Best Propane Tank Gauges

A gauge shouldn’t be hard to pick, and it shouldn’t cost a lot of money. We know that, so we’re going to show you how to pick the gauges. Are you willing to spend dozens of hours researching the matter before buying one?

Of course not, so we did that for you. It’s time to look at the best. Then, we’ll show you exactly what to consider when shopping for one.

Propane Gauges:

Please note: These are all pressure gauges. They don’t show you how much propane you have left in your tank. Each of them indicates how safe you are. They tell you that you’re good, running low or empty.

1. Dozyant Tank Gauge


This is a great little tank fuel gauge at a very good price. The dial is large, so you won’t even have to bend close to it to read it. And the needle glows in the dark. That’s useful when you have to check your propane in the dark.

Another great thing is the fitting on the cylinder end. It will attach to newer tanks with the female type-1 fitting, but it also has male threads to attach to older or bigger POL-type tanks, like the 100-pounders.


  • Very affordable
  • Big, easy-to-read dial
  • The needle glows in the dark
  • Attached thread covers
  • Will also fit older POL-type cylinders


  • Short design can make it a bit hard to attach in tight spaces

2. Cuisinart CTG-200 Gauge

From a trusted and established name in kitchen appliances, here is a dependable gas meter that should last you for many years.

It has a nice, large dial for easy reading. That’s one of the most important features of a good gauge. You want to be able to see it without squinting or having to bend.

The name is important, too. Cuisinart, like any other company, survives on its reputation. They’re not going to put their name on an inferior product. On the other hand, you pay more for the name. But at least you know you’ll have a solid and reliable gauge for your RV.


  • Large dial
  • Trusted manufacturer


  • On the more expensive side compared to similar models

3. Camco Gauge


Do you want a BBQ level indicator that looks like something you’d find in a professional kitchen? This will fit that bill.

It works just like any other, but the dial looks cool. It has multiple-level indicators, kind of like a multi-graph. That can make this gauge fit in with other complicated gauges in and around your RV. Things just look better when they match like that.

As far as dependability goes, you shouldn’t be let down any time soon. It’s one of those accessories that you won’t have to pay attention to until you need it. The bad thing is that it costs about 5 to 10 bucks more than similar gauges.


  • Easy to read
  • Easy to install


  • High priced

4. Dozyant POL Gauge


This BBQ fuel gauge fits only POL-type, like older ones that were made before 1995 and don’t have the OPD valve. It also fits larger modern ones, like 100-pounders.

If you have a big or an older one, you can use this to connect to your grill and appliances without having to install an adaptor.

That can save you time and money. You can save about $15 on the adaptor alone. And fewer connections means less chance of a leak. If you have a POL-type, or you like to use big, this is the kind of connection you need.


  • Fits POL-type tanks
  • No tools are needed for the installation
  • Large dial


  • Needs an adaptor to fit standard type-1

5. Gasland Propane Gauge With Splitter

The cool thing about this one is that you can run two appliances off of one tank. There’s no need for a separate splitter. Those things can cost just as much as one of these gauges.

You never know when you’ll want to run an extra grill or something. You can even get a long hose and use it to run a propane lantern or stove when you go camping. There are a lot of possibilities.

Keep in mind that it may take some thought when installing two appliances to it.

You want the dial straight so you can see it easily. That may be hard to do in some cases. But this thing can be so useful, we think that you’ll be happy with having the extra outlet.


  • Allows connection of two appliances
  • Great value


  • May be hard to get dial level in some installations

6. Gaspro Propane Level Indicator

This 20-pound propane pressure gauge is small, simple, durable, and cheap. If all you need is something that will let you know when you’re running low on gas, this one should be just fine.

The dial is smaller than most gauges of this type, but that’s how the manufacturer saved money on production costs.

They then pass all that savings on to you, the customer, instead of making their bottom line fatter. That’s great because you end up saving about ten bucks.

If you don’t mind a smaller dial, and the price is a big consideration for you, this may be your best choice. It should last you for years.


  • Simple
  • Affordable


  • The dial is somewhat small

7. Shienstar Propane Gauge With Regulator And 2-foot Hose

This one is a gauge, regulator, and extension hose all in one. The regulator is about 15 PSI, which will operate all common appliances except for larger grills, like the ones you would see in commercial kitchens.

