The Best French Fry Cutters in 2024

Do you want to know the secret to EPIC homemade French fries? Like many of my fellow home cooks, I’ve always been hesitant to attempt homemade French fries. Frankly, the thought of hand-cutting hundreds of little potato pieces was incredibly unappealing.

At least, that’s the way I felt until a chef and trusted friend started serving me dishes of salty, golden-brown shoestring fries in his studio apartment kitchen. These savory fried morsels were so tasty that I started to entertain the idea that he was having delivery orders funneled to his kitchen window.

It was just so difficult for me to believe that even my friend, a trained culinary expert, could make homemade fries with such machine-like precision. Want to know his secret? Those delectable pieces of potato were sliced and diced with a bona fide French fry cutter.

I’ve compiled a list of the top french fry cutters. Bon appetite!

Best French Fry Cutters

1. New Star Food Service Commercial Fry Cutter

New Star Food Service is my go-to manufacturer for commercial kitchen utensils. Needless to say, their commercial French fry cutter doesn’t disappoint. The unit has a heavy-duty cast iron body with razor-sharp stainless steel cutting components. Suction feet keep it mounted to your kitchen countertop. No slippage here!

The cutter also comes equipped with predrilled screw holes, which should feel the need to permanently adhere the device to a restaurant workstation or wall. Yes, some of us are dedicated to our fries!

The New Star cutter French fry cutting is capable of slicing potatoes that are up to 6 inches long. It can produce a handful of ¼, 3/8, or ½ inch thick French fries in seconds.

The needle-like cutting blades are capable of cutting hard and soft vegetables and fruits. So, feel free to make some fried zucchini sticks or sweet potato fries when if you are running low on spuds.

It’s super easy to find replacement Food Service push blocks and blade assemblies.

In all honesty, we find that it’s easier to push potatoes past the cutter assembly than it is to lift the suction cups off of a counter. Our only complaint is that the mechanism prefers soft spuds.

Single-arm levers are ideal for professional food prep environments. First off, they require less force. Not to mention, they allow you to multitask: a skill that is essential in any commercial kitchen.


  • Easy to find replacement blades
  • Razor-sharp cutter
  • Commercial-grade cooking device
  • Features suction feet and screw holes for mounting
  • Ergonomic lever handle


  • Potatoes must be soft (soak or microwave ahead of time)

2. Prepworks Progressive Deluxe Potato Cutter


For years, professional chefs have trusted this durable potato fry cutter. Prepworks’s Progressive Deluxe Potato Cutter is an impeccable kitchen tool.

It has a rugged stainless steel base and two razor-sharp (1/2-inch and 3/8-inch) cutting blades. With the Prep work unit, you can surely churn out shoestring and oven-cut fries faster than any short-order cook.

It doesn’t take long to see that this machine was engineered to withstand the pressures of an industrial kitchen. First off, it has a two-armed lever with an ergonomic grip as well as a large loading tray. The blade, which can be removed for cleaning, comes in a productive tray.

The machine is a stunning display of kitchen engineering that doesn’t have to be limited to potatoes.

Our favorite thing about this set is that the cutting assemblies can be put in the dishwasher. If you’re looking for a robust fry-cutting machine that can take you from dishwasher to executive chef, the Progressive Deluxe Potato Cutter is a strong contender.

Then again, this low-key unit is probably only suitable for home use.

Use this French fry maker to make perfectly uniform carrots or celery sticks. While many fry cutters struggle to slice through vegetables of varying textures, the Progressive Deluxe Potato Cutter doesn’t seem to discriminate.


  • U-shaped stainless steel push bar with an ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher-safe cutting blades
  • Sets include pusher and cutter pairs
  • Excellent tool for making vegetable dippers
  • The easy-release suction cup base


  • The main unit cannot be put in a dishwasher

3. Sopito Shoestring French Fry Cutter


Sopito Shoestring French Fry Cutter is a machine for those who like their potatoes long and thin.

The restaurant-grade cutting device has a 1/2-inch stainless steel cutting box with 49 individual squares. Essentially, you can pump out a large shoestring fly plate with one push of the lever.

Unlike consumer-grade cutting devices, the Sopito is capable of processing oversized potatoes. There’s rarely any need to trim off the ends or sides. The cutting box is powerful and robust.

If you like your fries super thin, consider purchasing the 3/8-inch blade. Replacement and alternative cutting units are easy to purchase.

Most cooks will find it easy to change the blades out.


  • Durable stainless steel base
  • Sharp-cutting box with optional replacements
  • Creates perfect shoestring potatoes
  • Small enough to slip into a cabinet
  • No need to trim over-sized potatoes


  • Some inserts don’t line up with the frame

4. ICO Stainless Steel

ICO’s heavy-duty French fry cutter is perfect for seasoned home cooks and experienced sous, chefs. You’ll need to soften your potatoes ahead of time. However, the prep work is well worth it. Trust us when we say that there are very few commercial-grade fry cutters that operate this efficiently.

The ICO fry cutter comes with two different cutting blades. You can make 32 traditional fries or 64 shoestring fries. The cutting blade also works well on other types of softened root vegetables.

