater to higher budgets, but some cater to lower budgets. Then, some manufacturers can provide models in both budget ranges.

Therefore, when you look at a manufacturer, the most important aspect to consider is if the manufacturer will back up their product.

One way to figure this out is to see if the model you are considering provides some sort of warranty or satisfaction guarantee.


Here are a few questions that you should consider before making your final purchasing decision on an air fryer model.
Do air fryers only good for cooking fried foods?
Depending on the model that you purchase, your air fryer will be able to produce a variety of food types. You need to make sure you pay attention to the extra functions that the air fryers you are considering have. Some will allow you to use the fryer as a convection oven, and some will allow you to even bake cakes in them. It all depends on the functions of that specific air fryer model.
Do I need to purchase a highly-priced air fryer for it to provide a quality cooking experience?
With most air fryers, the price depends on the number of functions that it is capable of performing. Depending on what you want to use your air fryer for, you can easily purchase an air fryer in a lower budget range, but if you want all of the high-tech functions, you might want to go for a more expensive model. So, the answer to this question is completely dependent on your needs and wants.
Is it necessary to purchase an air fryer that has a warranty?
A warranty is not necessary for an air fryer to be classified as a quality model, but that being said, a warranty for an electronic device is never a bad thing. After all, if a manufacturer is confident in their product, they will more than likely back their product with some sort of warranty.


Now that you have read all of the above materials, it is finally time to give you our opinion on which air fryer model is the best in most situations. It is important to remember that this is just an educated opinion, and it does not mean that this model will suit all of your needs.

You should always research different models before making any kind of purchasing decision, and it is important to view the different aspects and functions that you will require.

That being said, we have concluded that the best extra large-capacity air fryer is the GoWISE USA GW22931 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book. This air fryer is backed by its manufacturer, and it provides a nice display screen that makes reading the cooking settings easier than with some other air fryer models.

Plus, with this model, you will get 8 different presets for some of the most popular foods that are cooked in an air fryer, as well as a recipe book to help start you on your cooking adventures.

However, as stated above, this model does not have all of the functions that are available with some air fryers, but this is a generalized option that provides a positive cooking experience for most consumers for a quality price.

Remember to do your research and know what you want. It will help to make the right purchasing decision to meet your needs.

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