Weber Spirit II E-210 vs E-310 in 2024

Weber Spirit II Grills are among the top-rated propane grills in the market today.

The products from Weber are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a good grill for a small patio, and they come with an inbuilt thermometer for consistent temperature control.

The cook boxes, lids, and cast iron grates of the Weber Spirit II E-310 vs Weber Spirit II E-210 are porcelain-enameled.

Due to the many similarities, many people find it hard to differentiate between the two products. We are here to help you make an informed choice during your purchase. If you have been searching for good Weber grills, here is a useful review covering the Weber 2 burner vs 3 burner grills, this one will help.

Weber Spirit II E-210 vs E-310 Comparison:

Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill


The Weber Spirit II E-210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill offers ample cooking space and a uniquely compact design. It is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a two-burner gas grill for their small backyards.

Weber uses porcelain-enameled cast iron and steel to make the cooking grates, meaning that it is durable. Its burners and foldable side tables are made of stainless steel too.

It is a small BBQ grill solution that you can use to prepare grilled chicken, turkey, and burgers at any time.

The product offers six tool hooks that will hold the cooking tools you need when grilling food on your balcony or backyard, meaning that you will never run in and out of your kitchen to get each item at a time.

The porcelain-enameled lid eliminates the need for keeping a close eye on your food when grilling.

You can move the propane grill from one place to the other quickly, thanks to its quality canister wheels. Its cooking area stands at 360 square inches, which is enough when preparing dinner for small families.

It is a good grill for a small patio, and with this, you can easily feed your family and friends on your patio or backyard during those weekend parties.

The available user reviews show that this Spirit grill is worth the value of your money. It is easy to start and heats up very fast. It also allows for better control of temperature. The lighting of charcoal grills takes many attempts, but the propane grill fires up immediately after the user turns the dial.

The grill will reach the full temperature within 15 minutes. It is ideal for people who love indirect heat or multi-zone cooking. Moreover, it offers adequate space to allow meal preparation for small families.


  • Made of quality materials that increase its longevity
  • Made for small and congested areas
  • Allows tracking of the fuel level
  • Its foldable side tables come in handy when using glasses and plates.
  • It offers six hooks to allow the hanging of cooking tools.
  • Its flavorizer bars add more flavor to the grilled food.


  • It features easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Offers large storage space
  • Heats up very fast and efficiently


  • Some of its secondary parts are more prone to damage during transit.
  • The temperature control is tricky.
  • The assembly part takes a lot of time and might be challenging for first-timers.

Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill


For the 3-burner gas grill, this is the ideal choice for you. The Weber Spirit 3-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is a great entry-level three-burner grill. Due to the ample cooking space it provides, you can grill up to 16 hamburgers at a time, when necessary.

Its small size makes it an excellent choice for average households.

Its GS4 Grilling System promises reliable performance for many years, and this qualifies it to be among the top-rated propane grills.

Some of the other things you will love about this product include the rugged wheels, the porcelain-enameled lid, and the side tables built to last.

Weber provides a ten-year warranty on the parts and a labor guarantee that covers the whole grill.

You are assured of getting the value of your money back. If you are looking for a quality grill under $550, you should try this one.

Most of the users love the cart design and the folding side table. Others like the accessory hooks and folding side table. It is customizable to allow better organization of the grilling space. The three burners offer 30,000 BTUs of heat, adequate for various types of grilling.

The product provides ample space to prepare meals for an entire family or small crowds. This means users can feed their whole family and guests on a patio or backyard.


  • It features porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Offers a cooking space measuring 424 inches and offering three burners
  • Provides 30,000 BTU of heat
  • Has an open cart design offering two large wheels and six hooks
  • Has an inbuilt lid thermometer


  • Comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow
  • Heats up efficiently and evenly
  • Performs well for many years
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Has a large gap on the backside that can allow wild animals to enter
  • Awkward propane tank placement
  • The ignition system is unreliable.

The Main Differences Between the Two Models

The most significant difference is that the Weber Spirit E-210 has two burners, while the E-310 has three burners. The three burners offer more cooking space and more heat.

Another notable difference between the two models is that two of the grills on the E-310 model provide more power. The E-210 offers 26,500 BTU while the E-310 provides 32,000 BTU.

The numbers might not be the highest, because the heat from both models can exceed 600F. Keep in mind that the E-310 will heat up faster and produce more heat than the E-210.

  • The two models have many similarities. Here are some of the features that they share:
  • The producer uses stainless steel as the burner material.
  • They come with a greased pan.
  • Each of the two features a thermometer
  • They come with storage racks for cooking tools and utensils.
  • They have cooking boxes.
  • Come with a raised cooking/warming area.
  • They are colored black.
  • Come with a grill cover.
  • Have side shelves


For many years, Weber has been producing high-quality grilling units that offer consistent and optimal temperatures to facilitate the easier preparation of meals. The Weber Spirit II E-310 is an excellent choice for people who would want to prepare meals for large families or small crowds.

If you have a small family or would want to prepare meals for your friends and family during the weekend, the Weber Spirit II E-210 will be the right choice.

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