Traeger Scout vs Ranger in 2024

Are you currently in the market for a new grill and want to try out a Traeger grill? Are you unsure if the Ranger or Scout grill series will best meet your needs?

Here, we have compiled information on the Scout BBQ grill and the Ranger tabletop grill to help compare them and provide you with the information you need to know to make the right selection for your individual needs.

Both of these are Traeger portable smokers, but each series has its pros and cons that set them apart from each other. Here you can read a review of each of the grills and see the differences between them.

It is important to remember that each of these grills is made from top-quality materials, and they are both backed by Traeger. So, you should consider every aspect before making your final purchasing decision to ensure you are making the right one.

Main Differences Between Ranger and Scout Wood Pellet Grills

When it comes to the Traeger Scout grill and the Traeger Ranger grill, one of the biggest differences between these two models is the size of their hopper. Just like most wood pellet grills, these grills consume about half a pound of pellets for an hour when used on low heating, but it can take up to 3 pounds of pellets if used on a steady high setting.


Being a smaller grill model, the Scout can only hold about 4 pounds of pellets and the ranger can hold up to 8 pounds. However, this will only last for about 1 to 3 hours of cooking time.

So, if you are planning on cooking at higher temperatures then the Ranger will provide you with a longer cooking time, but it is still important to remember that it will not last as long as a full-sized pellet grill.


The next biggest difference is the weight. Both of these grills have the same external dimensions, but the Ranger weighs 15 pounds more than the Scout pellet grill, which might be a deciding factor if you have to carry the portable grill a long distance to be set up.

Temperature control

Finally, the last major difference between these two grills has to do with their ability to provide temperature control.

With the Scout pellet grill, you are only able to increase the temperature in 25-degree increments, which does provide some temperature control, but when compared to the Digital Arc controlled that comes on the Ranger model it is inadequate.

This control allows you to change the temperature in increments of 5 degrees.

Traeger Grills Ranger Wood Pellet Grill Vs Traeger Scout Wood Smoker Grill Comparison

The first and most important thing to be said about these two grill models is that they are both portable wood pellet grills, and they are both made from high-quality materials, which makes either of them a solid choice, depending on your needs. That being said, there are differences in each of these grills.

If you need or prefer being able to have higher temperature control, then the Traeger Grills Ranger Wood Pellet Grill model will be your best. However, if you have to carry the grill far in your travels, then the Traeger Scout Wood Smoker Grill might be your best bet. It has the same dimensions as the Ranger model, but it is a good 15 pounds lighter.

The Ranger model does provide consumers with higher technology and features than the Scout model. So, it is important to look at all of these models’ features, pros, and cons individually to see which of these models will best suit your individual needs and not the needs of others.

Traeger Grills Ranger Wood Pellet Grill

Traeger is one of the top grill manufacturers in the industry, and the Ranger wood pellet grill is one of their top models. It is designed to be small and portable, but it is still made from high-quality materials that allow it to last for a long time.

This model includes a cooking timer and a warm mode, which helps to keep food warm while waiting for everything to finish cooking.

The hopper is capable of holding up to 8 pounds of wood pellets, which means that it won’t need to be replaced as soon.

They have also added a digital arc controller to make it easier to set things, and they have added lid hatches to help ensure the lid remains closed and doesn’t allow any heat to escape, which helps to also keep the flavor locked in.

Most consumers who purchased this grill liked that it comes with a warm mode and its cook timer. Plus, they liked the hopper capacity and that the lid hatches were secure and easy to use.

However, a few consumers did mention having minor issues with the delivery system that was put into place to deliver their grill, sometimes resulting in minor damages.


  • Digital Arc Controller
  • Advanced Grilling Logic
  • Keep Warm Mode
  • Meat Probe
  • Cook Timer
  • Lid Latches
  • 184 sq. in. Grilling Area
  • Extended 8 lb. Hopper


  • Has a cooking timer and a warm mode
  • The large capacity hopper that holds up to 8 lbs
  • Contains a digital arc controller
  • Contains lid hatches


  • Minor issues with the delivery service

Traeger Scout Wood Smoker Grill

The Scout wood pellet smoker grill is one of Traeger’s top wood pellet grills, and it was designed to provide the maximum amount of cooking space, while remaining small and portable, as needed.

They have coated the grill grate with porcelain, which is designed to make the grate easier to clean after every use, and it also comes with lid hatches to help secure the lid to the grill for travel and to keep the heat inside the grill, while cooking.

This grill model comes with its meat probe, and it comes with a digital Pro controller that makes setting the temperature and controlling the different settings a lot easier than with other types of controls.

This model was designed with a 4-pound capacity hopper, which depending on the temperature used can last for an hour to 3-hour grilling session, which needs to be considered.

Most consumers that have purchased this grill like that it comes with a porcelain-coated grill grate and that it has lid hatches to help keep the heat inside of the grill. However, a few consumers have reported having minor issues involving the manufacturer’s customer service department.


  • Digital Pro Controller
  • Meat Probe
  • Lid Latches
  • Porcelain-coated grill grate
  • 184 sq. in. grilling area


  • Has a porcelain-coated grill grate
  • Comes with lid latches
  • Has a digital Pro controller
  • Comes with its meat probe


  • Poor customer service department

Insights and Takeaways

After researching both of these models, we have concluded that both of these tabletop grill models could be a good fit for you, depending on your needs and wants.

If you are looking for a higher-tech model and are not concerned about the extra weight that it has, then the Ranger model will be the best solution for you. Plus, it also gives you better temperature control.

However, if you know that you will need to travel with the grill a longer distance and weight is a factor you might find yourself better off with the Traeger Scout grill model.

Both of these models can be placed on a table, which is excellent for portability, but it is important to understand that these grills have a smaller hopper, which means they cook for a smaller time than large grills, but they make up for it their portability.

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