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The Best Grill Tongs in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Are you looking for the best-rated BBQ tongs? This post will explain all you need about the leading best grill tongs. A plethora of consumers applaud the following grill tongs for their outstanding durability, performance, and the way they accentuate your style.

Grills are convenient options for quicker food preparation than frying or baking. Note that proper grilling requires top-notch grill tongs. After in-depth research on customer reviews and the performance of various grill tongs, the following seven tongs are best rated by consumers.

Keep reading for more insight into these grill tongs and how to select the most suitable grill tongs from the wide variety in the market.

Top Grill Tongs Reviews

1. Weber 6610 Original Tongs, Stainless Steel

Weber Premium Grill Tongs

Among the top Weber grilling accessories is Weber 6610. It lets you turn ribs, and large roast items easily, and rearrange charcoal. These grill tongs have a heavy-duty sports structure, but they are lightweight on your hands. Their outstanding design entails an extensive, textured handle with an efficient storage ring.

Although these large pincers offer better utility when handling more substantial foods, they can adequately flip your asparagus spears. Their comfortable feel and lightweight springiness make them top our list.

Most consumers love its heavy-duty construction and its extensive structure that prevents you from roasting your fingers. The spring action is also impressive and makes it simple to close.

Consumers also appreciate its compatibility with the dishwasher and the easy cleanup. Another significant aspect is their ability to pick up large and small items. Other reviews were keen on the tongs’ durability which offers several years of utility.

2. Shark Grill Tongs

Shark BBQ Grill Tongs

When looking for heavy-duty grill tongs, Shark BBQ grill tongs are among the most compelling options. This refined and high-quality build appliance will eliminate the demerits of grill tongs that bite your hand, tire the thumbs, and create messes on your floor.

The top-tier 304 steel is rust-resistant for long-term utility. The item is reasonably affordable, and you can return it when not satisfied, thanks to its lifetime guarantee.

Most users of the Shark Grill appreciate its durability which extends for several years. They also love that it has outstanding grip strength and long and sharp sides which are great for cutting briskets and other food items.

The appliance is also easy to clean; consequently, you only require soapy water and a dish sponge. It’s also safe for the dishwasher.

Consumers also said it was comfortable to use, and the extended frame prevents you from getting burnt when reaching for the grill’s back. The design is outstanding with excellent construction materials.

3. Smart Cook 16″ Tongs

16-Inch Stainless Steel Tong

These tongs come equipped with a locking system suitable for straightforward storage. Their scalloped edges complement the rubber and plastic rubber handle with the thumb rest made to enhance your comfort and control upon utility.

These stainless steel bbq tongs are sturdy enough for grilling large chunks of meat. You get great value for your hard-earned cash since it’s priced reasonably.

Consumers are talking about how this appliance can reach difficult spots and love its lightweight design. The locking device is easy to use, and the device has a perfect length to prevent your hands from burning.

Jheneya, who bought the Smart Cook for her husband, says he fell in love with the comfortable handgrips and heavy-duty structure.

4. Hosimay Grill Thongs

Extra Long Locking Barbeque Tongs

Hosimay barbecue grill tongs are made from top-notch stainless steel and provide immense versatility for your grilling or cooking needs.

These tongs have insulated, and sport non-slip handles plus thumb rests for more natural control when grilling. Hosimay offers 100 percent satisfaction owing to its three months cash-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.

Jblaze says both sizes are the perfect length, and the device is a suitable Christmas gift. The pincers are strong enough to handle large food items. Other consumers say the appliance is easy to use, and its high-quality build offers long-term utility.

5. GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Professional Extra Long Tong

GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Professional Extra Long Tong

GrillPro is among the best sellers of long grilling tongs, and you don’t have to fret about burning your fingers or hands, thanks to its 16″ length. It comes with a sturdy oak handle for comfy grips when cooking or grilling.

The stainless steel and solid oak construction enable you to grill with style. It’s reasonably affordable despite its useful features. Dishwashing the GrillPro is not advised because of the oak handles.

Sara Fryd, who recently had back surgery, said the GrillPro offered immense help since it could reach the grill back. The item is easy to utilize at an affordable price.

