The Best Electric Ranges with Coil Burners in 2024

With this article, we have identified and reviewed the electric ranges with coil burners to help you get one that suits your kitchen. Our experienced team of researchers has taken the time to search through online and physical stores to find electric ranges with coil burners.

Read the sections below to see why we chose the ranges in the review section. Moreover, you can check out our tips for when you want to buy an electric range with a coil burner.

Best Electric Ranges with Coil Burners

1. Summit Appliance RE2411W 24″ Wide Electric Range

The Summit Electric range is one of the coil electric ranges that money can buy. It comes with an 8-inch burner and three 6-inch burners at the top thereby accommodating a wide range of cooking utensils of different sizes. This free-standing range measures only 24 inches from end to end, which is convenient for most home kitchens.

When cooking with this range, you can use more than just the coil burners. For instance, the front has a spacious compartment that houses an oven with two racks.

A see-through front door grants you access to the oven and allows uninterrupted viewing of the interior. The oven racks are specially made to allow smooth sliding and feature a special brake mechanism that prevents spilling and accidental tipping of the utensils placed in the oven.

Easy-to-grip control knobs are attached to the front of this range and allow you to start, stop, and vary the intensity of heat on each burner. The smooth finish on the exterior cleans with minimal effort while the LED indicator lights conveniently placed on the front informs you of the parameters you are cooking at.

Buyers love the compact nature of this electrical range because it allows them to save space in their kitchens. The exterior finish that cleans easily also helps cooks to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

A few dissenting opinions, however, emerge regarding the automatic stop sensors on the main burner. These complaints reveal that the sensors prevent the burner from overheating, which prolongs the time taken to perform some cooking procedures, such as boiling.


  • Spacious oven compartment
  • See-through panel
  • Includes a storage space at the bottom
  • Different-sized burners support cooking with small and large pots


  • The main burner has an auto-stop sensor that increases the time for cooking some food items
  • The white exterior finish stains easily

2. Frigidaire FCRC3012AW 30″ coil top electric range

This free-standing electric range is a gem for homeowners who are limited by the space in their kitchens. Measuring 30 inches from end to end, this range tucks away conveniently into a small corner or next to a kitchen counter.

The top surface of this coil top electric range has 4 burners that are evenly spaced out to optimize space usage. Two 8-inch burners, which are diagonally positioned opposite each other, accommodate big pots and pans while the two 6-inch burners, also placed diagonally opposite each other, support cooking with smaller pots and pans.

The front panel on this range has a transparent front door that swings open outward, thus revealing the twin rack oven. The racks are a bit of a letdown because they are not self-cleaning even though they only need a little scrubbing to clean. Below the oven, the range also features a spacious storage rack with an integrated handle for easy opening and closing.

You can control different cooking configurations on this coil top electric range and oven using the knobs and responsive buttons located on the top panel. The different configurations supported include baking and broiling. As a bonus, the range comes fitted with a self-timer that allows you to set up the range to handle cooking without your input.

Cooks love the simplicity of this range and the fact that it comes with an extra storage compartment is a great plus for kitchens limited on space.


  • Easy to operate
  • Coil burners support cooking using small and large utensils
  • Has extra storage space at the bottom
  • Fits in small kitchens


  • The racks on the oven are not self-cleaning
  • Automatic shutdown interrupts cooking at times

3. Summit Appliance RE203W 20″ Wide Electric range with coil burners

This range brings a touch of elegance to your home kitchen without compromising functionality and reliability. It comes in a beautiful white-painted exterior finish with matching handles and knobs for an all-in-one amazing look.

The top of this electric range with coil burners utilizes the space efficiently by distributing the four coils across the top. The main coil is 8 inches wide and is placed at the right front corner for easy access. The other secondary burners measure 6 inches wide and are located on the other corners. Each coil comes with a removable chrome drip pan for easy cleanup.

Most users of this range find its compact size impressive. The end-to-end measurements are 20 inches, which is small enough to fit any kitchen. The inclusion of an oven compartment in the bottom is also a welcome move as indicated by many cooks who have used this range.

The oven houses the broiler, which eases its usage while the waist-high height allows you to employ minimal energy when using the range to cook, broil, or cook.


  • The height of the burner allows the cook to spend less effort when cooking
  • Compact size saves space in small kitchens
  • The broiler location inside the oven makes it easier to use
  • The exterior has a nice finish
  • Dials and knobs are easy to access


  • Sold without a power cord
  • Oven racks do not auto-clean

4. Premium Levella 20″ Electric Range with 4 Coil Burners


The Premium Levella 20″ Electric Range features 4 coils on the surface, which allow the cook to conduct 4 food prep operations simultaneously. Since time-saving is one of the things we were looking for when comparing electric stoves with coil burners, we had to include this product in our list.

The four coils are evenly distributed across the top and each is surrounded by a polished stainless steel heating element. The polished stainless steel elements give this range cooking surface a captivating look and resist corrosion and rusting.

On the front panel right below the cooking surface, an array of buttons and knobs that control the heating intensity and different cooking configurations are arranged and marked clearly. With the knobs, you can set the range to bake, broil, or warm food.

The Levella Range is one of the most adored appliances among the electric stoves with coil burners that we tested. The spacious oven in particular has received many positive comments due to the multiple configurations for cooking that it supports.

