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The Best Olive Oil Dispensers in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Olive oil brings tremendous benefits, but there is a problem that is all too common for those who use it. Despite the fact that olive oil can help you cook, keep you healthier, and add a fresh taste to your meals, there is a challenge in storing and pouring it out.

If olive oil is exposed to sunlight, it can oxidize. This means that the flavor of your oil will turn for the worse! Pouring out oil from the bottle is often messy as well. There are many oil rings on counters all over the world that testify to how difficult working with olive oil can be.

Luckily, there is a solution; olive oil dispensers solve both of these problems. They can prevent olive oil from oxidizing by guarding it with different types of material, and they can make pouring out the oil easy through well-designed nozzles.

This review analyzes the top-performing dispensers on the market on the criteria of ease of use, effectiveness in preventing oxidation, price, durability, and aesthetic value. The best olive oil dispenser bottle should be chosen because they will be effective in preserving your oil which will save you money, and they will enable you to use olive oil without making messes to save you time.

The following are the top ten best olive oil dispensers on the market that can radically change the way you cook and use olive oil.

Top Olive Oil Dispensers Reviews

1. Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Set

AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

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This can be considered to be the best olive oil bottle out there. The set includes many bonuses that greatly aid the cooking and transportation of olive oil. A funnel for refills, a separate drizzle nozzle set, and a stopping lid make this a great buy.

The bottle itself is very dark. This can stop most light from entering the bottle to keep your oil fresh. Its non-leak design prevents leaks when pouring, and its elegant look gives it a place in all kitchens.

Since it is made out of glass, it is important to be careful while using it. A stainless steel dispenser will be more resistant to breaking in an accidental fall, but a glass bottle will let you see how much oil you have left in your dispenser. It is a tradeoff; for those who want the look of glass, this set by Aozita will give you everything you need to cook masterfully with olive oil.

Customers love this item. There are hardly any faults that this set is guilty of; most reviews leave overwhelming praise. Some customers love the feature that lets you cap the bottle to take it with you during travels, and others enjoy the different nozzles that this set comes with. Each drizzle provides a distinct flow style for use in different kinds of dishes.

This solid olive oil dispenser is not to be missed. If you are looking for a glass bottle, you greatly benefit from all of the extra features this set has.

2. Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout

Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout

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This multi-purpose oil dispenser will look great in all kitchens and dining rooms. In fact, this is this product’s particular selling point: it looks contemporary and classy. It would make a great gift.

Without having any additional features, it does the basics well. Its opaque shelling prevents oil from going bad, and its anti-leak nozzle lets you pour it out with ease. Since it is dishwasher safe, cleaning is extremely easy.

Rachael Ray’s olive oil dispenser reviews praise this product’s ability to pour oil with precision. Most reviewers noted that they were pleased with how great this product looks! Many customers ordered different colors and all were happy. One noted that they received compliments for this device in their kitchen.

One reviewer noted that cleaning the dispenser was just as easy as adding a drop of dishwashing soap and letting hot water run through the device. This is a great bonus for this bottle because some dispensers can’t handle high heat. Another reviewer had to throw away their oil from other bottles after a week because they noticed it was going bad quickly.

Commentators responded to that review by writing that their oil was kept well in Rachael Ray’s olive oil dispenser. Its opaque coating keeps sunlight out to prevent oxidation.

This stylish bottle will make people want to cook with oil more often. It allows for precision when pouring and keeps a modern look.

3. Zeppoli Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Zeppoli Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

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This classy double dispenser unit from Royal will take care of oil-cooking needs. With a built-in double nozzle feature, you will be able to use these dispensers to drizzle small dishes or put out a lot of oil quickly when searing foods on the stove.

The nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning, which is always a plus. The stand that comes with the set lets these dispensers be used as a home décor item to spruce up a dining table.

Although these dispensers can’t stop the oxidation process by blocking sunlight or air, it is still a worthwhile set to purchase if you use a lot of oil. You will end up finishing the oil before the oxidation process can take effect.

Reviewers loved this dripless olive oil dispenser. The strongest feature of these dispensers seemed to be the double nozzle design. Since the set comes with two dispensers and a stand, it is perfect for cooking and placing out on the table to top up salads or other oil-friendly dishes.

If you go through a lot of oil, these double-nozzle dispensers will add luxury to your cooking. With two bottles and separate methods for pouring out contents, cooking never seemed so easy.

4. Marbrasse Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Marbrasse Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

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This bottle was designed to be the best olive oil dispenser for cooking. It has an ergonomic handle that makes pouring a breeze. When you want to pour oil, a small tilt will be sufficient. The cap on the dispenser will open and close automatically.