Have you ever wished you had a couple of extra feet to play with when hooking something up to your tank? Now you’ll have it. There’s no need to buy a hose because you’ve got one already built into your gauge.


  • A 2-foot hose allows versatility in installation
  • The regulator is built-in
  • Awesome value


  • May require a wrench or pliers to connect to the appliance

8. E-Bayker Propane Gauge

Here’s a propane gas level indicator that’s pretty easy to install and easy to afford. It’s one of the cheapest on our list.

It is solidly made, for the most part, but there is one problem that you should be aware of if you want to save some money on your next gauge.

The drawback is that there have been some instances of leaking. There weren’t any major problems, but there were some issues.

They were all resolved with the purchase of a better gasket, either the one that goes on the side or the one that goes on the appliance side.

This is more of an inconvenience than anything else, but it may cost you a few extra dollars if you get this one and have to replace a gasket.


  • A slightly longer design makes installation easier
  • Easy to read
  • Cheap


  • There have been a few reports of leaks

9. Martin Propane Level Indicator

A propane gauge level indicator should be strong and tough. That’s one thing that makes them safe. You want to be able to forget about it while you enjoy your trip.

A gas leak can not only be dangerous, but you’d also have to take the time and go through the hassle of leaking fixed so you can continue with your fun. The outstanding thing about this one is its construction. It must be made of strong brass because it feels heavy.

Not only that, but it is one of the few propane gauges that is listed by UL. That’s your piece of mind that lets you relax knowing you make a good decision.


  • UL-listed
  • Heavy brass construction


  • Smallish dial

10. Astor Barbeque Gauge

If you need a good, reliable propane tank indicator gauge, this may be your best bet. You just connect one end to your tank and the other to your grill. Then you forget about it until you need to check your gas level. There are no fancy features to cause problems.

If there ever is a problem with it, it’s covered by a one-year warranty against defects. And the manufacturer’s customer service has great reviews. That’s just as important as the warranty. What good is a guarantee if the company isn’t going to honor it?


  • An extended stem between the dial and body makes for easier installation
  • Good price
  • One-year warranty


  • The deal is on the smaller side

Factors To Consider

Look at these features when making your choice.


This one is easy. Get a solid brass gauge. They are the strongest, which is why most gauges are made like this.

Ease Of Installation

You should get one that doesn’t require tools to install. This isn’t just about convenience.

If you have to use tools, you will probably over-tighten both sides of the gauge. This can damage both the gauge and the appliance you’re connecting it to.

If you get it too tight on the side, you’ll likely damage the gasket. This can cause a leaky fitting.

Ease Of Reading

A large dial is easier to read. You won’t have to squint or move closer to the gauge.

You should also look at the coloring. The colors, which will generally be green for good, yellow for low, and red for empty, should be bright. This will ensure that you can see them in low-light conditions.


Gauges are pretty much all the same size. But there are some subtle differences that you may not notice until you try to install it.

Longer gauges allow more room for your knuckles. That makes it easier.

Plus, you won’t be tempted to use a pair of pliers to make it easier to tighten. That’s important because you don’t want to cause any damage to the tank or appliance.


Some gauges allow you to connect two things to it. That’s convenient.

You may not even know you need a gauge with a splitter until you go to install it. Think about it beforehand.

Even if you don’t need one at first, you may buy another appliance at some point in the future that would make a built-in splitter more convenient.

Consider whether or not you’re likely to get any extra things, like grills or lanterns, soon that would make a splitter necessary.


You probably already have a regulator. If you already have one, keep in mind that it’s best not to have two of them in tandem. That can reduce your pressure too much.

But if you do need a regulator coming off, you can save up to $15 or even more by getting a gauge with a built-in regulator.

Let’s Recap

The first entry on our list, the Dozyant gauge, is the overall best. It’s cheap, strong, easy to read, simple to install, and can fit both POL and type-1 tanks. If you can use a good splitter, why not get a gauge with dual outlets? That would be Gasland’s cool gauge.

Perhaps you find yourself needing a gauge and a regulator. Shienstar’s gauge with regulator and long hose should be all you need. Get it all at once and in one package to save money and time.

Go ahead and use what you’ve learned here to get the gauge. You’re armed with the information and confidence you need. Now it’s time to use it!

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