The Best Raclette Grills in 2024

The best parties and family get-togethers are the ones with food. The raclette grills to buy for either event is one where everyone can get in on the cooking. The grills have multiple surfaces to cook on and plenty of room for cheese.

Having the right grill can make your party perfect, and your family loves you. Finding the right one is not easy with all the brands on the market. It is made harder for those not familiar with how amazing the raclette can be. The guide below can help you get started to find just the right grill.

Best Raclette Grills:

1. Swissmar Classic 8-Person Raclette with Reversible Cast Aluminum Non-Stick Grill

The Swissmar KF-77041 Classic 8-Person Raclette with Reversible Cast Aluminum Non-stick grill has 6 different tops, including cast aluminum non-stick grill, granite stone, red Valais, reversible cast iron, and Valais cast aluminum.

The tops are interchangeable for your cooking needs. They are also reversible with either a grill or crêpe top with both sides covered in a non-stick coating that makes your food come free easily. The base of the grill is enameled steel.

The grill has variable heat control for all types of cooking. It makes cooking and flipping pancakes and crêpes easy. The multiple grills make cooking meat, fish, and vegetables simple. The grills come with a user manual, recipes, and a 1-year warranty in case there are any problems.

Raclette machine reviews are possible for the versatility of the grill and the number of foods that can be prepared on it. The reviews also laud the amount of food it can prepare. It is perfect for cooking for 2 people or 12 depending on the needs of the occasion.


  • The grill is perfect for cooking multiple foods at once.
  • The non-stick top makes the grill easy to clean.
  • The grill comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The grill can cook unevenly after multiple uses.
  • The tops need to be fit snuggly for ideal cooking.

2. Hamilton Beach 8-Serving Raclette Electric Indoor Grill

The Hamilton Beach 8-Serving Raclette Electric Indoor Grill is made for family gatherings and parties. The grill serves up to 8 people with 200 square inches of cooking space — the grill is a non-stick, die-cast grill, and 8 different raclette trays for cooking different foods.

The tray comes with different spatulas to help your cooking. The grill wipes are clean of stuck food particles, and they, with the different cooking trays, can fit in your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

The temperature on the grill can be adjusted for every cooking from slow simmer cheese to searing shrimp to a fine crisp.

Reviews of the Hamilton Beach grill rave about its convenience and its ability to make dinner into a party with everyone cooking something for themselves.

The heavy-duty, die-cast iron tops are what make the grill long-lasting and durable through multiple washings and parties.


  • The grill has a die-cast iron grill surface.
  • The grill has 200 square inches of space to cook on.
  • The grill is dishwasher-safe.


  • The power cord is not long enough for some situations.
  • The grill emits a lot of heat when cooking on high.

3. Salton TPG-315 6-Person Nonstick and Raclette

The Salton TPG-315 6-Person Nonstick and Raclette are made for cooking all kinds of food, including seafood, grilled meat, and vegetables. It comes with 6 raclette pans that fit around the base and on top of the unit to rotate different foods for cooking. There are two different versions of the unit with a 6-person unit and an 8-person unit

The grill is an immersible grill plate that has a non-stick surface as well as 6 different types of spatulas for cooking different foods.

It comes with an on/off switch for safety and a host of recipes for cooking. The unit is easy to clean and wipe down after use with the grill remaining completely assembled.

The grill is perfect for cooking items other than dinner food such as pancakes, bacon, and eggs. It also simmers chocolate well enough for dipping or pouring over other foods prepared. The grill is only 4 pounds, which makes it easy to move and store.


  • The grill comes with 6 different raclette pans.
  • The grill has good temperature control.
  • The grill and pans have a non-stick surface for easy cleanup.


  • The grill can get very hot.
  • The plates for the cheese could be larger.

4. Techwood Raclette Grill Raclette Party Grill Indoor/Outdoor Grill BBQ Grill


The Techwood Raclette Grill Raclette Party Grill is a smokeless electric grill. The plates have two different surfaces for cooking grooved and flat. The grooved surface makes it easy to prepare multiple foods without letting them sit in the grease, while the flat side makes preparing pancakes simple.

The Techwood indoor/outdoor electric grill has an advanced smokeless venting system, which disperses the heat for tender, juicy food.