With four lockable suction cups holding it down, you never have to worry about this cutter slipping and sliding on your countertop

If you’re making fries for a crowd or picky children, it pays to have a variety of cutters. Some like them thin, and some don’t!

While this compact model isn’t ideal for commercial kitchens, it’s a major upgrade for home cooks who like to whip up homemade French fries.

Our only complaint is that the blades do not respond well to dense root vegetables. You won’t be putting sweet potato fries on the menu anytime soon.


  • Two different blade sizes
  • All stainless steel cut (won’t rust or wear easily)
  • The sturdy suction cup-clad base keeps it from slipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Make custom-sized fries to order (just add hot oil)


  • Does not work with sweet potatoes

5. Geedel Manual French Fry Cutter

I probably don’t need to tell you that sweet potatoes are tougher than Yukon golds. For this reason, we are happy to recommend Geedel’s sweet potato fry cutter.

This professional-grade potato chipper has an effort-saving extended lever and a durable ABS frame. Four rubber feet keep it in place as you chip away at root vegetables.

The device’s stainless steel cutting blade is engineered to handle years of abuse. The blade can even be removed for faster and more efficient cleanups.

This prized piece of kitchen machinery can be used on nearly any vegetable. So, send your potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onion through the chute.

All users get a 1-month free trial and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We hope you like the color red; it is this fry cutter’s only color option.


  • Try via Geedel’s 1-month free trial
  • Professional stainless steel cutting blade
  • BPA-free ABS base
  • Removal of the cutting blade for easier cleanup
  • Materials that are engineered to last several years


  • Only available in red

6. Westmark Multipurpose French Fry Cutter

This little French fry-cutting machine is perfect for home cooks.

It does a great job of slicing and dicing soft potatoes. It even comes with three different cutting panels. These durable stainless steel elements can be removed for cleaning. They stay sharp for long periods.

While we’d happily recommend this set for anyone looking to make once-a-week potatoes for their family, we’d probably steer professional chefs toward something a bit more durable.

The Westmark’s lever seems prone to breakage when it is subjected to heavy resistance. It’s easy to catch this issue when you processing a handful of root vegetables.

If you’re planning on slicing and dicing dozens of oversized spuds, do yourself a favor and slice them in half before attempting to cut them.

Don’t let the ABS unit base deter you from this pick. All the materials are super durable and safe for food. If you ask us, the plastic base is a great option for low-maintenance home kitchens.


  • Three adjustable stainless steel blades (stay sharp for months)
  • Non-slip suction cups on the bottom
  • BPA-free (food-safe) ABS base
  • Compact for easy residential kitchen storage
  • Great for use with alternative root vegetables
  • 5-year warranty


  • An arm is not strong enough for commercial applications

7. Weston Restaurant-Quality French Fry Cutter

The Weston potato French fry cutter is a restaurant-quality food service device. It has a charcoal-colored cast iron base and interchangeable stainless steel cutting blocks. You simply place a choice potato on the horizontal trough and pull the lever to force it past the slicing mechanism.

Removal of suction cup feet makes it possible for home chefs to pull the device out whenever they get a hankering for French fries. We like having the option to move our cutter around, and, at the least, slip it into storage.

More serious cooks may prefer to utilize the machine’s pre-drilled wall mounts. When you’re laying off the fried foods, consider using the Weston cutter to slice and dice fruits and vegetables.

The black and chrome unit is quite gorgeous. The large lever arm is more than just eye candy; it takes the pain out of prep work. The only drawback of this robust commercial kitchen tool is its exhausting cleanup requirements.

Steel wing bolts anchor the cutting assembly to the base unit. However, only the most dedicated chefs are willing to go through this much trouble to make a few plates of Pommes Frites.


  • Suction cup feet and pre-drilled wall mount holes
  • Extremely robust (built for a commercial kitchen)
  • 3/8-inch stainless steel cutting blade for restaurant-quality Frites
  • Works with a variety of large root vegetables
  • Easy to find replacement blades


  • Cleanup requires complete disassembly

8. Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper

Are you looking for a reliable commercial fry cutter? The Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper comes with two razor-sharp blades, an extended lever, and a weighted base. Just select your preferred French fry size. Then, chip away at as many potatoes as you can get your hands on.

The Realiatronic can handle 5-inch-long potatoes with ease. The stainless steel cutting blade does not buckle or bend under pressure. The device is safe for all sorts of other vegetables too. Just clean it with a little water when you are finished with your meal prep.

Realiatronic makes fries that are the perfect fit for a standard air fryer.


  • Easy assembly
  • Ergonomic lever with padded handle
  • Two razor-sharp blades
  • The Lockdown suction cup base keeps the device from shifting
  • Large loading zone (you can always cut oversized vegetables)


  • Not ideal for sweet potatoes

9. Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter


The incredible Tiger Chef French fry cutter comes with five premium cutting blades. It’s a commercial potato cutter that will help you make restaurant-style fries from the comfort of your home kitchen.

The cutters create uniform vegetable pieces without harming your fingers. Premium suction feet give home cooks stability when they need it most. There are also four screw holes for those who want to permanently mount this device on their countertop.

