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The Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers in 2023

by Alexander Wong

Are you sick of lukewarm, burnt, and bitter coffee?

Thermal carafe coffee makers serve up hot, flavorful coffee around the clock. That means you can spend more time taking in that delicious caffeine and less time reheating your mug in the microwave.

After realizing that I couldn’t drink my fill without the bottom of my cup going cold, I set out to improve my home coffee setup. Thermal carafes preserve coffee for slow drinkers like myself.

In this article, I share my unbiased reviews of the best thermal carafe coffee makers.

Don’t wait! Read along to discover our favorites!

Top Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers Reviews

1. Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

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The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker boasts all sorts of modern amenities. This impressive automatic coffee maker can be programmed to brew coffee, clean itself, and more. The 12-cup machine features a stainless steel facade from top to bottom. An integrated viewing window allows you to see the capacity of the water reservoir without lifting the lid.

Other convenient features include one-to-four cup settings, an automatic shutoff, a decalcifying indicator light, and an optional ready alert tone. All the settings are displayed on a brightly lit LCD screen on the front of the Coffee Maker.

If you’re looking to caffeinate a crowd, the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker is the best 12-cup coffee maker with a thermal carafe. Thanks to the machine’s proprietary Brew Pause function, you can even enjoy a cup before a brew cycle is complete.

Consumers are sold on all of this Mr. Coffee’s bells and whistles.

2. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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This 12-cup Mr. Coffee is your classic glass carafe, coffee maker. For many, the low price and consistently tasty brews are well worth every penny. The low-key features on this machine shouldn’t go unnoticed. While pretty basic in appearance, Mr. Coffee still features an automatic pause function.

It also boasts water reservoir windows on both sides. Not to mention, the bottom of the device serves as optional cord storage.

The machine weighs just 3.6 pounds when empty. It is just over a foot tall and 11.76 inches wide. If you’re looking for a compact coffee maker for a kitchen with limited counter space, the 12-cup Mr. Coffee is an excellent option.

You’ll need to purchase paper coffee filters. Depending on your personal brewing preferences, that may be a pro or a con. Either way, the filter basket’s built-in handle makes for easy lifting and cleaning. Lastly, a brightly lit green on-off indicator light serves as a casual reminder to shut the machine off when you’re finished.

3. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Capacity & Internal Storage Coffee Pot,

Hamilton Beach (48465) Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Capacity & Internal Storage Coffee Pot, Brewstation, Black & Stainless

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Our list of the best thermal coffee makers wouldn’t be complete without a Hamilton Beach selection. This company brings consumers all sorts of affordable kitchen appliances. Their insulated carafe coffee maker is one of their best sellers. I

Instead of a removable pitcher, this machine boasts a 12-cup internal coffee tank. Apply pressure to the strip on the front of the device to dispense a cup or more. The coffee maker has a lot of excellent features. Like most traditional machines, it boasts a removable water reservoir as well as a reusable coffee filter. Just add your favorite grinds and let the machine do the heavy lifting.

The internal storage tank keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours. The machine has all sorts of programmable controls. For example, you can set it to brew at any time within a 24-hour window. You can also choose between the bold, regular, one-to-four-cup, and iced coffee options. While the system is completely enclosed, the internal coffee tank can be removed for cleaning.

Customers say that the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is an excellent alternative to K-cups and other wasteful single-brew capsule coffee maker setups.

4. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

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Next up, we have a lovely Black+Decker coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe. Some consumers may be more familiar with this company’s famous power tool line. Quick-touch programming makes it easy for early-morning brewers to dial in their preferred function.

A digital LCD screen displays the time, brew schedule, and coffee intensity. There is a rectangular dashboard with several push-button controls.

The vacuum-sealed thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours. Meanwhile, a wide-mouthed spout makes for easier pours. The coffee maker’s proprietary Sneak-a-Cup feature lets you grab a cup of coffee in the middle of a brew cycle.

You can also use the machine’s auto-brew function to schedule automatic brew sessions within 24 hours. The machine’s automatic shutoff feature also makes for safer brew sessions.

Don’t let the coffee maker’s 12-cup capacity overwhelm you. There are also settings for one to four cups of coffee, should you be caffeinating alone or with the minimal company. Other perks of this setup include a water indicator, a two-year warranty, and ready indicator lights.

It’s also worth noting that the coffee maker has a lovely brushed stainless steel and black plastic exterior. The outside housings stay cool while keeping the coffee piping hot. A proprietary Evenstream showerhead ensures that water is dispersed evenly over grinds.

Customers say this is an excellent middle-of-the-road insulated coffee maker. However, there are a few noticeable design flaws.

5. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

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Many consumers argue that the Cuisinart Grind & Brew is the best 12-cup coffee maker with a thermal carafe. This machine lets coffee enthusiasts hone in on their target grind and brew strength. A built-in 8-ounce automatic burr grinder means you can brew directly from beans. You can even fine-tune the grinder to control the intensity and volume of your coffee grounds.

Water is sent through a gold-tone filter and charcoal water filter to optimize flavor and quality. An included measuring scoop is there to ensure that you make consistently delicious carafes. This product has a 30-inch power cord. As such, there’s no need to obsess over the location of your outlets.

You can also save money and reduce your environmental impact by using the provided gold-tone filter. This commercial-grade feature works in conjunction with a charcoal filter to eliminate impurities and improve the overall taste of your coffee.

The final destination for your black gold is a 12-cup, double-walled carafe. This vessel is highly insulated. It keeps heat and flavor locked in for record amounts of time. If you’re a slow sipper, you need to check out this mechanical wizardry.

Customers say that the Cuisinart Grind & Brew gives them coffee shop-quality cups of java.

6. Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker, One-Touch Pour Over Brewing with Thermal Carafe

Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker, One-Touch Pour Over Brewing with Thermal Carafe

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The Bonavita is a gorgeous stainless steel coffee maker with one-touch brewing. The elongated design brings both the raised water reservoir and the insulated stainless steel carafe into the spotlight. If you’re a coffee purist, you’ll appreciate the benefits of this semi-automatic pour-over machine. Better yet, you’ll love having the option to degas your grinds before brewing.

The stainless steel carafe’s steel-lined interior is resistant to corrosion and wear. All the plastic on this machine is BPA-free. The black and chrome aesthetic looks great in most modern kitchens. The machine is 12.4 inches long, 6.8 inches wide, and 12.2 inches tall.

The 1,500-watt water heat ensures that each cup is at the optimal temperature. The appliance also has an integrated warming plate.

Most consumers say that the Bonavita Coffee Maker was their instruction into the world of specialty brewing setups. If you’re torn between modern cult favorites and more traditional coffee makers, the Bonavita is a perfect compromise.

7. Cuisinart CHW-12CGR 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System

Cuisinart CHW-12CGR 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System

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The Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup is a coffee pot with a thermal carafe anda separate hot water dispenser. This Cuisinart product has a built-in Brew-Pause Function. As such, you don’t have to wait for a cycle to finish before pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

The hot water dispenser is like a bonus appliance. You can make tea, soup, and hot cocoa in an instant. If your house is the destination for gatherings, this is the machine for you.

The water reservoir can hold up to 56 ounces (12 cups) of water. Built-in indicator lights let you know when it is time to refill the basin. We love the drip-free spout on the front of the stainless steel carafe. Not to mention, the auto-on, auto-off, and alert tones are fabulous aids for those of us who aren’t morning people.

Consumers say the unit is an absolute blessing. It is inexpensive, fast, and consistent. If you’re sick of catering to a picky crowd, let the CHW-12 take care of the heavy lifting.

8. Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

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This incredible thermal pot coffee maker has a 10-cup capacity. It can brew an entire vessel of hot, delicious coffee in less than 10 minutes. The brew temperature goes as high as 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The double-walled stainless steel carafe keeps liquids exceptionally hot.

If you’re in a rush, you can take advantage of the machine’s unique Pause n’ Serve function. It allows you to pour a cup before the brew cycle is finished. You can also use the Fresh Brew Timer to track how long coffee has been sitting in the carafe. What’s more, you can schedule a delayed brew or automatic cleaning.

Consumers are pleased with the quick, quality results of each cycle. However, the cost of water filters came as an unexpected shock to some.

9. Cuisinart DCC-1150BKP1 Classic Thermal Programmable Coffemaker, 10-Cup

Cuisinart DCC-1150BKP1 Classic Thermal Programmable Coffemaker, 10-Cup

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Here we have another fabulous 10-cup coffee maker, the Cuisinart Classic Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker. This fully automatic kitchen appliance offers round-the-clock programmability. You can brew anywhere from one to four cups or go for a full carafe. A 60-second reset feature allows the machine to “remember” past settings.

A charcoal water filter and reusable gold-toned filter ensure that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. The insulated metal carafe helps to lock in flavor and heat long after the initial brewing process is over.

This coffee maker is a magnificent option for people looking for something other than an all-stainless steel setup. It boasts a black plastic platform with a stainless steel control panel. The carafe has a stunning brushed stainless steel finish and a heat-resistant black plastic handle.

Most consumers said that this machine was comparable to more expensive models. It seemed to exceed most buyers’ expectations.

10. Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter

Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter, Black and Stainless Steel

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AmazonBasics is known for its well-made bargain offers. As such, it comes as no surprise that their five-cup coffee maker is our best cheap coffee maker. This miniature caffeination station is all you need for a small apartment or house.

It boasts a simple one-touch function and an easy-to-clean glass carafe. A heat-resistant plastic handle prevents burns. What’s more, a reusable filter basket helps users cut down on costs and waste. The entire product is backed by AmazonBasics’ limited one-year warranty.

You can only brew up to five cups or 23 ounces of java at one time. Still, most homes only have two adults in them. The process is so easy that you won’t mind repeating it when need be. The carafe can only be hand-washed. So, be sure to avoid the dishwasher.

Factors to Consider

How do you choose between a simple drip coffee maker and a more advanced programmable coffee maker? In this section, we discuss the key factors to consider when buying a thermal carafe coffee maker.


One of the most noticeable discrepancies between coffee makers is the number of controls. There are plenty of simplified one-touch brewers. These machines usually boast a single brew button. You add your desired amount of grinds and water. The machine does the rest of the work.

On the other hand, technical advancements have enabled coffee maker manufacturers to add all sorts of bells and whistles. Many new machines boast programmable brew cycles.

Sometimes, you can use the machine to set the strength of your coffee or program the machine to brew preset grinds at a later time. Some machines also let you choose between small and large brews.

Some people love having the freedom to wake up to already-brewed coffee. Others prefer to hit the button moments before their caffeine withdrawals kick in.


Check the capacity of your prospective coffee maker’s water reservoir to ensure that it is fit for your kitchen. If the carafe has a large capacity, check to see if there is still an option to brew a smaller pot of coffee.

Most people find themselves brewing either a single serving of coffee or enough java for a small army. Make sure that your coffee maker doesn’t hinder your ability to entertain guests.

Insulation Options

A vacuum-sealed or double-walled stainless steel carafe is going to lock in heat and flavor for the long haul. Heat plates also extend the amount of time your coffee stays hot. However, these elements tend to burn off essential oils.

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We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the top thermal carafe coffee makers. After careful consideration, we are happy to name the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker as our top pick. Insulated carafes help keep your coffee warm and favorable. Do you have a favorite coffee maker and carafe combo? Let us know in the comment section below!

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