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The Best Japanese Rice Cookers in 2023

by Alexander Wong

When it comes to cooking rice, nobody can outdo Asians. If you are searching for a perfect rice cooker, opt for the ones made in Japan. This post will describe the top Japanese rice cookers in the market. We have researched various online reviews and tested their performance before posting them here.

Top-notch Japanese rice cookers have distinctive cooking features to cook multiple types of rice and connect with your smartphone. Keep reading to understand how to select the best rice cooker and know the best Japanese rice cookers.

Best Japanese Rice Cookers:

1. Aroma Housewares 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker

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Aroma listens to its customers when designing products that enhance their lives. It eliminates guesswork when preparing rice thanks to its 4-cup cool-touch Japanese rice cooker. This device cooks rice at the touch of a button and requires no supervision since it senses when food is ready and automatically keeps it warm for twelve hours.

The stunning white finish, together with chrome accents, gives a stylish appearance on your kitchen counter.

It’s versatile; it has over twelve cooking functions and includes a steamer tray to provide a surplus of meal options for your family. The in-built steamer structure enables nutrient-affluent meals to be cooked above while soup, rice, or other meals cook below, thus saving you time.

It is also available with accessories such as a rice paddle, a nonstick interior pot, and a PVC tray that enable easy cooking.

Most consumers rated this item 5 stars due to the excellent quality rice it produces, its design, and its simplicity during utility. Others liked its appearance and its capacity to prepare food for large families.

2. Dash Mini Rice Cooker Steamer with Removable Nonstick Pot

Dash Mini Rice Cooker Steamer

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Dash mini rice cooker is exceptionally portioned for meal preparation. It makes 2 cups of soups, grains, stews, ice soups, and more. Moreover, the rice cooker is straightforward to use.

This appliance is well-suited for offices, dorms, and other tight spaces. The automatic power-off function averts overheating as well as overcooked nutrients. Dishwasher safe and the 12-month guarantee ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

This Dash rice cooker enables straightforward utility, and has a button to press to begin cooking and to keep warm. It also contains cook indicator lights that will allow you to track your progress. It’s 2- cup capacity enables healthier control of meal portions.

The cool touch grips facilitate easy transport and handling from your kitchen to the table. The attached rice paddle prevents scratches on the cooking pot. The included measuring cup ensures precise results to prevent the rice from being mushy or dry.

The item is adorable and well-suited for its price. One of the consumers loved the measuring cup and rice paddle. Another consumer says the item has saved him the time, vigilance, and hassle of cooking and cleanup. It’s available with a recipe booklet that highlights foods you can prepare.

3. Instant Pot NOVA 6 Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

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The Instant Pot pressure cooker sports all the great features of the best rice cooker. It consumes minimal space and saves time. It also has an improved lid, thus closing the steam valve won’t be an issue since it has the Duo Nova cover that seals it automatically. The quick-release knob lets you release the pressure quickly, and the progress indicator informs you what’s taking place inside.

This kitchen appliance is created using stainless steel to serve you for several years and give you a sense of style. The food-grade 3-ply stainless steel will not damage food items such as citruses and tomatoes.

This device can function as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, browning/sauté tool, food warmer, yogurt maker, and steamer to suit all your food preparation needs.

One purchaser said the item is perfect for preparing beans and rice. It’s also simple to use, and versatile, and the steel insert lacks Teflon, which’s perfect. This appliance will make your food in less than 10 minutes to save time.

4. Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker

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The Instant Pot pressure cooker is manufactured to offer experience, safety, and dependence. It reduces your cooking time since it’s energy-efficient while preparing tasty meals.

It also eliminates six kitchen appliances since it can work as a steamer, pressure cooker, warmer, rice cooker, sauté tool, and slow cooker. The 24-hour delay timer enables proper meal planning. This is the best small rice cooker at an affordable price.

It has an in-built microprocessor that monitors temperatures and pressure. It also merges with Alexa to offer more than a thousand recipes, how-to clips, and a customized grocery list.