The entire grill is 1500 watts of power which makes cooking cheese, meat, and vegetables simple. The two-level cooking system for cooking makes food rotation easy.

The grill has an adjustable thermostat with visible indicator lights for temperature, so you always know how warm your grill is. You will also know if the grill has the right temperature to cook certain foods or if it is too hot for others.

The raclette grill comes with 8 individual grills for cooking, and each one is coated on a non-stick surface. They all come off for grill rotation and easy cleanup. The grills are all dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is simple and convenient.


  • The grill has a 36-month warranty.
  • The grill plates are dishwasher safe.
  • The grill is 1500 Watts.


  • The grill requires assembly.
  • Cooking thicker meat takes longer.

5. Milliard Raclette Grill for Eight People, Includes Granite Cooking Stone

The Milliard Raclette Grill is made for multi-level cooking of meat, vegetables, cheese, and anything else you could want to cook. The grill is large enough for multiple people to cook and eat from it, but small enough to be portable.

The grill has a non-stick surface and a large top lip to help slide food around the grill without it sliding off.

It is also a reversible grill top with a smooth top for cooking pancakes and scrambled eggs and a grill side for cooking your meat and vegetables. The grill is a granite stone grill, which helps prevent the food from sticking.

The adjustable temperature does the rest for even distribution of eating and a visible indicator light for safety. The grill is dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup simple and convenient.

The grill comes with the raclette unit, the reversible grill top, a granite stone top, and 8 non-stick plates for cheese. The grill will work on countertops and small dining spaces. It is also ETL-certified for safety.


  • The grill is ETL Certified.
  • The grill has a reversible flat top or grill top.
  • The grill has a granite stone grill top for serving food.


  • The cheese can take a while to melt.
  • The grill can take a while to heat up.

6. Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with High-Density Granite Grill Stone


The Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with High-Density Granite Grill Stone has separate heat sources for the main plate and the side dishes. The stone raclette grill comes with one high-density granite grill stone, 8 raclette dish holders that have heat-proof handles, and 8 spatulas.

Spare grilling stones are available for purchase to prepare multiple meals for cooking. The grill has a thermostatic control for setting the upper levels of heat with a maximum heat of 428 degrees Celsius or -68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The grill also has an on/off switch to make sure the grill is completely turned off.

The stone heats up evenly and quickly with a separate heat source from the trays below. The grill is large enough for parties and family events with enough tools to get everyone cooking.

The grill comes with one deluxe raclette grill, one high-density granite grill stone, 8 non-stick holders with heatproof handles, and 8 plastic spatulas.


  • The grill can serve up to 8 people.
  • The grill comes with a high-density grill stone.
  • The grill has separate heat sources for the top and the bottom.


  • The grilling surface can be too small for large parties.
  • The grill can take up to an hour to completely heat up.

7. Dual Cheese Raclette Table Grill w Non-stick Grilling Plate and Cooking Stone


The Dual Cheese Raclette Table Grill is a deluxe grill for cooking all kinds of meat, vegetables, seafood, and cheese. It is a 2-level grill with the possibility of cooking 8 kinds of cheese below. The two top grills are a non-stick grilling stone and a non-stick grill.

The grill is small enough to fit on most tables and is convenient for parties. The non-stick coating on the grill is food safe and makes clean up easy as the leftover food comes off.

The small cheese plates can be used for more than just cheese; they can also cook meats and vegetables like salami and broccoli. The size of the grill makes it easy to transport for parties and events and easy to store afterward.

The grill comes apart easily for cleaning. The non-stick surface requires no spatulas to turn food as the food comes right off.

The raclette BBQ is perfect for parties and family events. It is convenient to use and clean up. The different types of cooking surfaces ensure all food is cooked properly to just the right consistency.


  • The grill comes with 8 different cheese raclette pans.
  • The grill has a grilling stone and a non-stick grill.
  • The grill fits right in the center of most tables.


  • The grill might be too small for some parties.
  • The stone top is not easy to clean.

8. Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette – Table-Top Party Grill

The Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette – Table-Top Party Grill is built in a circle so everyone at the table can have a side for cooking. The main feature of the grill is a modern cone-shaped flat grilling surface with pegs for meat, which allows for the meat juices to dribble down onto the cooking vegetables below in the tray that encircles it.