The durable cast iron base is built to last a lifetime. It comes with three square-shaped cutting units and two wedge blades, both of which can be used to make French fries and vegetable dippers.

The 14-piece kit is strong enough to withstand regular commercial use. Yet, it is simple enough to be used in a residential kitchen. Since the product is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, your purchase is essentially risk-free.

We highly recommend this model for experienced cooks. What that you say, you haven’t graduated from cooking school yet? Maybe opt for a more beginner-friendly model.


  • Suction feet for slip-free slicing
  • Comes with a free cleaning brush
  • Creates fries, vegetable sticks, wedges, and more
  • Five super-sharp interchangeable cutting blades
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Pricey

10. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

In my humble opinion, the French fry cutter for both home and professional cooks is the Culina Potato Cutter. This petite stainless steel device comes with two interchangeable stainless steel cutting blades and a durable plastic stand. One of my favorite things about this model is that it lets you choose between thin and chunky cuts.

It has a large potato platform with a strategically bowed bottom. Trust me when I say that it produces restaurant-quality strips of potato, cucumber, radish, and more. Your vegetables just need to be 3 inches or longer.

When I am not using the Culina to make my prized truffle fries, I use it to julienne carrots and cucumbers for homemade sushi. I’ve also pulled it out whenever I am tasked with whipping up last-minute appetizers, like vegetables and dip, fondue plates, and charcuterie boards.

The push lever doesn’t require much force. With just one quick motion, you can generate dozens of uniform potato slices. The stainless steel cutting surfaces do not bend or become dull with regular use.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. I use my sink’s shower spray function to clean residue from the Culina’s super sharp (you’ve been warned) cutter blades. The device should not be left to soak in the sink.

Some cooks struggled to slice through large potatoes. Consumers suggest that you slice off the tips of your potatoes to guarantee that force from the cutting unit is dispersed evenly.

The only drawback is that the Culina doesn’t have a catch plate, which means that cleanup can be a bit of a hassle. Other than that, we’re in it for the long haul with this durable, low-maintenance, and versatile kitchen tool.


  • The easy, no-force push lever is great for arthritic hands
  • The bowed tray is designed to hold potatoes
  • Two stainless steel cutting blades that can go months before needing sharpening
  • Creates repeatedly uniform vegetable and fruit slices
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (excellent customer service)


  • No catch tray

How to Choose

Before you attempt to buy the first fry cutter you see, consider your needs and exceptions.

Safety and Ergonomics

If you wanted to pick up a knife and hand-cut potatoes, you probably wouldn’t be here. Fry cutters make it easier and safer for home chefs to pound out hundreds of uniform vegetable pieces. However, not all of these devices are designed with your best interest in mind.

Look for a French fry cutter with a long handle or lever. You should be able to push potatoes past the cutter with very little effort or risk. Machines need to be temporarily sturdy and durable to withstand this sort of repetitive action. Look for a cutter with a durable metal frame and rubber feet or pre-drilled mounting holes.


Don’t get me wrong; potatoes are amazing root vegetables. Still, my palette demands more variety. What’s more, my kitchen doesn’t have the capacity for single-use gadgets and appliances.

Consider purchasing a versatile fry cutter. Look for a device with more than one cutting accessory. Make sure it has the strength to cut through vegetables of different densities. This way, you can use your fry cutter to produce sushi toppings, vegetable dippers, and other oil-free alternatives to French fries.


Aluminum and plastic cutting surfaces tend to bend and dull after a few uses. Choose a fry cutter that won’t fail you after just a few slicing sessions. Make sure that the blades can be removed for easy cleaning.

The stainless steel cutting attachments are the most likely to earn our seal of approval.


Make sure that your French fry cutter is big enough to handle big potatoes. Yukon golds and sweet potatoes tend to be several inches in diameter. Generally speaking, raw potatoes are very dense.

Check to see that your fry cutter can process whole, uncooked potatoes.


Can you cut vegetables other than potatoes with a French fry cutter?
A quality French fry cutter can be used with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. However, the blades need to be sharp and durable to withstand hard vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and yucca.
Can you replace a French fry cutter blade?
With regular use, even the most durable cutters will bend and dull. If you're looking for a French fry cutter that can stand the pressures of a busy concession stand or food truck, make sure to opt for a commercial option. It is much easier to find replacement blades for these types of cutting devices.
Can you sharpen the fry cutter blades?
You're much better off replacing the blades or purchasing a whole new machine. It would be scrupulous work to manually grind every nook and cranny of a slicing mechanism. If you're running a food service operation, keep some replacement blades on hand. Dull blades will put a major damper on your fry production. Once you get used to these machines, conventional knives tend to feel very primitive.


I hope you enjoyed my top ten commercial and home-use French fry cutters. I had so much fun testing all of these kitchen devices, but I could only choose one winner.

As a dedicated home cook, I am happy to say the New Star Food Service Commercial Fry Cutter met all of my needs. Then again, the Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter may be a better option for food service settings.

How do you prefer your French fries? Do you have a favorite fry cutter? Drop a comment in the section below!

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