It’s constructed from food-grade 18/8(304) stainless steel and a 3-ply base for uniform heat distribution. Note that the inner cooking pot, steam rack, and cap are safe to clean in your dishwasher.

One user said after using this appliance for over 18 months, it still works perfectly. She’s confident about its safety. Since she does not like cooking, this Instant Pot has become her savior. Other consumers were impressed at its ability to cook food and keep it warm.

5. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

Rice Cooker and Warmer

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Zojirushi large rice cooker prepares tasty rice and is also available with a steaming vessel that works as a steamer. There is a baking setting that enables cake baking, and this 10-cup rice warmer and cooker prepares twenty cups of rice. It features various cooking functions such as mixed rice, sweet, white sushi/rice, quick cooking, steamed, brown, porridge, and cake.

The detachable inner lid and nonstick inner pan enable easy cleaning. There is also the retractable in-built power cord that allows straightforward storage and transport. The interchangeable beep and melody indicate when the cooking cycle lapses.

The appliance’s stainless steel exterior not only lasts long but also matches many kitchen decors. Accessories include a measuring cup, spatula, and spatula holder to improve cooking efficiency.

Eric Henson is happy with this kitchen appliance and loves the quality of rice it produces. He also loves the nonstick interior pot since it’s simple to remove and clean. Other users said the interior reel retracts the power cord for easy storage.

6. IMUSA USA GAU-00013 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 8-Cup (Uncooked) 16-Cup (Cooked)

Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

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Imusa is a Japanese rice cooker suitable for people on the go. It prepares food within a few minutes, thus more energy efficient. Available with a warm setting to re-warm your rice.

Imusa makes 16 cups of cooked rice for large families, and the warm and cook indicators help monitor your food’s progress. Comes with a glass lid and air vent for uniform cooking

Consumers love the size and color of this cooker. It also has an attractive look and fits small spaces. It can also cook various types of rice.

7. Zojirushi, Made in Japan Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

euro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

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This Zojirushi 5.5 cup rice cooker has acquired plenty of customer praise for being a fast rice cooker. Despite its automatic function, it’s simple to utilize and clean. With an egg-like shape, the white finish will emphasize your kitchen décor. The 5.5-cup capacity of uncooked rice yields ten cups of rice enough for five or six.

It’s designed using microcomputer (MICOM) technology to prepare all types of rice highlighted in its menu setting. The microchip enables you to control the time and temperature in regard to the kind of rice. The retractable power cable ensures easy storage, and the quick cook option allows faster cooking speeds to save time. The interior pot also comes with stay-cool grasps for easy mobility from the kitchen to the table.

Cdubya bought this item for his wife. He praises its price affordably and its ability to cook chewy and glossy rice. It has high reviews, the latest technology, and useful features to prepare the perfect rice. The appliance’s footprint is adequate for storage or counter space.

8. Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker

4 Cup Rice Cooker

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Are you searching for the best cheap rice cooker? The Cuisinart CRC-400 rice cooker is simple to use, constructed from stainless steel, and reasonably priced. It has a steam vent to avoid splashing, and the chrome-plated grips are cool to your touch for enhanced portability. You are assured of its quality since it comes with a 3-year limited guarantee.

This 4-cup rice cooker can steam your veggies, meat, and rice. Its modern square shape shows style and the stainless steel finish are rust-resistant to offer years of usage. The accessories included are the steaming basket, glass lid, nonstick cooking bowl, measuring cup, and measuring cup for cooking expedience. It automatically keeps warming your food when cooking lapses for tasty and healthy food.

One buyer said it cooked rice perfectly, and it is effortless to add other substances that add flavor to the rice. Other consumers said it’s easy to operate and clean up. It also cooks rice in less than 15 minutes.

9. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket

 Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket

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This rice cooker from the Tiger Corporation comes with an induction heating capacity and Fuzzy logic technology to produce uniformly cooked rice with minimum input from the user. Most customers prefer this appliance since it rapidly radiates heat to cook pliable and delicious rice. The cooking plate is uniquely designed to prevent its flavors from affecting the texture and flavor of the rice.

