The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers in 2024

Nothing beats a night of sitting on your patio with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company when it is warm out. However, you want to make sure that your furniture lasts, and this is where the weatherproof patio furniture covers come into play.

We have spent dozens of hours researching the covers on the market. This has allowed us to create a list of the ones that are the best complete with the details that explain why they are superior to the others on the market. All that is left to do now is get started.

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

1. Vailge Veranda Rectangular Outdoor Lawn Patio Furniture Covers

The Vailge Veranda Table Cover protects your outdoor furniture against the sun and the weather. It features a very thick material that does not allow water to soak in or the sun to penetrate.

You can use the toggles to adjust the hem so that the cover is securely covering your furniture. This feature is easy to use and will only take you a few minutes to get the cover into place. Due to the handles on the sides, you can quickly lift the cover into place and secure it over your furniture.

Multiple people said that these are the outdoor patio table covers due to the material. It is durable and offers good protection from the weather.

Other people said that they are simple to care for. You can just wipe them down and they will remain clean over the long term.


  • It is made from Oxford fabric for strong durability
  • There are padded handles to make putting the covers on a breeze


  • It is easy to put the cover on
  • The construction is sturdy
  • This works for multiple table types


  • It may develop a black residue with time

2. ULTCOVER Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs General Purpose Furniture Cover


The ULTCOVER Square Patio Table Cover protects your furniture against everything from dust to weather. Due to the heavy-duty material, you can even use it when there is hail.

It uses plastic clips to make sure that the cover stays in place even when there is a lot of wind outside. Couple these with the elastic drawcords and the covers will conform to your furniture for optimal coverage.

Due to the design, you get full coverage of your furniture. The material also helps to prevent moisture accumulation so that you do not have to worry about mildew building up during wet weather.

This 6-seater patio set cover provides ample protection against the elements, according to many reviewers. You will not have to worry about moisture getting under the cover.

Other consumers mentioned how easy it is to take off and put on. You can cover your furniture within minutes.


  • It can cover furniture up to 54 inches for versatility
  • The polyester canvas material ensures strong weather protection


  • These are heavy-duty covers
  • You can put them on fast
  • The material is durable


  • Some water may get through in severe storms

3. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Coffee Table Cover


The Classic Accessories Veranda Table Cover is a good choice when you have a round table that you want to protect from the elements. The material ensures that even hail is not able to break through and cause damage to your furniture.

You can even snap the straps around the legs and wheels to ensure the most comprehensive protection. Condensation is not able to build up due to the air vents that are built into the tables. Easily adjust the cords to ensure a unique fit.

Numerous people said that these are high-quality patio furniture covers. You can use them long-term even in storms and they do not break down.

Other people stated that the materials are of good quality. Not only is it easy to keep them clean but they do not rip or tear easily.


  • You can use this on tables up to 34 inches in diameter, so it is versatile
  • It features Gardella fabric that helps to repel water efficiently


  • The cover is very durable
  • You can use it for snow protection
  • This cover is fast and easy to use


  • It may not fully cover open-bottom tables

4. Vailge 2-Seater Deep Bench Cover

The Vailge 2-seater Deep Bench Cover is fully waterproof. You can use the cord lock which is adjustable to make sure that there is a secure fit to your furniture. Even when it is very windy, you do not have to worry about the cover blowing off.

There is a coating on the material that offers protection from the sun. This helps to prevent the UV rays from causing the colors to fade. The cover also offers ventilation so that your furniture can breathe when you have the cover in place.

These are the inexpensive outdoor furniture covers. Many people said that they work just as well as many of the more expensive covers.

Other people talked about the ease of use. As long as you get the proper size, they quickly slide onto your furniture within minutes.


  • Air vents prevent moisture accumulation
  • The Oxford material offers sun and weather protection


  • The material is durable
  • This cover offers a snug fit
  • You can put the cover on in minutes


  • Some mildew may accumulate in wet periods

5. Vailge Patio Chair Covers, Waterproof Outdoor Lawn Patio Furniture Covers

The Vailge Patio Chair Covers use a waterproof fabric that also offers protection against the sun’s UV rays. You can fit them on multiple chairs since they are adjustable. This also makes sure that you can close the covers tightly so that they remain in place when there is a lot of wind.

There are padded handles that make it even easier to put the covers on and off your furniture. Due to the lamination on the cover, it is highly durable and not prone to rips and tears.

These are breathable patio furniture covers, according to many consumers. Because of this, you do not have to worry about mildew growing on your furniture, even in humid environments.

Other people talked about the level of weather protection. Not only do the covers protect against rain, but also against sun damage.


  • The Oxford fabric provides solid protection against the elements
  • These covers are waterproof to keep your furniture dry


  • It is easy to secure the covers to your furniture
  • You can put them on quickly
  • The material is very durable


  • The sizes seem slightly smaller than their measurements

6. Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover


The Duck Covers Patio Sofa Cover is waterproof and will not allow moisture to accumulate under the cover. This makes it a good choice for wet climates. It will also not allow UV rays to penetrate the fabric to protect your furniture against fading.

It is easy to lock the covers into place. Once you get the shock cord into the right position, it locks into place.

Several people said that this large outdoor sofa cover is versatile. You can use it for a variety of different outdoor couches and get a good fit.

Other people mentioned the closures. It is easy to keep this cover on even when there is a lot of wind outside.


