Best Meat Carving Knives

No matter which type of foods you are working with, having the right carving knife is imperative to make your prep work simple and fast. Here you will get comprehensive reviews so that you can get acquainted with a wide variety of carving knives. We did extensive research to bring you all the relevant information.

With our expert research experience, we know what it takes to truly evaluate items to ensure an accurate and honest review. Now it is time to get to the reviews so that you can start learning about the meat carving knives.

Meat Carving Knife Reviews:

1. Mercer Culinary M20410 Genesis 10-Inch

The Mercer Culinary Genius Knife has a handle that is made from Santoprene for optimal durability. It is also ergonomic so that you can use the knife a lot without fatigue.

The blade is very durable since it is made from stainless steel. The composition of the blade also protects it from both staining and corrosion. It will remain strong even when you use this knife frequently.

Take advantage of the tang to ensure good balance. Cut efficiently due to the knife’s taper-ground edge.

While looking at different carving knife reviews for this knife, it quickly became apparent that people like the length. It allows them to get through thick meats with no problem.

You can easily hone in on exactly what you want to cut, according to many people. This is due to the taper-ground edge of the blade.


  • The 10-inch blade can be used for any foods
  • It uses bolstering to ensure superior knife strength


  • This knife has a professional quality
  • It stays sharp long-term
  • You can use it for all foods


  • You might need to sharpen it before you can start to use it

2. Black and Decker


The Black and Decker Electric Knife is easy to use. The handle lets you hold onto it easily and comfortably. You have a lot of control over what you are cutting.

When the knife is plugged in to charge, it cannot turn on. This is due to the safety lock button. When you want to release the blade, use the release with only one finger.

Multiple people said that this is the electric carving knife. It gets through foods fast and since it is electric, it is less taxing on your hands.

You do not have to sharpen the blade often, according to many consumers. This makes this knife very easy to maintain.


  • The blade release button makes it easy to clean and sharpen the blade
  • The handle is ergonomic for optimal control and comfort


  • It is easy to use
  • This blade slices through any food
  • You can control it easily


  • It can sometimes be hard to sharpen

3. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Knife


The MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Knife is a good choice when you are cooking professionally or at home. The design ensures that you are as efficient as possible when you are using this knife. Its blade stays sharp for a long time so you can limit how often you need to sharpen it.

The handle of this knife is designed to fit into your hand comfortably. You can hold it for a long time without fatigue. This is due to both the design and the balanced weight of this knife.

The stainless steel material has longevity. It also helps the knife to maintain its sharpness.

When it comes to high-quality knives, this one qualifies, according to multiple reviewers. They often talked about the stainless steel material that is easy to maintain.

This knife has a good balance, making it very easy to use. Your hands will not get tired when you are using it often.


  • The 11-inch blade is ideal for all foods
  • The handle keeps your hand in control


  • The materials do not corrode
  • The construction is solid


  • You might need to sharpen it often if you often carve meats

4. PAUDIN Razor Sharp Sashimi

The PAUDIN Razor Sharp Sashimi Knife is designed to allow you to cut just about anything with excellent precision. You can sharpen it to a very fine point so that you can create the thinnest cuts, vegetables, and potatoes.

The handle on this knife is very comfortable so you can use it for a long time without your hands getting tired. This component of the knife is also well-balanced to further its comfort and ease of use.

Each side bevel is 15 degrees. This allows you to use this knife for anything in both a professional kitchen and in your home. There is a non-slip grip so that you can use the knife even when your hands are wet without any issues.

This is because it maintains its sharpness and allows you to slice through within seconds.

Other people said that it is easy to handle. The handle remains comfortable even when you are prepping a lot of food at a time.


  • The handle is ergonomic so that long-term use is comfortable
  • The stainless steel blade remains durable


  • It is well-balanced
  • The knife is comfortable
  • The blade is very high quality


  • The blade may start to chip over time


The DALSTRONG Knife uses a stainless steel blade to ensure that you can quickly cut through any food. You can also use the knife to fillet, butterfly, debone, and trim a variety of meats.

The knife has a good weight to it, ensuring optimal balance between the blade and the handle. You can hold the handle for a long time, and it will remain comfortable in your hand.

The edge of the blade is polished. Each side is at 14 to 16 degrees so that you get the precision with this knife.

A lot of consumers said that this is a good carving knife. It slices cleaning no matter what temperature the beef is at when you are cutting it.

Multiple reviewers talked about the sheath. It comes with a knife and helps to protect the blade when you are not using it.


  • The 12-inch blade lets you do things like debone and butterfly
  • The knife is full tang for efficient cutting


  • It has a sheath
  • The blade is very long
  • This knife is well-made


  • The handle can become slippery

6. TUO Cutlery

The TUO Cutlery Knife can be used for just about anything in the kitchen due to the blade length and overall design. It is nine inches long, making it easy to get through cuts of meat that are especially tough or thick.

