The Best Two-Slice Toasters in 2024

Two-slice toasters are ideal for small households. It’s easy to take these simple kitchen appliances for granted. For years, I relied on the same old clunky metal toaster.

Then, I visited a friend and tested out their state-of-the-art toaster oven. The chunky gourmet toast I inserted into the slots was perfectly browned and squishy when it popped out of the machine.

That’s when I knew I was missing out on some premium home appliance features. After all, my toaster would have left that same bread charred and inedible. Since toasters are relatively inexpensive and get a lot of mileage in the kitchen, it wasn’t difficult to justify my appliance upgrade.

Two-slice toasters are rather basic appliances. They toast bread, defrost frozen waffles, and warm frozen pastries. Most have slots that are wide enough to accommodate everything from Ego waffles to Texas toast, while some only cater to standard sliced bread.

Best Two-Slice Toasters

1. Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector

The Hamilton Beach Two-Slice Toaster is the cheapest toaster on the market. Available in red and black, this Hamilton Beach appliance looks and performs excellently. The control options on the appliance are limited to a single dial. There’s also a toast-boosting carriage lever. A non-stick liner also prevents the bread from sticking to the sides of the device.

Both the red and black models boast brushed stainless steel sides. This surface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The toaster also has an integrated cord wrap for less cluttered counter setups.

While we would have liked it if there was a specific bagel or pastry setting, we really can’t complain. The extra-wide slots are perfect for thick-cut slices of bread. The browning settings let you dial in your preferred toast level. A push button lets you cancel your toast at any time. A swing-open crumb tray makes for easier than ever cleanup.

Customers say this is an amazing lightweight toaster.


  • Crisps but doesn’t burn
  • One-year warranty
  • Seven-setting toast shade selector
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Toast boost carriage
  • Swing-open crumb tray


  • The carriage lever is made of plastic

2. Oster Two-Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster

This stylish two-slice toaster by Oster produces consistently browned bread. First off, we love the metallic gray exterior. It’s an undeniably modern kitchen appliance. With five push-button controls and a chrome-capped browning dial, it enables you to dial in your toast preferences.

You can choose between seven fine-tuned toast shades and three alternative pastry settings. If you’re cooking up a bagel, frozen baked good, or pastry, the Oster is a good bet.

A removable crumb tray makes for easier cleanup.


  • Seven browning settings via an easy-to-toggle dial
  • Dual automatic adjustments for even toasting
  • Accommodates extra-long, wide toast
  • Removable crumb tray


  • Bagel setting leaves outside cool

3. Amazon Basics Two-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Amazon’s two-slice toaster is very popular with bargain hunters. This black kitchen appliance has loads of polished chrome accents. It also boasts two extra-wide slots and six browning settings. As such, it has no trouble cooking bread to each user’s preferred darkness.

The slots are 5 ¼ inches long and 1 ¼ inch wide. As such, they can accommodate most bread and bagels. There are individual buttons for defrosting bread, warming bagels, and abruptly ending cooking sessions.

The pumped-up lever gives little slices extra lift. This makes it easier and safer for you when it comes to removing food. A 22-inch power cord gives you plenty of wiggle room when it comes to setting up a toasting station. Meanwhile, an integrated cord wrap helps eliminate unnecessary clutter. The product is backed by AmazonBasic’s blanket one-year warranty.

Consumers found that the AmazonBasics toaster oven was one of the most affordable middle-of-the-road options.


  • Covered by a one-year warranty
  • 22-inch power cord plus cord wrap
  • Two extra-wide slots
  • Super lift carriage
  • The Black and chrome aesthetic looks great
  • Illuminated buttons and browning dial


  • The top is not insulated

4. Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Two-Slice Toaster

The beauty of the Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice Toaster is that it keeps toast warm without continuing to brown it. The brushed stainless steel appliance has a simple interface. There is a browning dial on one side of the carriage lift lever. Above that, there are keep warm, bagel, defrost, and cancel buttons. The pushbuttons have illuminated blue borders for easier viewing in dim conditions.

