Oklahoma Joes Highland vs Longhorn Grill

Having any old offset smoker doesn’t quite cut it; you need a quality offset smoker, which is why in this post, we’re comparing Oklahoma Joe’s Highland vs Longhorn side-by-side.

Anyone serious about grilling knows that a reverse flow offset smoker is the way to go for smoking meat. The baffle plate piece within the cooking chamber gives far more control over the smoke that runs over your food, producing desirable quality results.

Oklahoma Joe’s is a trusted brand that provides people with top-of-the-line grilling products, and in this review, we’ll cover the Highland vs Longhorn smoker. Through this review, we’ll go through what makes each of these top-rated offset smokers unique in their ways, and guide you to deciding on the Oklahoma Joe smoker for you.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

The Highland is the small offset smoker of the two but still provides you with everything from heat control to customizability and durable construction. While similar to the Longhorn, you get a lower price tag that makes up for the reduced amount of space.

Luckily, the results you get with this smoker are just as excellent, making this the perfect reverse-flow smoker for those who don’t need too much.

Buyers are delighted about the thickness and durability of this smoker and agree that assembly requires minimal stress and hassle. Customers are happy that the temperature always seems to stay right where you need it and that the baffles work very well to provide the perfect smokey flavor.

Buyers do warn, however, that you might need to install additional sealants and latches to keep heat and smoke from leaking out of the product in certain areas.

While the Highland may not be as big or close as secure, it still ranks in the realm of high-end offset smokers. At an affordable price, the heat performance, modification-friendly features, and sturdy construction will put a smile on your face, and on the faces of everyone who gets a taste of your professionally smoked meat served proudly by the smoker.


  • Simplicity: Due to the smaller size of this smoker, assembly is relatively more straightforward than the Longhorn smoker. Customizing is also more straightforward by comparison, which goes to show that sometimes a more substantial-sized product takes a bit more effort when it comes to maintenance.
  • Firebox Strength: Unlike the Longhorn, which is, unfortunately, known to have problems with chipping paint on the firebox, the Highland firebox holds up very well. Having that firebox in good shape is essential, especially if you’re a competitive griller, so a long-lasting firebox is always something you want to have.


  • Space: Unfortunately, the size does inevitably come into play. If you’re cooking for a crowd or for a competition that requires you to have a lot of space, a smaller unit can put you at a practical disadvantage. It might be perfect if you’re smoking meat for yourself or a small group, but maybe not the best if you’re trying to feed more people than that.
  • Leaks: The Highland sometimes does have some problems with smoke and heat leaking from the cooking chamber. There’s a chance you’ll have to take it upon yourself to install some extra seals and latches. Despite this problem, however, the Highland still retains temperature well, so some additional sealing will only heighten its performance.

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

This Oklahoma Joe’s barbeque smoker is a heavy-duty contraption that gives you more space to do what you need to do and excellent mechanics to do it. With multiple baffles and heat dampers, areas you can modify, and pleasing temperature control, the smoker is an instrument for successful smoking.

Customers are pleased the most with how consistent the heat stays and the durability of the construction. Buyers like the way this smoker looks and attest to professional performance.

While some claim cleaning isn’t that easy and some note peeling paint, the smoker isn’t challenging to modify to heighten performance and works very well despite its flaws.

For a fantastic Oklahoma Joe BBQ, this smoker gives you the performance and functionality you want and need. With a sturdy build that you can customize and high-performance reverse flow, you’ve got everything you need to go smoke meat with excellent results every time.


  • Temperature: Heat retention is one of the most desirable features of the Longhorn. Both sides of the smoker stay consistent in temperature so that one side isn’t colder than the other, which is what you want when trying to infuse an even smokey flavor into your meat.
  • Secure Construction: The Longhorn has the upper hand when it comes to construction. While both these grills are steel-made with porcelain-enameled grates, they are a tad sturdier and close more securely. You won’t need to worry about heat leaks, which leads right back to keeping the temperature consistent.


  • Peeling Paint: Unlike the Highland, the Longhorn smoker doesn’t have as withstanding of a firebox. Over time, the heat of the smoker and the natural elements will cause the firebox paint to peel. Peeling paint will mean you’ll need to be careful to ensure that no paint chips fall into your food.
  • Cleaning: For many, the Longhorn smoker is harder to clean than the Highland, especially the baffles. One can attribute most of that difficulty to the larger surface area and the fact that the baffles are a little harder to reach overall.

Insights and Takeaways

Highland vs Longhorn like anything, each of these smokers has its strengths and weaknesses, so the key to finding the reverse flow offset smoker is knowing what you want. Both smokers have customizable areas and offer stable construction that puts the mind at ease, but there are a couple of key differences to note.

The Highland is best for someone who doesn’t need much space and prefers a more straightforward approach – plus, it’s a tad more affordable than the Longhorn. The Longhorn is best for crowd-pleasers and those who don’t mind a little extra cleaning.

The offset smoker on the market is different for everyone, but Oklahoma Joe’s strives to deliver quality that competes with the rest. Whichever smoker seems to strike your fancy, you’re still getting a great product at the end of the day.

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