Since it is made out of clear glass, you will not want to put this dispenser in a place where there is a lot of sunlight. This is especially true if you don’t cook with a lot of oil. However, cooking with a lot of oil will prevent one batch from becoming oxidized through one batch never being in direct sunlight for too long.

Some customers have noted that they experienced difficulty with the product’s glass; one has had their glass container shatter when it was exposed to boiling water. The instructions for this dispenser do note to avoid boiling water from making contact with the bottle. Although the dispenser is not dishwasher safe, the bottle’s design still earns it top marks as a perfect olive oil container.

This device is great for children since it makes pouring oil extremely easy. Care should be taken when washing it, and a dark storage spot would be preferable.

5. DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

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If you are looking for cool olive oil bottles, this set is it! Providing a unique measuring bowl to pour out precise amounts of oil, this set also includes a personal mister. This device will mist your dishes to give them an even coating of oil. It can also be used to mist hot pans to add an even amount of oil to cook on.

While not boasting an extremely high aesthetical value, these two bottles are perfect for anyone looking to measure their intake of oil.

These two unique bottles have left good impressions on reviewers. The value that a built-in measuring cup brings to an olive oil dispenser leaves many customers happy.

Some have noticed that the set is made out of clear glass, which won’t help protect it from oil. But with proper storage, these containers can help you live healthier through precise intakes of oil.

The uniqueness of this set definitely catches your attention. A mister to mist salads evenly and an easy-to-use measuring cup are nice features that make cooking with oil much more enjoyable.

6. Tebery 4 Pack Oil and Vinegar Cruet Glass Bottles with Dispensers 17oz Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Set

Tebery 4 Pack Oil and Vinegar Cruet Glass Bottles with Dispensers

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This set by Tebery is perfect for chefs who love cooking with oils! With four dispensers, you won’t be running out of space anytime soon. The high-quality builds will let you cook all of your favorite dishes without having to clean up spills that often occur when cooking with different oils.

Since the lid can double down and act as an airlock, the volumes of oil that this set holds won’t be oxidizing quickly. Additionally, the elegant look will look great on a counter or dining table as long as it’s out of direct sunlight.

Since the units are made out of clear glass, oil shouldn’t be stored in them indefinitely unless they’re in a dark and cool place.

One customer liked the quality of the lids. They said that fruit flies often followed them home after a trip to the local farmers’ market. Luckily, the lids on these bottles stop the flies from ruining their vinegar and other seasonings.

Another bought them as a set for their wife who loved the design; the restaurant-quality look can spruce up any cooking area.

If you have a lot of seasonings, this is the set to buy. With four of the best oil and vinegar dispensers, cooking will be a lot easier and more fun.

7. TableCraft H931 Siena 16 Oz. Green Tint Glass Oil Bottle

TableCraft H931 Siena 16 Oz. Green Tint Glass Oil Bottle

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Tablecraft’s olive oil dispenser bottles are perhaps exactly the opposite of the portable dispensers that were just reviewed.

This heavy bottle fits more as a centerpiece than as a portable dispenser. It is shaped uniquely with a large bowl for a base that elegantly rises up to a narrow point in the stopper. It truly looks stunning.

It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also highly functional. The sprout allows for perfect pouring without leaks or spills. As long as oil is regularly used, the mostly clear glass should add aesthetical value without detracting from the oil in the oxidation process.

Customers loved this dispenser; the aesthetic look was extremely pleasing to many of them. One commentator noted that they weren’t going to buy a new dispenser for their kitchen, but they had to purchase this model because of how nice it could look in their kitchen.

Some reviewers did feel the effects of having such a narrow opening to refill the oil in the device. One reviewer commented that a steady hand was necessary to fill it up without a funnel.

If you are looking for a dispenser that can act as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, this model is for you. Due to its extreme functionality in pouring out oil, many dinner guests will be well pleased upon using it to season their dishes.

8. Gusnilo Olive Oil Dispenser

Gusnilo Olive Oil Dispenser

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While the other dispensers on this list might be good for general use, this glass olive oil dispenser is perfect for portable uses.

Holding only 8.5 ounces, these dispensers can be taken anywhere. With a good design, you will be able to cook with olive oil easily on your travels. You will have to purchase a separate funnel to get the most out of these dispensers; they are small, so refilling them can get messy without a device like a funnel to direct the oil inside the unit.

This set was bought by a reviewer because of the small size of the dispensers. They needed something small to put inside their cupboards. This is a great location for the dispensers. Due to not having dark-colored glass, dark spaces should be preferable storage locations.

Another reviewer used the set as a replacement for their dish soap. They commented that their kitchen sink looks much more elegant with these units holding the handwashing soap.