The exterior walls of the toaster oven remain cool despite its piping-hot internal temperature. An integrated carriage boost sends food higher for easier removal. A cord wrap on the bottom of the toaster makes for clutter-free storage.

A ready tone alerts you when your toast is ready. Don’t worry if you happen to rush out the door without your breakfast. The toaster also has a 3-minute automatic shutoff.

If you’re someone who cares a lot about the temperature of your toast, you’ll love Hamilton Beach’s keep-warm function.


  • Extra-wide slots
  • Keeps toast warm without toasting
  • Cool-walled brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Illuminated controls
  • Browning dial
  • Cord wrap on the bottom


  • Browns quickly at low settings

5. Cuisinart CPT-160 Metal Classic Two-Slice Toaster


The Cuisinart Metal Classic Two-Slice toaster is the top-rated toaster on the market. First off, we love the look of this brushed stainless kitchen appliance. The BPA-free black plastic is also a nice touch. Polished chrome and black accents give it a modern, upscale appearance.

The 1.5-inch slots are wide enough to accommodate extra-thick slices of bread. The extra-let carriage lever ensures that your toast is easy to retrieve when it’s ready.

A six-setting browning dial offers lets you dial in on a favorable browning setting. There are also reheat, defrost, and bagel buttons. A slide-out crumb tray makes it easy to remove burnt bits from the bottom of the toaster. You can also eliminate counter clutter with the help of the integrated cord wrap. What’s more, the device carries a three-year limited warranty.

Consumers agree that this is the ultimate little toaster. The dial accuracy is on-point.


  • 1.5-inch bread slots
  • Extra-lift carriage lever
  • Six-setting browning dial
  • Brushed stainless steel accessories
  • Cancel button


  • No countdown timer

6. KRUPS Two-Slice Toaster

The Krups stainless steel toaster is the master of the double slice. It boasts large, self-centering slots. They produce even browning on a wide variety of bread, bagels, and buns. The onboard browning dial offers six specific settings. Just choose your browning preference and pull down the high-lift carriage lever.

Toast is raised high above the slots for easy retrievals. There are also functions for defrosting and reheating. It’s one of the few appliances we came across that has a setting for warming without browning. With the help of the bagel setting, you can warm one side while browning the other.

The defrost, reheat, bagel, and cancel settings all come in the form of push buttons with blue indicator lights. A polished chrome lift sits to the right of this control board. The product is backed by a two-year warranty.

Customers love the modern aesthetic of this two-slot toaster. The option to warm without browning has also won over a lot of naysayers.


  • Brushed and polished stainless steel exterior
  • Blue illuminated buttons
  • Six-setting onboard browning dial
  • High-lift lever
  • Two-year warranty
  • Modern kitchen aesthetic


  • No UL certification

7. Cuisinart CPT-415 Countdown Two-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-415 is the ultimate modern toaster. It has a solid brushed stainless housing with four push-button settings and a digital browning level and countdown display. The cord is 36 inches long.

Settings range from one to seven, with seven being the darkest shade of toast. Defrost, and reheat settings. A cancel button allows you to pause the action and lift the bread out of the slots.

The Cuisinart’s high-lift lever brings the bread into reach. Meanwhile, the onboard timer lets you know exactly when your toast will be ready.

Customers love Cuisineart’s bagel setting. It leaves bagels crispy and brown on top and chewy and soft on the bottom.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Illuminated LED display
  • High-lift lever
  • Defrost and bagel settings
  • Seven toast settings
  • Onboard countdown timer


  • Crumbs can get stuck inside the LED display

8. Dash Clear View Toaster: Extra Wide Slot Toaster with See-Through Window


This is the long-slot toaster on the market right now. First off, it has a charming diner-blue exterior. What’s more, it has a large viewing window for your enjoyment. Since you can see exactly what’s going on, there’s no excuse for burnt toast.

The pop-up carriage throws your toast right into the air. Theatrical tricks aside, this small yet mighty toaster is a beast in the kitchen. The price is also quite low, especially when you consider the unique design.

Customers say this is the cutest toaster they’ve ever seen.