This multi-purpose cooker enables you to cook two meals concurrently, thanks to its ‘tacook’ cooking function. The auto-cooking logic unit monitors the heat levels to make an outstanding meal. The nonstick interior pan allows easy cleaning, and the four cooking options, brown rice, slow cooking, synchrony cooking, and plain rice, enable you to cook various rice types.

This cooker is fast and delivers delicious rice. It cooks rice evenly and also acts as a steamer. Purchasers added that the keep warm option offers excellent function and does not culminate in any bottom crusting or over-drying

10. Tiger JNP-1800-FL 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer

Rice Cooker and Warmer

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The Tiger 10-cup rice cooker automatically keeps warming your food after cooking for convenience purposes. It gives an attractive design to the kitchen. Tiger dwells on its applicability and durability.

The appliance features a retractable cord for easy storage and comes with a measuring cup and spatula to eliminate guesswork when cooking. It keeps your food warm for twelve hours, thus allowing flexible meal plans, and the removable steam vent enables easy cleanup.

It prepares flavorful rice with a good texture even after a customer had used it for two years. The appliance also features a sturdy construction.


Keep Warm Function

The best cookers offer keep-warm options that are either manual or automatic. Others provide a keep warm aspect which keeps your rice warm and fresh for extended periods without drying.

Type of Cord

The cord should be retractable for simple utility. Detachable cables are cumbersome to use.

Hardness Selection Function

This function enables you to select the hardness of your rice. If you are searching for a certain hardness or changing the dish’s hardness, this feature is crucial.

Best Japanese Rice Cookers FAQ

Are Japanese rice cookers costly?
Most rice cookers from Japan command higher prices than traditional rice cookers since they offer more performance, capacity, and applicability.
Which Japanese rice cookers are the best?
The rice cookers in the above review will suit your rice cooking needs and are highly rated by consumers.
Is it safe to use rice cookers made in Japan?
Yes. Ensure you clean rice thoroughly before putting them in your rice cooker to eliminate bugs or arsenic traces.

How To Cook Japanese Rice

You can learn how to cook Japanese rice to tempt your family and friends with delicious dishes. The Japanese have a special way of cooking rice using an absorption method.

You can learn the secrets and art of cooking Japanese rice. Since rice is a Japanese staple, the majority of Japanese households have an electric rice cooker to ensure consistent results.

Most Japanese people have a specific grain of rice they prefer. The idea is to cook the best possible rice. Using high-quality rice is important for achieving sensational results.

How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

The most important step in cooking Japanese rice is polishing. Without polishing, you will end up with a sticky and distasteful mess. To begin, you will need:

  • A rice cooker
  • Short-grain white rice
  • Water
  • Measuring cup

Polishing Your Rice Grains

Measure the rice you need for your meal, then pour it into your rice cooker’s metal bowl. Next, pour enough water over your rice until it is completely covered. Your rice should be approximately one inch below the water’s surface.

For Japanese rice, you need to use cold water. Your water will turn a milky white. Due to the starch, the water washes off the grains. Grab a handful of rice with your hands, then work it forcibly through your fingers.

Rub the grains together to remove the remaining starch from the grains. Rinse off your rice, then repeat the procedure. Once you have polished your rice vigorously for about 30 seconds, pour out the water. Use fresh cold water to refill your bowl.

Polish your rice four to five more times. Make certain you continue changing your water between each polishing. When your water is clear, pour it out. Congratulations, you have just successfully polished your rice in true Japanese style.

Measuring Your Water

Your rice cooker should have graduation lines showing the amount of water you need. To make one cup of rice, fill your rice cooker to the first line. The second line makes two cups, and the third three.

Close the lid of your rice cooker, then step away for between 20 and 60 minutes. Do not push the start button. At this point in time, you need to be patient and wait. According to the Japanese, this step is important.