Being multifunctional and easy to handle, these two olive oil dispensers should be bought if a larger-sized unit would be impractical or inconvenient. Due to this unit’s good build, you won’t be suffering in quality by downgrading to a travel-sized bottle.

9. WLTEFUS Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

WLTEFUS Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

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These oil dispensing containers will fit into any kitchen nicely. Their ability to pour the oil out with one hand gives them points in the convenience category.

Since they are made out of clear glass, oil shouldn’t be kept in sunlight while in these dispensers. The bottles’ ability to become airtight allows them to be stored in dark areas perfectly. Without air or sunlight, olive oil can last a long time in these two bottles.

Reviewers love that this product is well-made. Some were hesitant to purchase it, but they found that the product’s description was perfect for their needs. The dispenser’s nozzle prevents drips from running down the side of the bottle while cooking.

Another reviewer loved the self-closing cap on the device. It can happen that you can forget to close the bottle after use, so it is extremely convenient that your oil won’t go bad due to this reason. The unit’s built-in measuring chart lets you measure out oil without needing any other equipment to possibly make a mess.

With convenient air-lock and measurement features, these two dispensers would work well in any kitchen. With a dark storage spot, these two bottles can act as the perfect olive oil dispensers.

10. XYUN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

XYUN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

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All features included, this olive oil container with spout is the quintessential perfect dispenser. It comes with a funnel, two sprout nozzles, and a cap to prevent leaks during travel.

The amount of accessories this dispenser has lets you do almost anything with it. If you need to take your dispenser to a picnic or barbeque, the stopping cap will prevent any spills along the way. Two separate nozzles will let you drizzle any kind of dish and the funnel makes refilling a breeze.

This is one of the best oil dispenser devices.

Customers loved the quality of this unit. The dark glass protects the oil and the additional nozzles allow for easy drizzling. It is also noted that liquids that need to be protected from the oxidation process, like wine, can be stored in this device without any difficulties whatsoever.

This great unit will be perfect for almost any kitchen. With dark and strong glass, many accessories, and a good build, XYUN delivers a wonderful olive oil dispenser that anybody can benefit from.

Tips on Choosing

It’s important to make the right choice when it comes to buying an olive oil dispenser. With the vast selection of dispensers available on the market today, it can be easy to try to get a good one but end up with one that doesn’t suit your needs. The following five tips will help you pick the best model that will serve you well.

Get a Model With Dark Glass

Olive oil can’t handle sunlight. That’s why it is crucial to pick a model that has tinted glass or is made out of stainless steel. It can be possible that you will be using oil so quickly that it won’t be damaged by the sun either way. Yet, it will be nice to have protection from the dark glass during periods when you don’t go through a lot of oil.

Make Sure to Get a Bottle With a Funnel

Some units come with a funnel that will help you refill the bottle without causing a mess. Do not underestimate the usefulness of this small appliance. Filling the narrow opening of an olive oil dispenser takes extreme concentration, for a small twitch can lead to a big spill. Make sure that you always have a funnel on hand.

Twin Sets Are a Good Purchase

Although you might be using large amounts of olive oil to warrant having two bottles, you will likely find that a second olive oil dispenser can let you store away other cooking seasons with great facility.

Take into account that you will enjoy having a dispenser and will want to store all of your oils in one of these devices. Sets that have multiple dispensers can be a good buy.

Look for a Dishwasher-Friendly Model

Some models can’t handle the heat. Boiling water isn’t compatible with all types of dispensers, but you will want to make sure that you can clean your dispenser well. Search for a model that can be washed in the dishwasher or exposed to boiling water for a short period of time. By keeping your dispenser clean, you can avoid getting sick.

Pick a Model That Has a Lid to Prevent Oxidation

Finally, having a lid on your dispenser is just as important as having it made out of dark glass to prevent the oxidation of the oil.

Some bugs, like fruit flies, love to hang around kitchen oils. By having a lid on your dispenser, you will also be able to keep them away from your seasonings without breaking a sweat.


In conclusion, having an olive oil dispenser can add great utility to your cooking capability. A dispenser can be used to store your oil easier and use it without causing messes. They might also include features that can make cooking more fun.

The best olive oil dispensing bottle will be a treat to have, so it is important to decide what you will use it for. Buying a large one to take with you during travels might not be ideal, but buying an aesthetically pleasing dispenser will add great value to a dining area.

While there are many good ones on the market today, you can hardly go wrong with any on this list. Oil is notoriously difficult to work with, and some people refuse to go back to pouring oil from the bottle that they purchased it from. An olive oil dispenser makes working with it easy.

Buy a dispenser and save time in having to clean up messes and deal with spills. A good model will leave you happy and eager to cook more often.

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