The rubber/silicone inlay provides a comfortable grip, and the locking mechanism easily opens and closes depending on your needs.

6. Gibson Bullet Grill tongs

Gibson Bullet Stainless Steel Kitchen & BBQ Tongs

These grill tongs are the ideal addition to your BBQ and a necessity for your tailgate parties and summer cookouts. They are unique, thanks to the 50-caliber replica bullet attached to every handle.

The front design offers a secure grasp for a surfeit of items. The locking structure enables compact storage and is an ideal gift for groomsmen, fathers, hunters, and soldiers.

Most consumers commented on the strength of these BBQ tongs. The bullet component is removable, and you can quickly flip a whole chicken using these tongs.

An online customer added that it meets her expectations, and she intends to buy it for her husband. Other consumers pointed out the device’s long-term utility which extends to multiple years

7. RSVP Grill Tongs

RSVP International Endurance® BBQ Locking Tongs

RSVP focuses on providing kitchen appliances and cooking items at reasonably affordable prices. Their RSVP International Grill tongs are an excellent example; they flip both large and small food items with ease. Their perfect length prevents you from roasting your precious fingers.

Moreover, the stainless steel fabrication and Rosewood ergonomic handle offer a touch of style. The hook on the handle provides easy storage. RSVP provides the appropriate tools to complement your kitchen utensils, and ingredients to create irreplaceable moments

Most consumers love the hinge and the folded edge within the sheet metal that stiffens them. The handles are ergonomic, and you can flip racks of ribs. They also said the tongs are expedient for grilling and won’t feel the heat when using this pair of thongs even when turning hot coals.

Other clients said the product is beautiful and perfect for a Christmas gift. The wooden handles are well-suited for barbeques. The product is also priced moderately.

Factors to Consider

Grill tongs are essential kitchen appliances; however, making a selection from the various options in the market can be a tiresome ordeal. They are different from your regular tongs and are longer featuring thicker steel fabrication to withstand the grill heat.

Select one that’s strong and endures your barbequing and grilling activities. Here are essential pointers you need to consider before purchasing the best extra-long grill tongs.


The handle is an essential part of the tongs. Ensure the tongs are constructed from non-slip material to prevent them from slipping when your hands are slippery or sweaty from grilling meat and other food types.

The best brands will offer heat-tolerant grips built from long-lasting synthetic silicone or rubber. Their grips have an ergonomic design and can flip both large and small food alternatives.


One of the critical safety factors to heed is the length of the prospective tongs. It should offer an adequate distance from your hand to prevent any contact with the grill’s flame.

The length has to turn your food when barbequing. Ensure the length is at least 5 to 12 inches, but if you grill using high levels of heat, then your barbeque grill utensils have to be longer. Longer tongs offer more safety and comfort.

Closing mechanism

Barbeque tongs are usually available in two varieties; the conventional spring-open option and the scissor-like alternative. The performance of the latter depends on the pivot point’s position.

However, you can get tired when using this option for extended periods since you need to open it more comprehensively. The spring-open type offers impressive versatility.

Sliding towards its working end offers a tighter grasp and, further towards its pivot point, opens the device wider.

Head Style

Keep a keen eye on how the tips were designed. The most versatile head style is the scalloped edge, but it’s not suitable for ice since the hollow design makes holding ice cubes difficult.


Settle for tongs made from top-tier thick metal like stainless steel. They can withstand grilling activities such as lifting or roasting steaks on the grate.

Stainless steel grill tongs are excellent options since they are rust-tolerant and tough. They will also serve you for years. Other options include plastic, metal, and bamboo.

You can also purchase the wooden options if you don’t want scratches on the interior of your pans and pots.


There are various options for grill tongs which can make the consumer experience difficulties in identifying the right one. However, the above tips can help you make your selection. The best grill tongs should permit you to grill above open flames while preventing you from roasting your forearms.

They also have to be robust enough to turn large food items quickly. The products enlisted in this post will yield a level of strength, durability, and critical features, which will enable you to grill efficiently like a pro. Purchase one now for exceptional style and functionality.

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