  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Seven browning levels
  • Trendy color
  • Viewing window


  • Super powerful pop-up toast carriage

9. Hamilton Beach Two-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector

This incredible wide-slot toaster is exactly what you need to brown extra-thick pieces of artisan bread or Texas toast. Its premium bagel and defrost settings also make it a good match for specialty bread and pastries.

Illuminated touch buttons offer users ease and clarity. The high-lift toast carriage brings warm, browned bread into fingers’ reach. You can adjust the shade by dialing in your preference on the onboard dial. If something isn’t right, you can press the cancel button the cease the heat.

Consumers say that they trust this toaster with their favorite breakfast delicacies.


  • Blue illuminated settings buttons
  • Extra-wide slots for artisan bread and bagels
  • Adjustable shade selector dial
  • Polished chrome and black exterior


  • Not exceptionally powerful

10. Merece Two-Slice Toaster – Smart Stainless Steel Toaster

The Merece is the toaster for bagels! It has super-wide 1.5-inch slots as well as six shade settings. The bagel settings toast one side of a baked good while warming the other. The defrost setting warms bread products so that they are ready for eating or toasting.

The cancel button turns on as soon as pull the lever down. A blue LCD screen tells you the progress of the toasting process. A removable tray makes it easy for you to discard loose breadcrumbs. A fuss-free cord wrap makes it easier to manage any unused portions of the power cord. Your food pops up as soon as it is ready.


  • Beautiful, easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Seven-setting toast dial
  • Onboard cancel button
  • The 1.6-inch slot is perfect for bagels and artisan bread


  • No indicator sounds

Factors to Consider

Slot Size

The length, depth, and width of your toaster slots determine what you’ll be toasting. Most two-slice toasters have two side-by-side slots. However, some boast a single slot that can fit up to two slices of bread. Toasters with slots that are 1.5 inches or wider can accommodate thick artisan bread, bagels, and hamburger buns.


Consider the durability and conductivity of various parts of your toaster. Most toasters boast an outer shell made of heat-resistant plastic or thin aluminum. Outer walls mustn’t get hot to the touch. They should also be easy to wipe down at the end of a toasting session.


People can be pretty particular about their toast. Find a toaster that lets you tune into your target shade of brown. Make sure the appliance is also capable of promptly dethawing and reheating foods. While toasters are typically used for sliced bread, they can also be used for brown vegetables, pastries, and frozen entrees.

Additional Uses

People often complain that their toasters do a poor job of browning bagels. Commonly, the bagel settings fail to warm the outside of the bagel. Or else, they burn it till it’s barely edible.

Crumb Trays and Cord Holders

A removable crumb tray helps keep your toaster oven and counter clean. Bits of browned bread is bound to accumulate underneath toaster slots. These little pieces accumulate quite fast. They tend to burn easily. They even have the potential to set a toaster on fire.

On top of this, most toasters come with lengthy power cords. While a long-strength cord makes it easier to plug in an appliance, these elements also have the potential to become countertop clutter.


Can I clean the inside of my toaster?
Never use sharp objects to remove stuck pieces of food. What's more, do not use water to clean the internal mechanisms. Instead, focus on emptying the crumb tray regularly. Then, wipe down the top of the bread slots and the outside of the toaster.
Can the bagel setting be used for items other than bagels?
Oftentimes, bagel settings only extend heating times. This ensures that thick baked goods are heated from top to bottom without burning. These settings can also be used to heat and brown thicker bread and pastries.
Why is the color of my toast so inconsistent?
Ultimately, the final color of your bread is determined by a lot of different factors. The thickness, temperature, and moisture level of the bread all impact how it is toasted.
Why choose a two-slice toaster over a four-slice toaster?
Ultimately, you know how much toast you are going to consume. If you live alone or with a single roommate, a two-slice toaster will help you cut down on your power consumption while fine-tuning your toast preferences. It's a win-win for everyone!


We hope you enjoyed our review of the top two-slice toasters. These machines are an integral part of kitchen culture. What are eggs without toast? If you are looking to get out of here with a quick recommendation, check out the Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice Toaster.

This brilliant polished chrome and brushed stainless steel appliance ensures that your plate is always adorned with expertly browned sliced bread and pastries.

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