The handle lets you get a firm grasp. Because of this, you can easily maintain control no matter what you are cutting. The handle is also very comfortable to use for a long period.

This chef knife is very durable, according to several consumers. They said that you do not have to sharpen it often to maintain it.

A lot of people talked about the design. Because of this, you can use this knife for everything from skinning to filleting.


  • The pakkawood handle is very durable
  • The stainless steel blade maintains its sharpness


  • It has a nine-inch handle
  • You can use it for a variety of foods
  • The blade is sturdy


  • Sometimes debris can build up at the base of the blade

7. Sasaki Takumi Chef Knife


The Sasaki Takumi Chef Knife is easy to use. It has a blade that measures eight inches, making it a good choice for most types of food.

The handle allows you to grasp it easily. You do not have to worry about losing your grip when you are cutting things with this knife.

The stainless steel blade will not rust, so you can use this knife for a long time. The craftsmanship of the blade required multiple steps to make sure that it remained in excellent and sharp condition.

While reading multiple carving knife reviews, this knife stood out. Many consumers said this is because it is the perfect weight to hold for long periods.

A lot of people say that it is very sharp. You can slice through just about anything when you are using this knife.


  • The stainless steel ensures that it remains durable over the long term
  • The handle is ergonomic so that it is comfortable to use


  • This knife is easy to hold onto
  • The sheath locks
  • It has durable materials


  • You might need to sharpen it more often when you use it to cut meats

8. JA Henckels Classic


The JA Henckels Classic Knife uses high-quality stainless steel for the blade to ensure that it maintains its quality over the long term. The forged construction keeps all of the components of the knife together without an issue.

The blade is satin-finished to ensure that it remains precise when it is cutting through a variety of foods. This also helps to ensure long-term sharpness.

You can use a dishwasher to clean it so that it is easy to take care of. Enjoy optimal balancing due to the triple rivet handle that is ergonomic on this knife.

Several people said that this is the perfect knife for roast beef. It slices through the very cleanly and does not shred it. It gets through even tough and thick pieces without any issues.


  • It uses stainless steel for optimal durability
  • You can put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


  • This knife is well-balanced
  • It maintains its sharpness
  • The blade is very high quality


  • It may become harder to sharpen with prolonged use

9. Cangshan N1 Forged Knife

The Cangshan N1 Forged Cutting Knife is a good choice for everything from meats to fruits. The steel blade does not require frequent sharpening even when you use the knife regularly.

The blade measures nine inches and the handle is 5.5 inches long. Due to this design, the knife is very well-balanced.

It has NSP approval. This means that it is easy to keep clean so you are following all sanitation guidelines in a professional kitchen.

Many people liked the handling of this professional knife. It is easy to keep in your hands for safe and efficient use.

Several people talked about the easy maintenance required for this knife. When you do need to sharpen it, this will only take you a few minutes to do.


  • The hardness of the blade ensures durability
  • Its blade is nine inches, so it works for multiple foods


  • It has a high hardness scale
  • You can resharpen it easily
  • The knife is balanced


  • It works best with cooked meats

10. Shanasana Eight-Inch

The Shanasana Eight-Inch Knife is a good choice in a professional kitchen, especially when you frequently need to cut meats. The stainless steel blade remains sharp no matter how frequently you use it. When you do need to sharpen it, this only takes a few minutes.

You can put this knife in the dishwasher to keep it clean. This makes sure that the maintenance on this knife is quick and easy.

The handle is very comfortable. You will not have to deal with hand fatigue issues when you are using this knife. Due to the design of the handle, you can maintain control so that you can always use this knife safely.

While inexpensive, it is highly durable and maintains its sharpness.

A lot of people say that you can use this for very thick cuts of meat. It slices through them without any hesitation.


  • The ergonomic handle prevents hand fatigue
  • The stainless steel blade maintains razor-sharpness


  • The stainless steel is a professional-grade
  • The handle is comfortable


  • Before you use it for the first time, you might need to sharpen it


Whether you need the ham carving knife, or a carving knife for another purpose, having one that is easy to use and maintain is the priority. The knife that you choose must work for the types of foods that you will be using the knife for.

The PAUDIN Razor Sharp Sashimi Knife has an eight-inch blade that slices cleanly through the thickest meats and other foods. Its handle is ergonomic so that you can use it comfortably, even for a long time.

This knife’s materials are strong so that your blade will remain in good condition even with long-term use. Its blade also is non-stick so that it does not get caught up and start dragging when you are using it.

When you buy the carving knife, you can be confident that it will be easy to prepare a lot of food. It can take your cooking game to the next level.

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