The cheese is prepared on a lower level beneath the main grill to ensure it is hot and ready for dipping, and with 6 different sides for cooking, your party is always ready.

The built-in temperature control gauge is easy to use, and the entire grill is made with a non-stick surface, so food slides off easily. The grill is ETL-certified for quality, and the unique design of the grill makes it simple and easy to transport and store for later use.

The entire grill is dissembled for easy cleaning and storage, and it comes with a bonus recipe book with 10 easy-to-follow recipes.


  • The grill comes with a bonus recipe book with 10 easy-to-follow recipes.
  • The grill completely comes apart for easy cleaning and storage.
  • The unique cone grill makes sitting around the table easy for everyone.


  • Thicker meat does not stick well to the hooks.
  • The meat portion of the grill is not easy to clean with the hooks.

9. Costzon Raclette Grill

The Costzon Raclette Grill is a 2-1 BBQ and griddle. The top part of the grill is interchangeable with a grill pan or 6 mini griddle holders. The grills are good for making meat, vegetables, seafood, eggs, and bacon, as well as a heating sauce on its multi-level surface.

The temperature is adjustable on the grill to seat it to 5 different settings and can handle up to 1200 watts of power.

The surface is a non-stick surface, so food slides right off, and as the edges of the grill have a lip, grease, and food don’t slide off the edge. It also makes for an easy clean-up when you are not cooking.

The grill comes with a visible safety light to show it’s still on when you are done cooking.

It also comes with eight cheese pans and paddles and 8 wooden spatulas in addition to the main grill. The product is ETL-certified as safe, and it is perfect for all kinds of events.


  • The grill is ETL-certified as safe.
  • The grill comes with 8 of everything except the main grill.
  • The grill is 1200 watts.


  • The grill has a smell when new.
  • The grill could heat up faster.

10. Milliard Raclette Grill for Four People, Non-Stick Grilling Surface

The Milliard Raclette Grill is made for cooking multiple types of foods on separate trays. The grill can cook vegetables, meat, and seafood and melt the cheese over everything. The grill is made to be portable, so it can travel to destinations or stores conveniently.

All the surfaces are non-stick to make cooking and cleaning up simple. The top grill is reversible for either a flat surface top or a grill top depending on how you want your food cooked.

The temperature is adjustable for multiple types of cooking, and a safety light is always on, so you know your grill is still on, and accidents are prevented. The grill comes ready to use with the raclette unit, the grill top, and four pans for making cheese.

It also has 4 wooden spatulas of varying sizes. The grill is ETL-certified as safe and ready to use. It makes the perfect way to bring families together or cook unique meals.


  • The heating elements are further away from the cheese tops to prevent the cheese from burning.
  • The grill comes with 4 cheese cooking tops.
  • The grill is small enough to be portable.


  • The grill is too small for some cooking.
  • The cord is too short for some cooking events.

Factors to Consider

How to choose a raclette grill comes down to a few things to look for. There are some differences between brands, but the best one has quality reviews. You can also tell by the following things:


If you are planning a party or family event or are a large family, make sure you understand the dimensions and depth of the cooking trays. Pictures do not give you a good view of how well your large extended family will fit around it.

The number of coking trays

If you are planning on a party or event with more than 4 people, make sure you have enough spots for everyone to enjoy something and to be able to help cook.

It’s not fun to be left out at a party or to be unable to cook enough food to feed your guests.

Length of the power cord

Many appliances come with short power cords for safety. If you need to extend the grill to your table safely, make sure it can be at least long enough to reach an extension cord on the floor.

How well you can clean it

Many grills look very impressive but do not come apart enough to clean them.

To keep your friends and family healthy and to ensure you can continue to use your grills, you should be able to at least get the trays completely off for cleaning. If it comes dishwasher-safe, you are saved a lot of Hassel as well.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the right grill for your events means knowing what to look for. The right grill has multiple surface types of cooking and plenty of room for cheese. Of all the grills reviewed, the Techwood Raclette Grill Raclette Party Grill comes out on top.

The Techwood Raclette Grill Raclette Party Grill is a large multi-surface grill that can cook almost anything you can imagine. It has multiple levels to keep your cooking organized, and the non-stick surface, plus the way it comes apart, makes it easy to clean and maintain for your home

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