While your rice is sitting in the water, it will soften. Although you can proceed in 20 minutes, waiting for the full hour is recommended for the tenderest rice.

How Long to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker?

Once you have completed your waiting period, push the start button on your rice cooker. No two rice cookers are exactly the same, but you should be able to cook one cup of perfect rice in about 25 minutes.

Your cooker may notify you when your rice is done. This is usually done by emitting a beeping sound.

Japanese and American Measurements

American and Japanese cups are not the same size. Japanese cups are approximately 200ml, while American cups are roughly 240ml. Do not use a Japanese rice cooker with an American cup or vice versa.

If your cup and rice cooker do not match, your internal graduations will not be correct. If you purchased your measuring cups or rice cooker in another country, this information is critical.

Light and Fluffy Rice

Your rice will be light and fluffy. Japanese rice is also slightly sticky so you can eat it with chopsticks. Many Japanese dishes are prepared using unsalted, plain rice including fish, Japanese curry, pork cutlets, or Tonkatsu.

If you want to add a little spice to your rice, you have several options including:

  • Pour a package of beef curry mix on your rice before serving.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of chopped tomatoes to your water prior to cooking.
  • Add a little garam masala, turmeric, or cumin to your water prior to cooking.

What Kind of Rice for Sushi?

Not every type of rice is the same. You need to use the best Japanese rice to make sushi. If you do not use the right type of rice your results will be disappointing. You can purchase sushi rice from your local grocery store.

Sushi rice is usually made from California medium-grain rice or white, short-grain Japanese rice. The bag will say sushi rice. If sushi rice is not available, you can use Calrose rice instead.

Ingredients for Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is not hard to make. All you need are five ingredients, five minutes for prep, and 30 minutes for resting. You will need:

  • Three cups of sushi rice
  • One-quarter cup of Japanese rice vinegar
  • Three cups water
  • One teaspoon salt
  • Two tablespoons sugar

Making Sushi Rice

Put enough rice for three servings into a medium bowl for mixing, then use cold water for covering your rice. Use your hands to gently swirl the rice. Pour out the water, repeat two to three times, then rinse a couple of times once your water is clear.

Place your rice into a strainer or colander to drain for about an hour. Drain your rice, then put it into your rice cooker. Add three cups of water, put on the cover, then push the start button.

What Happens If a Rice Cooker Is Not Available?

You can still make sushi rice without a rice cooker. Heat your water and rice over medium-high heat in a heavy saucepan.

Bring your rice to a boil, turn the heat to low, cover, and simmer for about 15 minutes. Let your rice rest for 15 minutes after turning off the heat,

Japanese Rice Vinegar

No matter how you are preparing your rice, you need to use Japanese rice vinegar. You can purchase quality products at a Japanese market and some local grocery stores. Once your rice has finished cooking, spread it gently onto a cookie sheet.

Spread your rice vinegar evenly over your rice. Use a wooden spatula or rice paddle to turn over your rice occasionally. This will ensure your rice is cooling evenly. If you are impatient, every time you turn over your rice, fan it.

Once your rice has reached room temperature, you can make sushi rolls. If you are running short on time, put your rice into a mixing bowl. Use a damp kitchen towel to cover the bowl.

This will ensure your rice remains at the right temperature until you are ready to begin. The Japanese rice vinegar gives your rice a slightly sweet, delicious, and rich taste.

If Japanese rice vinegar is not available, you can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute.

Learning how to cook Japanese rice opens up new possibilities for delicious meals. Japanese cooking is also healthier, with less fat and carbohydrates than traditional American fare.

You can find numerous types of rice at a Japanese market. Try using several different types to determine which one you like the most. You will discover certain types of rice work better with specific dishes such as sushi than others.

Have fun sharing new tastes and dishes with your family and friends for special occasions and everyday meals.


The models in this post will offer the best performance. Note that the best Japanese rice cookers should have a retractable cord, keep warm aspects, and other advanced features. The rice cookers are reasonably affordable. Purchase yours now, and experience the numerous benefits of Japanese rice cookers.

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