  • The polyester fabric is lightweight and protective
  • It can fit large sofas and offer full coverage for optimal protection


  • The material is durable
  • It can fit on large sofas
  • This cover is waterproof


  • The cover itself is prone to fading due to the sun

7. AmazonBasics High-Back Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover


The AmazonBasics High-Back Chair Cover keeps your furniture safe no matter the weather outside. It is waterproof so that your chairs stay dry even in heavy rain. The lamination ensures that the covers do not get soaked through.

The seams are strong and will not rip and tear easily. The straps click close so that it is easy to get them secured and remove them to reveal your furniture.

These chair covers for patio furniture are highly durable. Even with kids running around on the furniture, it is easy to keep them looking good.

Other people stated that you can use them for numerous types of chairs. This allows you to use the same type of cover for several types of chairs.


  • Woven and laminated fabric for weather protection
  • The seams interlock for durability


  • It covers chairs in full
  • The material is strong
  • It does not rip and tear


  • It may become brittle with extended use

8. L-Shaped Lawn Patio Furniture Cover, Left Facing by Flexiyard

The Outdoor Sectional Couch Covers use click-close straps so that it is easy to secure the cover into place. Even moderate winds are not able to remove it.

When you put the cover on, it protects your furniture against weather, dirt, and the sun’s UV rays. The material makes it easy to clean the cover too. The material is waterproof so you do not have to worry about moisture getting in.

This corner sofa furniture cover fits even very oddly shaped sofas. You can also get it to fit on different-sized sofas so that you have adequate protection.

Many people say that this is a solid choice if you want to have good sun protection for your furniture. The materials ensure that the UV rays are not able to easily penetrate and cause discoloration.


  • They have an L-shape to ensure a perfect fit
  • The material offers 100 percent waterproofing


  • Ideal for sectionals of varying sizes
  • It slides into place easily
  • The material is easy to keep clean


  • You may notice some leaking at the seams

9. Abba Patio Outdoor Market Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella/Parasol Cover

The Abba Patio Parasol Cover is a good choice for multiple types of parasols and umbrellas. Its material is sturdy so it keeps your item dry even when you leave it out in the rain.

The seams on this cover are double-stitched so that they will not rip or tear easily. This feature also keeps the cover looking stylish. In addition to weather protection, the material also stops the sun’s rays from penetrating so that your umbrella or parasol does not start to fade.

If you have a garden patio, these are among the quality garden furniture covers. They offer strong protection against the weather.

Many consumers talked about how easily they slide into place. This allows you to get your furniture covered fast when you are not using it.


  • It can accommodate nine to 11 feet for versatility
  • It is waterproof to keep your parasol or umbrella dry


  • It is easy to slip on
  • The material is waterproof
  • You can secure the cover easily


  • The material may degrade with time

10. Classic Accessories Stackable Chair Cover

No products found.

The Classic Accessories Stackable Chair Cover is ideal for multiple stackable chair styles. For an average-sized stackable chair, you can cover up to six of them when you are using this cover. The straps lock so that once the cover is in place, you do not have to worry about it moving.

On the back of the cover is a water-resistant material so that it repels moisture. When water hits the fabric, it starts to bead up instead of penetrating the fabric. The polyester fabric makes sure that water cannot get in and that your furniture is protected against the elements.

A lot of people say that these are heavy-duty outdoor covers. They are a solid option if you live somewhere that gets a lot of severe weather.

Multiple people said that these covers will not experience damage easily. Even with frequent use, you do not have to worry about a lot of rips or tears.


  • It has a PVC undercoating for strong waterproofing
  • The woven polyester keeps the cover strong with regular use


  • The material holds up well in the snow
  • You can cover several chairs
  • It is easy to put the covers on


  • The material may tear with regular use

Factors to Consider

There are several things that you want to think about when you are choosing covers for your patio furniture. For example, you need to consider the material for outdoor furniture covers and other characteristics, such as size and versatility.


A waterproof material is of utmost importance since you want to ensure that your furniture is protected from the elements.

It should also not allow things like bird droppings to penetrate. Not only should your covers be protective, but they should also help to keep your furniture clean.

Another consideration with the material is how it is secured.

Common options include drawstrings and adhesive cloth panels. Ultimately, the one that is the best depends on your preference.


You will need to measure your furniture to make sure that you are getting covers that will fit it properly.

It is important that each cover fully covers each piece of furniture for optimal protection.

Always take measurements of the depth, width, and height of each piece of furniture.

Covers that are slightly bigger than your furniture are ideal since it will be easier to put them on and remove them.

If your furniture has odd angles, make sure that you also consider this. You need the cover to fit all angles snugly so that it does not blow off when it is windy outside.


Some furniture covers have things like stretchiness so that you can use them for items of different sizes. For example, one rectangular cover may fit two different rectangular tables of varying sizes.

If you want to be able to swap out your covers, having versatile ones will make this easier. It may also speed up the process of covering your furniture when needed.

Also, remember to cover your grill to keep the weather out.


With the right patio furniture covers, you can prolong the life of your outdoor furniture. Use the information here to learn about the 10 best on the market and how to evaluate them to ensure that you choose the ones that best meet your needs.

The Vailge Veranda Table Cover is among the best options. It is waterproof and comes in a neutral color that will work for almost any color configuration. Due to the large size of the cover, it will work for a wide variety of table options.

The closure to lock the cover down is adjustable. You also have handles so that it is easy to get the cover in place. With this cover, there are air vents that help to prevent moisture from building up so that you do not have to worry about mold.

The next step is checking out your options and deciding which one is going to work best to protect your furniture.

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