Cooks also say they find the removable cooktop quite efficient when it comes to clean-up time after a cooking session. You can lift it with minimal effort and access the interior space in the oven, which is better as compared to cleaning from the front door panel.


  • The range has a spacious oven compartment
  • The cooktop detaches from the main body for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel elements are rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Knobs and control buttons are easily accessible


  • Installing this range in the kitchen is time-consuming

5. Frigidaire FFEF3016VS 30″ Freestanding Electric Range

The 30-inch wide range from Frigidaire promises to bring effectiveness into your kitchen by providing unique features. At the top of the range, 4 electrical spiral coils are distributed across the space. Two 8-inch-wide coils and two 6-inch coils, each with a ceramic bowl underneath, make up the cooking surface.

Front-facing knobs are distributed on a conspicuous flat panel right above the electrical coils with the middle holding a touch display control panel that controls the oven.

When you are buying this range, you get color choices of white and black exterior finishes. Moreover, this electric coil range comes with a spacious oven with a large color-coordinated display window that allows an unrestricted view of the food contents cooking inside.

Cleaning requirements are reduced by almost half when you acquire this electric coil range for your kitchen. This is because the oven is self-cleaning, and it can be set to auto-clean with 4 preset timers.

Most reviews for this range comprise positive comments. Citing the spacious space that allows you to prepare multiple dishes at a go, the touch panel display, and the auto-cleaning oven shelves, many users advise anyone considering buying an electric coil range to put this as one of the top priorities.


  • Oven shelves clean themselves automatically
  • Touch panel controls for the oven are easy to configure
  • Transparent oven doors allow easy viewing
  • Its spacious nature allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously


  • Newbies in the kitchen take time to learn all the controls
  • The oven takes a long to preheat

6. Danby 20-in. Electric Range with Coil Elements

Space is a major issue in most kitchens, and the Danby 20-inch range is here to solve that problem for you. This miniature electrical range packs useful features in a small portable size that economizes space.

You can cook with both small and large-sized utensils using the 8-inch and 6-inch wide electrical coils placed side by side on the cooktop surface. Controlling heat intensity is made easy by the well-labeled knobs on the front panel right below the cooktop.

A spacious oven is located below the cooktop and is accessible through the drop-down panel at the front. One design flaw we believe could be better on future models of this range is the opaque door that blocks you from checking on food as it cooks.

Moreover, the oven racks have to be cleaned manually, which is time-consuming. Going by the sentiments of many cooks who have used the Danby Range, however, the easy-lifting cooktop and removable drip bowls reduce the effort needed to clean it by allowing access to the interior.


  • Cooktop detaches for easy cleaning
  • Spacious oven
  • Has extra storage at the bottom compartment
  • Height can be adjusted according to the person using the range


  • The oven door does not allow you to see inside
  • Takes a long time for the initial setup

What you need to know

Electric ranges are safer as compared to gas ranges because they eradicate the possibility of gas leaks. They also give the cook better control when cooking because adjusting the intensity of heat on the coil is easier than regulating a gas flame.

Electric Ranges with coil burners are cheaper than induction ranges, which makes them ideal when you are stocking cooking accessories on a tight budget. Moreover, electric coils will work with all types of utensils unlike induction ranges that only work with cookware that has a magnetic base.

For an all-around cooking functionality, ranges come with an oven attached right below the cooktop, which allows the cook to widen their culinary skills. Ovens on electric ranges have multiple cooking configurations that make them superior to ovens in gas stoves. Some even feature automatic programs that optimize cooking certain recipes. Automated ovens are great energy savers and have the capability of reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

Factors to Consider

Ease of cleaning

Ranges that use coils require more cleaning as compared to the other electric ranges with a flat cooktop. With this in mind, you want to pick a range that gives you the easiest time cleaning. Many ranges achieve effortless cleaning by making the coils detachable. With such ranges, you can lift off the coils and access the interior to get rid of food particles or debris.

Prioritize buying ranges that have auto-cleaning oven shelves over ovens that only support manual cleaning. This is because the automatic cleaning ranges are priced a bit higher even though the convenience they bring is worth spending a few extra bucks.


Consider the space you have in your kitchen when choosing an electric range. Electric ranges vary between 20 and 30 inches in width. After all, you don’t want to get a range that does not fit inside your kitchen.

Be sure to pick a range that has extra storage space at the bottom of your budget because it helps you store items close to where your actual cooking happens. In the long run, it will save you many round trips to and from the fridge or kitchen counter.

Number of burners

The number of burners on the range cooktop determines how many dishes you can prepare at a go. Many burners come with four coils and burners that are more than enough while others come with two burners. With this type, ensure the burners are of different sizes. This allows you to use the smaller burner with smaller utensils while the larger burner is reserved for large utensils.


Get the amazing Frigidaire FFEF3016VS for your kitchen and experience the efficacy of modern technology with the touch panel oven controls and self-cleaning oven racks. We ranked this product top after concluding our testing due to the many features it comes with.

Touch dials are incorporated together with traditional knobs into the control panel while the spacious oven that allows more food to cook at the same time cannot compare to any of the ovens on the other ranges. The features come at a price of course, so if the Frigidaire FFEF3016VS is out of your budget, consider purchasing the other electric ranges we have listed in the sections above.

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