The Best Pizza Stones for Gas Grills in 2024

Did the last pizza you prepared at home come out with a doughy crust rather than soft and crispy? Were the toppings melted properly? If not, a good pizza stone can help give your pizza that freshly made pizza oven taste that you get in restaurants.

You can experience the great taste of a pie made in a pizza oven in your home oven. After extensively researching and testing many different stones, we found the following to be the pizza stones for gas grills.

Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing your next pizza stone.

Best Pizza Stones for Gas Grill:

1. UNICOOK Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone


This Unicook pizza stone can be used to bake cookies and bread and turn out a pizza with a perfectly browned crust. It is a pizza baking stone for the grill as well as the oven. It comes with a scraper for removing anything left on the stone after use and can be used as a dough cutter.

Users are pleased with the ability to use this stone on the grill or in the oven with good results.


  • Withstands thermal shock
  • Can handle temperatures up to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Pizza or other food can stick to the surface if you do not sprinkle flour or cornmeal before each use.
  • It is not dishwasher safe, but should only be washed with warm water. Using detergents or soap will leave an aftertaste that can affect food.

2. Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone


The Weber 8836 pizza stone was designed for use with the Gourmet BBQ System to allow users the pizza stone for charcoal grill. This will add a smoky flavor to your pizza, and remain in place while cooking. The stone is made of Cordierite so it absorbs excess moisture for a pizza that is crispy and uniformly baked.

Users say this stone holds up, bakes pizzas with crispy crusts, and works very well when paired with the Weber Gourmet BBQ System.


  • Fits in the removable grate of the Weber BBQ Systems, so it does not move while cooking


  • The stone will sometimes crack when used on a grill.

3. Cast Elegance Durable Thermal Shock Resistant Thermarite Pizza and Baking Stone

Made with Thermarite, a Cordierite that has been specially formulated, this pizza stone offers durability and provides an even heat transfer resulting in crusts that are browned evenly just like a pizza oven.

This stone can be used in your oven or on the grill due to the protection provided by the Thermarite. It does not absorb odors, so there is never a smell.

Many consumers are recommending this pizza stone to others because it is so versatile when it comes to use and it makes pizza-oven quality pies.


  • Needs no pre-seasoning


  • Does not have finger holes or handles

4. Emile Henry 14″ Large Pizza Stone

Whether you want a pizza stone for the grill or oven, the Emile Henry produces evenly browned crusts and melted toppings.

The stone can even be used under the broiler as it can handle temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleanup is easy. The stone can be hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher. Side handles make handling easier.

Consumers are pleased with the way the Emile Henry pizza stone bakes uniformly and remains looking good even after many uses.


  • The stone can go straight from the freezer to a hot grill oven or microwave.
  • With good heat retention, it keeps food hot longer.


  • The stone cannot be used on the stovetop.

5. Unicook Small Pizza Stone


As a stone for baking frozen or fresh pizza, the Unicook Small Pizza Stone works well for cookies, bread, biscuits, and other items. This small pizza stone for the grill can also be used in a conventional or countertop oven.

It is 10.25 inches, so it is the right size for personal pizzas as well. This stone can handle temperatures up to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the main things users have said about this stone is that it does hold up well for a long time and another is that it is small enough for use in an RV oven.


  • Can handle temperatures up to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking.


  • Must be preheated or it will not cook evenly

6. Kamado Joe KJ-PS23 Pizza Stone

Kamado Joe KJ-PS23 Ceramic Pizza Stone

If cooking a pizzeria-style pizza is important, the Kamado Joe KJ-PS23 is a stone that will deliver. This ceramic stone distributes heat evenly for a crispier crust and eliminates moisture that causes pizzas to be soggy. It is fifteen inches in diameter, one of the larger ones we have reviewed, making it a good choice for the family or parties.

Overall consumers are happy with this stone, but they do say it is a good idea to use spacers between the heat deflector and the stone to keep your pizza from scorching on the bottom.


  • Can be used for baking bread, cookies, and casseroles as well as pizzas


  • To avoid burning your pizza, you must use the Kamada Joe Heat Deflector with this stone.

7. Cast Elegance Durable Thermal Shock Resistant Thermarite Pizza Stone & Baking Stone for Oven & Grill

Made with Thermarite, this pizza stone is durable and thermal shock-resistant. A rectangular pizza stone measures 14” x 16”; therefore, creating a large pizza is no problem. You can get brick oven results right in your own home using this pizza stone. It is also a BBQ-safe pizza stone, making grilling your pizza easier.

Consumers are quite satisfied with this pizza stone, and many have reported that it has been in use for quite some time but is still holding up as well as when it was new.


  • Comes with instructions for care and use. Also included are a scraper and a free recipe e-book.


  • The pizza can stick to the stone on occasion.

8. Unicook Heat Deflector Stone

The largest stone on our list, the Unicook Heat Deflector is 17” in diameter, including the handles. The inside part that holds your pizza is 13” in diameter. It is also a good choice for baking or slow-smoking meats such as chicken, briskets, or ribs. It is heat-safe up to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consumers have reported that the Unicook works very well as a heat deflector and are pleased with the pizzas they have cooked using this stone.


  • When using it on the grill for smoking different types of meat, it keeps the meat tender and moist.
  • It is made of Cordierite and absorbs moisture for crispier pizza crusts and uniform cooking of toppings.


  • It is not dishwasher safe.

9. NerdChef Steel Stone High-Performance Baking Surface for Pizza

You can bake a round or square pizza using the NerdChef Steel Stone. A generous 16” x 14.25” makes it a good choice for baking pizza for the entire family.

This stone is our top pick as the rectangular pizza stone, and it is made in the USA with low carbon, laser-cut American steel. It can be cared for the same as cast iron and is unbreakable.

Users are pleased with the way the Nerdchef pizza stone cooks evenly and provides the char of a wood oven.


  • Using ice underneath allows it to be used as a plate for cold items or dry ice can be used to make ice cream.
  • It can be used for baking other items in the oven with no sticking.


  • The stone weighs sixteen pounds and should be handled carefully to avoid injury.

10. Pizzacraft 15 Square ThermaBond Baking Pizza Stone

On our list of pizza stones, the Pizzacraft is the only one that features two stones, each 15” x 15”, so making enough pizza for large families or a get-together is much simpler. This stone can be used in your oven or on the grill for evenly cooked, crispy crust pizzas or bread, and other baked goods.

Users report the Thermabond Pizza Stone works very well for pizza or other foods on the grill or in the oven.


  • Easy to clean with just hot water and a scrubber


  • The stones do not have finger holes or handles and weigh a combined 21.5 pounds


All of the stones we have reviewed are good choices for pizza as well as cooking other foods. Some are larger, some are better for cooking meats than others.

However, our top pick is the NerdChef Steel Stone. After researching many pizza stones, we recommend this one as the best. It is a good price for the quality. Made from solid steel, it will not break, and it is guaranteed for life.

If you are looking for the pizza stone, order the NerdChef Steel Stone today and start enjoying the taste of brick oven, pizzeria-style pizza soon

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